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Making "the" decision


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SM you've been in my thoughts :kissbetter:

It's been 6 weeks since we made the call for Brembo and it's still incredibly hard. I think I'm ok and then something will trigger a memory or I'll forget for a second that he's gone and then it hits me like a tonne of bricks. 

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3 months today.


It's still hard. I know it gets easier and never really goes away.  But its still really hard. 


I still feel terrible guilt when I've been out doing things we couldn't do 'before'.

New white doona cover for the guest room. Guilty.

Weekend away. Guilty.

Saturday yoga. Guilty.

Especially if there's brunch after yoga...super guilty. 


Still also have pangs of worry when I'm running late thinking I need to get home to him. 


The house is quite & empty but I am thankful we're not facing a wet winter trying to convince a dottery old dog as to why he should or shouldn't be outside at a particular time.


I miss the antics, the routine, his ears and most of all the cuddles :heart:

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6 minutes ago, persephone said:


You're right tho ..Winter would have been very difficult for everyone . he was blessed :)

The dog walking route was flooded the other day. I was actually grateful I didn't have to try & 'splain why we couldn't go for a walk.

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