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RSPCA in the news

Two Best Dogs!

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I think the police had the guy committed... possibly due to the poor bugger having an episode when they were taking his animals... all I can think of as to how/why...


That said, some RSPCA inspectors can be pretty pushy and intimidating when they are "doing their job"... and that's from experience...



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Have some news on Alex.

 he said he heard the rspca tell the police to commit him.


now the half good news.


"as well as the newly adopted dog (Row), they took his other dog, cat, kitten (he'd only had a few days) and 2 rats.
Yesterday lunchtime they returned all Alex's animals except Row. Yesterday arv, they send the email about prosecuting him.
It doesn't get much more perverse."




He received this.



Further to my situation, from RSPCA legal late today - do they have any idea when to just stop?!? The insanity continues as was expected. You hope they may wake up to themselves, but in typical style, they continue acting like fools! -



Dear Mr Weir


We refer to your email below of 21 March 2019, in response to an email from Inspector Jansen that same day.


We note that you adopted Row from RSPCA for $29 on 23 February 2019. On that day you acknowledged the health indemnities and the free sick return period of 14 days. These aspects of your purchase of Row would rarely be offered by any other seller, particularly for that sale price, and are more than sufficient to ensure any health concerns passed on at the time of sale are addressed.


Your assertion that Row was under warranty is incorrect. It is, with respect, absurd to suggest that RSPCA, a charity for animals, rehoming animals from often unknown backgrounds, ought to warrant an animal for more than the very reasonable period of 2 weeks, or even for life. The provision of veterinary care is a responsibility assumed by owners who take animals into their care, and become persons in charge of those animals.


On 16 March 2019, 21 days after adopting Row, and 7 days after the expiry of the free sick return period, you called RSPCA and held an expectation that Row would be treated at RSPCA’s cost for an injury or disease causing pain in the mouth area, and evidenced by Row pawing at his mouth constantly, and dragging his mouth on the floor and walls excessively. You stated that ‘this was not just a minor thing, he is clawing viciously at his face’ and you said that Row was in ‘obvious pain’.


You stated that this had been happening ever since you brought Row home from RSPCA. It is concerning that you failed to take reasonable steps to provide treatment for Row, firstly in the period during which that treatment would have been free of charge, and secondly in the ensuing 7 days, particularly given your acknowledgment of the seriousness of the condition, the advice provided to you by RSPCA, and the pain that Row was suffering.


The Inspector intends submitting an application for prosecution in relation to what in his view was a breach of your duty of care owed to Row, by you failing to take reasonable steps to provide appropriate treatment for his disease or injury. At that time, an application for disposal order will be made, requesting the court transfer ownership of Row to RSPCA. The Prosecutions Committee will consider that application and make the decision within 28 days of the day Row was seized from you.


In the interim, boarding and veterinary costs will continue to accrue while Row is in the care of RSPCA. Boarding is $22 per day in addition to veterinary costs. Boarding costs are currently $176.00, and veterinary costs to date are $207.50.


If you were to surrender Row prior to 4.00pm this Friday, the boarding and veterinary costs will be waived. Your surrender of Row, considered to be cooperation, will be taken into account in the prosecution committee’s consideration of the Inspector’s application early next week.


We urge you to seek urgent legal advice, from a qualified lawyer, particularly in relation to the surrender of Row.


We would be pleased to discuss the matter in person with you or your legal representative.


Please feel free to contact our office directly should you have any questions.


Thank you.


Tracey Jackson
Prosecutions and Privacy Officer
Wacol Animal Care Campus
RSPCA Queensland


E [email protected] W rspcaqld.org.au 
Fb RSPCA Queensland Tw twitter.com/RSPCAQld 
P 07 3258 5692 M 0412 923 551 F 
Locked Bag 3000, Archerfield BH QLD 4108 Australia"






personally I think he was incredibly naive in thinking they would do anything after selling him Row for only $29 in the first place. but he has certainly learned that lesson.


neither he or his friends seemed to take on board they had to be 100% accurate in what they said or nothing they said would be believed..

finally there is the full list of what was taken. he is incredibly lucky they didn't decide to label him as a hoarder. I  think anyway.


from what I copied and pasted from his first question he never said what they are saying he said in that letter from them.


