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Idea That.may Help With Rescues

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So we decided to rescue when our dearly beloved most gorgeous special kelpie cross passed away in Feb/March this year after 15 magical years with us.

I used pet rescue. We were open to a lot of dogs,not a specific breed or age. We wanted a dog that would like to live with our other dog who is very special adorable Westie, we were looking for a dog that was cat friendly because we also have two beautiful felines. We needed the dog to be child friendly because I have three nephews aged 4 months, 2 yrs and 4yrs.

We ended up with Lucy, a 4 month Kelpue - staffy cross that was dumped in St Kilda, got a home then returned as not suitable. Then she came to us. We have had her a couple of months and she is adorable, a lot of work (!) and she was just meant to be for us - perfect girl.

Going through the pet rescue website (which is great), the processes, all the calls and enquiries... looking back I have an idea.

Would this be useful?

What if there was a website where people looking to add a fur to their family could post about themselves and what they are looking for?

Resue groups, foster parents and helpful people with time to do research could use it to match the people with dogs that need homes when they gave time. They can can then let the potential rescue family know about the dogs that needs a home - and this night increase the number of dogs rescued.

There are a lot of puppies in stores. If we make it easier for people prepared to rescue to find a match, then maybe more rescues would occur.

I don't know how to build a website.

I don't know if I could do it.

And it would need management to ensure its kept updated and families who find their match are then removed to avoid wasting the time of others.

But I wanted to float the idea past you.

If it's a good idea then that's a start. If not, then thats ok too.

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Sorry :) I meant to answer earlier.

I think with the popularity of FB you could make a go of it. You wouldn't need a website and it would be easy for people to refer them on instead of the standard 'go adopt a rescue pet' they could link to you for help. You'd need to familiarise yourself with the different policies and why they are in place (e.g. the no long distance adoption vs transport interstate). And get an idea of what ethical rescues are supposed to be doing -- like desexing!

Plus watch the pound pages and pet rescue, and the groups who aren't on petrescue.

Hope that helps. :)

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So glad you have added Lucy to your family and she has turned out so well.... a good match by the sounds of it.

I’ve been out of rescue too long to comment on your idea, but the first thing that popped into my head is that people looking for a dog or people looking to rehome a dog don’t need even more places to look.

On the other hand, I know if someone starts a thread on DOL looking for a dog for themselves or for someone else, they get lots of suggestions, so that might shoot my thought down in flames. :D :D

If someone goes through a reputable rescue organisation that organisation will move heaven and earth to try to ensure the match of dog and person/family is the right one.

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If my foster dog isn't right for an applicant but they are a good home, or if there is someone who doesn't want to be confronted with Petrescue or pounds then i will find out what they are looking for exactly and then set about making a match.

Whilst i've managed to find the ideal dogs to place with some people, they are often actively looking elsewhere (even if they say they want me to help them) and so i can spend a considerable amount of time to find what they are looking for only to find they have found a dog themselves.

Rescuers have very limited time normally so it's something i actually gave up doing because i felt that it wasn't appreciated and people were quite happy to waste my time.

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What would you think of what the 2 Tibbie clubs have done to help people searching to adopt a rescue tibbie & also rescues that have a tibbie for adoption. Their Facebook page is a connecting place for both. Any person can post (or message) that they're looking for a Tibbie, or any rescue/shelter can post they they have one. It only shows on the Timeline when approved by an administrator. But the whole purpose is about making connections.

I recently was asked to bring my own Tibbies to a meet-up in Brisbane for a lass who'd connected with the site, saying she wanted to adopt a Tibbie but her husband had never met one. So could we show him some.

Sure works for a breed label (or a close mix). I don't know how such a 'connections' site would work for the distinct mixed breeds who equally need all the help they can get to be connected with people looking to adopt. Sure to be a way!

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