Looking for a Maltese cross or any lap dog.

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2 hours ago, Phyl. said:

........we are terrified, and walk around shuffling along instead of stepping, in case we hurt her. Oh how she loves me, and me her.    

Oh that brought back memories.  My first dogs were two tiny weeny little Maltese puppies:  one was 8 weeks old and one was 9 weeks.  I was terrified. A friend of mine from Brisbane decided to come down to visit me as I’d taken a couple of weeks off work to get to know them.  The kitchen floor was covered in newspaper and we would step gingerly around the place carefully avoiding little bodies.  One day my friend said to me:  Cynthia, do you think we will ever walk normally again?  Still makes me laugh to think about it.  

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Good idea thank you Scrappi&Monty.


So funny Dame Danny's Darling. That's us lol.


Roova:  telling my cute husband now. Thank you.

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Definitely familiar with the "puppy shuffle" - it becomes second nature to breeders of toy-sized breeds, i might add! Fortunately, for pet owners, it is just a passing phase one that is literally grown out of! :laugh: (apologies for the grammar, but new family member beats grammar every time!)

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