I know from one of the nice inspectors, told me they want to make it any more than five pets can be labeled as hoarding and want it made legal they can be seized on that alone.

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I agree with you Snook, idiot. he never mentioned that when he asked for advice only said he thought it had a sore tooth. nothing else.


although makes u wonder how it passed the rspca vet check before sale ?



Having said that, when the vet, Mark Lowrey brought me Stringy, carried in his arms, to take home, he was completely unaware he had torn trachea, severe dehydration and pneumonia?


he sure looked sick to me and I did ask him "what is wrong with my dog"


his reply was "I am happy to examine him at your cost."

told him no thanks he is going straight to his own vet. He had to have intravenous  fluids and antibiotics overnight to save his life.. so  maybe things haven't improved much between 1999 and 2019?

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On 27/03/2019 at 12:40 PM, Snook said:

A sore tooth can come up quickly. Both times Justice had his face swell up from a dodgy tooth, it came up overnight and he was completely normal before we went to bed, with no signs of discomfort (and he's a very sooky boy when he doesn't feel well) and eating normally. The first time he was treated with antibiotics, rather than going straight for surgery, and he was good for almost a year before it happened again (same tooth) and he had to have the tooth out. I'm sure no one would have picked it up either time if he'd been examined a week or two earlier. 

Forgot to mention, he did have the dog booked with his own vet for that wednesday, but they took it tuesday.

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7 hours ago, Snook said:

Wasn't that two to three weeks after the dog first showed signs of pain? 

his original post on fb is on page 3 but here it is if you dont want to go looking for it. so he was booked to see the vet 20th march. as you can see his post of 18th march so they acted pretty smartly taking it the next day.


I adopted a dog from the RSPCA and he has a sore tooth. I called them so they could help him and did so expecting their assistance because it had only been a couple of weeks since I got him. I had been delayed calling them because I had been in hospital. They told me it was my responsibility and I had a good old go at them for not honouring their promise. Today I had an inspector on my doorstep expecting me to speak to him or he would get a warrant. The police called me and I explained it was over a sore tooth. I haven't heard back and am now concerned they will be back to take this dog that I love so very much. What on earth can I do about this? Thing is, I live 80 Kim's from the nearest RSPCA and for all the resources they have used to come to harass me, they could have checked his tooth. I am so upset and so angry about this. I have never in my 55 years, hurt or neglected an animal and I am stunned by this behaviour.

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OK? anyone have a clue what this fb post is talking about?


"Laura M


"You were all too complacent, now look where we are.
The death of pedigree dogs is imminent, 5 years max.

"Laura M

I have never felt so truly disheartened by the future of animals in Australia, Victoria in particular. One day the great and mighty RSPCA will get their way, nodogs will be being breed by just normal 'breeders' who actually know what they are doing, who have put so many years of work into their breeds. (I am focusing on DogsVic breeders here. If you hobby breed a litter of whatever, your days are numbered too, even more if you've got over two entires.)

Maybe it's never seemed so real until I printed out the DV supplied forms for everything (Health checks, pre breeding health check, what vet you use page, dog details, dog management pages, ect...) Maybe it's because I own a house, not 10 + concert kennel runs to keep dogs in. Maybe it's because I actually love my dogs and not see them as a commodity. Maybe it's because the cats I have know what it's like to lay on a couch instead of always in cages. Maybe it's because I actually know what I'm doing and not because I've read it in a book.

As I look at my dogs curled up together on my bed because it's cold today, the hairless is under the doona because she hasn't got a jacket on just yet. It's things like this that are going to be a thing of the past. One day in time people are going to wake up and realize that there is nothing much left of dog breeds, of people who actually know things, of people who have hands on experience. I read so many comments of people wanting a dog and being told to go to a shelter. That would be fine if I wanted a huge mix breed dog that might eat other dogs, that would be perfect for all the older people wanting a lap dog.

When did everything literally go so wrong in this country with animals. When I see puppy farmers promoted every day on a group I am on. When did it become that the likes of the RSPCA (who I never thought I could hate as much as I do now, I did not think it was possible that at just 29 I could find something as utterly revolting as I find that society.) would drive the rules that wants all dogs/cats in size suitable runs for their whole lives, well at least until they have had their allowed amount of litters or hit the age limit where you should either put them down (because dogs don't matter and you couldn't possibility give a damn about them as their owners) or find them a new home (because everything should be thrown out like a rotten vegetable). That a society claiming to be against animal cruelty ect would be the driving force to turn animals from pets into numbers that need to be treated and documented like machines.

