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The problem I have with RSPCA NSW is that getting them to investigate/attend actual cruelty cases is virtually impossible.   Either they don't have enough staff to cover the number of calls

SO TRUE.   my standardbred Jody was feeling a little too fresh when mum was putting out the washing and decided to walk up to her, put his face against her chest and shoved her over...n mum weigh

Rats are definitely sentient.  When are they banning rat poison?  

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so true, but perhaps they see it as naturally culling the weak minded from the population?


Yet, we are locked down to prevent what?   Deaths from corona?   surely a good culling is whats needed anyway?  or is only people who love their animals that are considered needing to be culled?   




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sadly another person made the mistake of thinking RSPCA Yagoona is safe to use as a vet surgery.  Took their cat for a "check up" made the fatal mistake of telling how they acquired her.


I hope she goes to the press. They are not a vet surgery, NEVER take your pet there if you hope to see it again.


Apparently happened this week. 16/9/20


Image may contain: cat






Cheyenne Speed


For the past month I had been feeding this beautiful pregnant mum and kittens from our local gym.
I then captured them all to try and get them rehomed to have a better life. I have been able to home the kittens(they were 5 months old)! And the pregnant mum had a home too!
We took the pregnant cat who was about 1-2 weeks away from giving birth in to RSPCA Australia RSPCA NSW
FOR A CHECK UP (they have Vet services at the location taken)
We specifically told you we will take her back and look after her. She was just going in for a check up, you said you would keep her overnight just for observation (due to give birth in a week so wanted to check she was healthy and prepared for birth )
We were on the way to pick her up but you called and said you’ll keep her for a couple extra days to monitor her, we said that’s fine let us know when we can come collect her before she gives birth so she isn’t stressed.
We didn’t get that call, we contacted you a few times to get updates because you hadn’t called but couldn’t get through and today you told us you EUTHANIZED HER AND HER KITTENS.
I am absolutely heartbroken, I feel so incredibly guilty and I have been sitting on my floor in tears. I captured them for a better a life, we would have given this to her, BUT YOU TOOK THIS AWAY FROM HER AND US!!
We ONLY took her to you for a check up, because you preach love and care for animals, we thought she would be safe. My whole dance studio was invested in these beautiful cats, they donated food and money to help these kittens and pregnant cat. I went there daily, sometimes twice a day to feed them.
Your excuse you told us over the phone... she wouldn’t be domesticated. That wasn’t your call to make, WE TOLD YOU WE WOULD TAKE HER BACK, you were just supposed to do the check up.
We need answers and you need to be held accountable. This post won’t bring her back but maybe it will highlight what you do behind the scenes. Don’t preach love and care for animals and decide to kill a cat and her kittens that were due to be born in a week when she had a home. I know we can’t save them all, but she was saved.
I am so sorry to everyone and most of all sorry for this beautiful cat that never got the chance to have a forever home and be given the love she deserved.

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just posted by a friend on face plant, she is in America and it also happened to her. so true of the effects on the target owners. 



Sharing from a friend, who was a victim in a home invasion which ruined her life in every aspect. The men who did the home invasion on me TRIED to ruin my life in every aspect, but failed sufficiently enough that I am fighting back.
My dear friends, once again, I feel the need to share. I am one of many countless thousands of people who have been targeted in " a scandal". Guilty or not, we all are infected with permanent and terminal harm to our very core. I have listened to people's takes on recent home invasions (I will NOT call them a raid) and the removal of their animals. In 2020, even people in the know bubble over with gossip, invented stories about the targeted victim and IT SPREADS LIKE WILDFIRE. This situation is unimaginable ......until it happens to you.
Recently, someone asked me what my biggest loss was. The absence of my dogs is palpable, every day, the loss of my home a knife to my heart. However, the realization that I will never again be able to hold my head high, nor be proud of my name makes one feel very very small, insignificant and ashamed. DIGNITY is a precious commodity and the ultimate treasure in ARs efforts to sway public opinion and justify each illegal seizure of our animals.
There is a very small percent of the population that is supportive (maybe even pities ) of the victims but the vast majority of people look for any opportunity to re-injure, shame and display a little bit of momentary bravado in their conjured new accusations. AR is the prime example of this. Recently, the Governor of NH used scenes from my home invasion for his reelection campaign with the support of AR groups. MANY MANY photos are published on TV and other media from years ago, manipulated photos.
Lets be BETTER than them, extend your hand,don't share gleefully on FB  I can't begin to tell you the harm you are inflicting.
Compassion is the only pain medication I know of that might help that targeted victim. They have lost everything and their pain will be life long. Whether they are guilty or not, send a virtual message just letting them know they are not alone. The real irony is, we (those devoted to their animals) would NEVER treat them as we treat each other. Evolution, that's the ticket. Lets evolve to the point where we extend our hand to abused people as well."
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well no one else has shared it .  




