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Autism assistance dog - NSW trainer and breeder recommendations please

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Autism assistance dog - can anyone recommend someone who can help train this kind of dog in NSW. I have a friend who lives in Young who would like to get a dog to help his daughter - needs to train it to be good in crowds.

We're also looking for breed, and breeder suggestions or rescue people who would have something suitable up to about 1 yo (tho I told my friend it might be more difficult to train a 1yo for this).

I suggested a beagle. he likes the idea of a Jack Russell - so anyone who breeds really laid back JRT - would be worth asking too.

The daughter is very good at swimming - so maybe a dog that likes water would also be good.   Maybe a toller?

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I guess the question is what kind of autism does she have as to what kind of dog will best fit.

Is she a very vocal ,roughkind or the very quiet ,gentle or in between .

Once this is determined thinking what dog is a better match to her needs will be good help .


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The type of person, her behaviour, and her lifestyle will determine the best type of dog :) 
training these dogs needs to be amazingly thorough..and obviously is much more than being ok with crowds .
I suggest you do an online search for autism assistance dog ... and see what comes up in NSW ..
If the dog needs to legally have the right to go into public places etc , it will need to be accredited /official :) ..so  my idea is you're best to enquire at organisations who deal with these situations every day :) 

How exciting for your young friend ... I hope it all works out well :D 

here...this may give them some idea ...


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thank you Scottsmum and Persephone

I have passed on the info.  The family has a lot of thinking to do.  They have had dogs before - I think they've got one now but it isn't specifically trained to help with the autism symptoms (not sure which ones need help - I didn't want to get too nosey about it). 

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I agree with previous replies; Pauline Gill's work (Tapua) in the area of assistance dogs (Labs) for PTSD/Autism/Diabetic Alert etc is excellent. She has a FB page under her Tapua Breeder's prefix. If Pauline can't help, she will undoubtedly point you in the right direction. 


There is a FB page called Koda for T1D Miranda - Miranda is a little girl with T1 diabetes and Koda is her alert dog - Koda is also a Tapua dog. 

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