Now sit back and watch as the future takes away all the things that were normal once before. Watch breeds die out, watch as actual care of dogs and cats slowly die out because if a book doesn't tell us what to do, then who will."



Presume there is new even tougher laws being passed, but not heard what they are?


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Further to the plight of the Border Collies at risk.




 Think we have been a bit quiet over the last week, well looks can be deceiving. Last week we were asked to take in 16 Border Collies from South Australia. We hit the road first thing Saturday morning at 5am, for the massive trip across the border, and ended bringing home 31 dogs to WA. Our biggest rescue mission ever at 5500km and 5 days on the road, where we just slept, tried to get meals after driving 10-15 hour days and drove and drove. 
1. Are these the ones the RSPCA SA are holding and claim to be un-rehomable? NO. But they are from the same breeding facility that these original 10 adults, and 5 puppies were seized from. The RSPCA claim that the 15 dogs they seized, are not suitable for foster care as "Foster care was not an option for these dogs, as they have never known the domestic pet home environment". Sadly 4 have since birthed in the shelter, resulting in 5 stillbirth and 4 puppies "humanely euthenised". Thus leaving 23 puppies still in care. 
2. Today the appeal to release these 33 dogs has been dismissed. The RSPCA now have full control over their future. And further to that, 23 are PUPPIES, 18 of which were born in their care.
 Well out of the 31 we have 26 females-mothers included and 5 boys. Will we have 100% success rate in getting these dogs rehomable, at absolutely no cost to the RSPCA. They are not aggressive, simply scared. And guess what, every singe one is in foster care, in real homes, with families, children, and other pets!
Has it cost us? YES over $5000 
Is it worth it? HELL YES!!!!
Are the dogs scared? Yes. But we have seen absolutely NO aggression at all, NOTHING. They are amazing gentle BC's that deserve our time and patience and a home to call their own.
 We have put out a plea to the RSPCA to allow us to take on the remaining 33 dogs that they have in care, and we will take on full responsibility from this point forward. Our email received a generic response. We have feet on the ground in SA, ready to collect these dogs if we were allowed to, but sadly this seems to be rejected, and for what appears to be no good reason. Our petition shows that 45000 of you want the RSPCA to take the help offered and allow us the chance to help and let rescues step in. And 45000 people, can't be WRONG !!!
 Please RSPCA, do the right thing and allow us to help you. After all, isn't that what rescue is meant to be about? Helping the animals.... lets leave the politics aside and give these dogs a fighting chance. There is enough rescues out there ready and waiting. 
 Dont you DARE euthanise these mums or pups, they are all siblings/relatives to ours. Dont you bloody dare....
 We are not in it for money-we are in it for the love and this, more than proves our commitment to them all.

Please note-no one is available for adoption at this stage. No emails will be responded to for now. The page will be notified, when they are ready for their new homes, we promise to let you know x"

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Win some lose some, one friend in the animal care industry has unfriended me over the videos of the border collies.   whereas this was just shared  on FB





Nafela Rifaii


I’d like to make an awareness post. I often see clueless people on here making comments about how lovely the RSPCA are. If you don’t work in the animal care industry I reckon you have no idea. I rescue cats every single day, and I work in the animal care industry. This is just one of many incidents. Friday I received a phone call about a little kitten which was abandoned at the park. I rushed there to find this little one whom is no older then 2 days old. The vet clinic I work at being 2 hours away, and the park being closest to the RSPCA, my only option was to rush there to buy kitten milk replacement formula. They took one look at the kitten and not knowing that I work in a vet clinic and know my rights said to me right away, “you have to surrender the kitten to be euthanised. It’s far too young to survive on its own, you are inexperienced and the kitten will die anyways so we need to put it to sleep” I then informed them that I am not an idiot, that I work in the animal care industry, that I have experience hand rearing newborn kittens and I’m not here to start a debate, I simply wish to buy formula. The vet then said to me “hang on, I’ll go get formula from the back store and I’ll be back in a moment”. She reappeared 20 minutes later and said to me “I’m sorry but I’ve consulted with my co workers and we have decided not to sell you any milk because you are very irresponsible and the humane thing to do is to euthanise this kitten and we have the rights to seize the kitten off you”... I made it clear to her that I was going to give the kitten a chance instead of murdering it and that even if he has 1% chance of living we should at least try. I took the kitten with me and drove off. Of course they tried to persuade me to hand over the kitten to be euthanised before I left and one of them even followed me outside. I drove to my local vets and purchased milk from there. Day 3 and the little kitty is as healthy as ever and has not died. Like I’ve said this is just one incident.