OMG, look at this! Unbelievable!
Pawn off puppies and kittens with ringworm to foster carers so you don't have to deal with treating them 
They more than likely got ringworm in your shelter, like Roxy the Borzoi did 
Asking if foster carers have a LAUNDRY where they can keep the puppies and/or kittens!  How does this fit in with the Standards and Guidelines that you are applying to all dog and cat breeders?"
May be an image of dog, cat and text that says "We need Extra special kitten foster carers! Ringworm (a fungal infection similar to athletes foot) is a common but very treatable illness. Fostering ringworm animals is recommended for people who meet the below criteria: do you have no children? do you have tiled room that you can keep animals in (specifically puppies kittens) that is easy to clean, such as bathroom or laundry? are you confident or willing to learn how to administer medication or bath kittens? •can you commit to fostering for approximately 8 weeks? RSPCA New South Wales"
"Our Sydney Shelter is currently looking for some very special foster carers to look after some of our more vulnerable residents.

Ringworm (a fungal infection similar to athletes foot) is a common but very treatable illness. Regular cleaning, ongoing support and advice about fostering animals with ringworm will be provided to you as a foster carer.

Fostering ringworm animals is recommended for people who meet the below criteria:
• do you have no children?
• do you have a tiled room that you can keep animals in (specifically puppies or kittens) that is easy to clean, such as a bathroom or laundry?
• are you confident or willing to learn how to administer medication or bath kittens?
• can you commit to fostering for approximately 8 weeks?

If you fit the criteria and believe you can assist please sign up to be a foster carer on our website, when choosing what categories you can assist with make sure you check the box that says 'Ringworm' http://bit.ly/3pGCgAL   "
Interesting in the light that if you bred them you would be charged in line with the current Audit raids?
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the other story doing the rounds is this one.




The old lady who owned them has dementia and her family asked the rspca to step in and help rehome the dogs, no mention of that in the rspca speil is there!
Points to note:
1. They always post a photo of the worse dog - the dog pictured does not look to be in a drastic mess!
2. "A decision will be made in 60 days whether to prosecute the owner" .. prosecute her for what?! She is old and unwell FFS, the family asked for help and the dogs were surrendered. If she is prosecuted it goes against all the guidelines the rspca must follow when dealing with these types of cases.
RSPCA NSW yesterday seized 79 dogs from a breeding establishment located in Central West New South Wales following reports of alleged breaches to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.
Two RSPCA NSW inspectors executed a search warrant at the property at 8 a.m. on Wednesday 24 February 2021.
Due to the size of the operation, six inspectors, two RSPCA NSW veterinarians and two animal transport officers attended the property and assessed the animals.
The inspectors seized 79 dogs and puppies requiring varying degrees of veterinary treatment into RSPCA NSW custody.
All animals were admitted into care at RSPCA veterinary hospitals by 5.15 a.m. this morning, Thursday 25 February 2021.
The investigation is ongoing. A decision to lay charges against the person of interest will be made within 60 days.  "
but why would they when the family realised there was a problem and sought help from the -supposed- caring charity in order to ensure the animals had the best chance of being suitably rehomed. Bearing in mind that is a lot of dogs to rehome if the family tried to do it themselves, obviously they were overwhelmed at the prospect and sought help as per the process outlined on the rspca website. I don't know the exact wording but l have read on their website something along the lines of ... 'if sickness or other factors means you can't care for your animals properly, contact us, we can help'.  "
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Posted (edited)

somebody finally  figured it out!  some really thoughtful comments on the fb page I spotted it.



May be an image of text that says "Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches, and not those who burned them alive."


Because instead of self reflection and personal responsibility humans tend to form herds and blame people who they perceive as weak or threaten their own weaknesses. It happens all the time and starts from childhood bullying through to adulthood Racism, discrimination etc. It can only change if we treat self awareness as an important part of being alive and recognise herd mentality is toxic.




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