Matter of the fact is, the RSPCA are euthanising thousands and thousand of animals yearly and they need to be held accountable for this genocide. People need to be educated on this so called organisation that they are so quick and eager to sponsor, when in fact only a fraction of the money raised for animal welfare is actually used on the animals 

Edit: of course after sharing my encounter with all of you, the RSPCA have contacted me and tried to hit me with the “defamation” card hoping to scare me into deleting this post, but that’s exactly what they want and I am not backing down. The world needs to know exactly what they’re responsible for, in hopes that people will not donate and sponsor them anymore.

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interesting post on fb today. Especially since this is a purebred  ankc dog website and directly impacts all and has done so and continues.



" Alison yesterday l looked at all the dogs at Wacol, not one purebred, not one small dog. There were staffie crosses, bull arabs, kelpie crosses, cattle dog crosses - plain to see the breeders of PURE breeds are not the problem!
We never have been, yet they crucify us with all the restrictive legislation they put forward to the govt."



Photos of some of the dogs listed AND what they should look like.  Too much to hope the government will ever realise or learn, pedigree breeders are NOT the problem they have been made out to be for decades.. none of the laws target the real source the millions bred by accident or design that actually fill the pounds.


just click on the link and scroll.


Even sadder, their real owners would have no chance of finding their dog, ring and say you lost a brindle x bred , will be told, no we only have a boxer here..... and so on for each of these so missnamed dogs breed....


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Can RSPCA be trusted to help our dogs?

 Friday, 03 May 2019
 110 Hits


RSPCA are one the biggest killers of dogs with behavioural issues, not only in Australia, but every country they operate in. You only have to look up their statistics. A society that is supposed to be an advocate for animals and have sworn to protect them, and yet can't (won't) even modify many of the dogs behaviours that are taken into their care, due to pushing an emotive ideology that is in their minds, more important than a dogs life. Instead of opening their minds and looking for alternative help, they prefer to kill. RSPCA should be the last organisation governments and society should be looking too in regards to responsible dog training, behaviour modification and training tools.

RSPCA treat trainers that will not support their positive only ideology like lepers. A number of years ago, whilst I was operating in Adelaide, I put my hand out and publicly (and directly to RSPCA SA via email) offered to help RSPCA modify dogs behaviours that they deemed not suitable for re-homing and therefore allocated to be euthanised, FREE OF CHARGE. They didn't even bother responding to my offer, and instead blocked me from their Facebook page when I publicly offered this type of help directly on their page. Here was a trainer, wanting to HELP save dogs lives, but their cognitive dissonance wouldn't allow them to accept my offer, or to even acknowledge and thank me for my offer.

I know of a few dog trainers that have offered RSPCA similar help, with similar results. Totally ignored!

Governments and society need to wake up to the agenda RSPCA are pushing. There needs to be a full government inquiry into the RSPCA's operations, and how in reality they are putting the welfare of our dogs second to an emotive ideology that has statistically been proven to fail in a lot of cases. Even if an alternative method of training can save only a few dogs lives each year, isn't it worth the effort? However, in my personal and professional opinion, the numbers of dogs that could be helped and be saved that the RSPCA are failing would be extremely high. But I guess we will never know, as I believe ego, and the fear of being proven to be wrong is too much of a cross for them to bear.

If our dogs lives are so important to them, then a training ideology proven not to be highly successful should not be more important than the welfare of our dogs. Dogs lives matter!


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you might have some believing you but the disaster that befell the border collies in south australia kind of gives the lie to your assumption I am alone in discovering they are not what they make themselves out to be.


took ten dogs based solely on the fact the dogs did not come to them, labeled as psychologically damaged the reason given to taking them, not inedequate housing or health. then reports saying all ten cannot be rehabilitated and get court order to kill all ten and addition court order to seize all the rest of the dogs they didnt take at the time.

except apparently the owner realising what fate awaited the rest gave them away to rescues and all have been successfully rehomed? The rescues begged them to hand over the ten they want to kill but nope wont hand them over to anyone... apparently have killed four of them but still have the other six still locked up..it used to be called "dog in the manger" behaviour. The suspicion is maybe the bad press 


a LOT of people have issues in case you haven't noticed.


shoot me all you like. I dont care.


until we have a royal commission into the rspca nothing will improve, maybe even then it wont. but at least its a step in the right direction.


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I post what I find,  if its fake news, point it out, but unless its discussed then it just does the rounds uncommented on.


apparently there are quite a few people unhappy about this piece of news in england.... so many ankc people think its unethical to breed any puppys for pets. only to replace for the next generation and the few surplus to your needs allowed to be pet homed.  and the rspca are all for that scenario. As are a huge percentage of ankc members, doubt that? the figures for 2017 prove it, and even the ankc has a policy that they immediately inspect any member who breeds ten or more litters in one year, and remember if its a toy breed that could be from ten to 20 pups, the equivalent of two litters for many breeds.   


http://ankc.org.au/media/6598/a-forensic-view-of-puppy-breeding-in-australiav4.pdf          The good news though, only 86 breeders Australia wide need inspecting so major resource save, everyone else is left in peace... but the slander of the 86 is pretty blanket, just read the comments on the other ankc forums, not just here, not much chance of finding a ankc puppy for a pet for the majority of australians.


Yet this has been allowed to go ahead?     


tragic for the dogs



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No photo description available.


there you are snook a nice inbred bird for you

Never heard of Save the Harvest group before... 

The very message our ANKC's are failing to get across..... our dogs have been doing the same for centuries 

Animals Play a Meaningful Role In Our Lives



Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water





“Bravo has never given up on me – even when I’ve given up on myself. He always picks me up at my worst and brings me home to BraveHearts. We started our journey in 2013 when we competed in the Mustang Million horse training competition and, now, fast forward to this year. We rode 20 miles together through downtown New York City where he again carried me fearlessly on Trail to Zero, a ride to end veteran suicide. These horses are the answer for me and my brothers. Bravo is my lifesaver.”

- Michael Sullivan, Army Veteran, OIF/ OEF

BraveHearts is a PATH Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center with 2 locations in Illinois. In 2018 alone, they provided 28,238 sessions to 1,397 individuals including 834 veterans. Learn more about BraveHearts and their Trail To Zero Campaign that works to bring awareness veteran suicide using the links below.




If you would like to make a submission to our "Animals Play a Meaningful Role in Our Lives" initiative, here is the link for more info.




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Just keeps getting better and better.


16 May at 13:28 · 

No more pig dogs in the ACT.

About This Website
  • Lilly Sanders
    L S Lol so no more trips to the vet with your pet otherwise its a 16000 fine. Sorry fluffy that you have a broken leg, you will just have to suffer because i cannot afford to cause you stress 
  • L S This will mean no pounds can operate legally either because that causes alot of stress on the animals kept in cages, just have to let them go free.
  • Rebecca Ipsen Hill
    R Is this actually real?
  • Deb Willett
    D W Courtesy of the rspca Bec 
    "It says an animal is sentient if "it is capable of being aware of its surroundings, its relationships with other animals and humans, and of sensations in its own body, including pain, hunger, heat or cold."
      Yet somehow a kangaroo isn't sentient?
    ah yes, cant let them in, they are to be culled.
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1 hour ago, Snook said:

You really have no limits do you? It's disgraceful that you're posting the photo and name of someone with accusations based on complete hearsay. 

alleged hearsay


that actual breeder members might be interested to know, just in case their "new friend' looks remarkably like her.


come to think of it, anyone who tells a complete stranger how many dogs they have and their ages is asking for trouble anyway... that's also what thieves are looking to know too.


anyway, everyone needs to know they have to have fire extinguishers and an evacuation plan, complete with your vets name address and phone contact printed and placed in public view or your ass is grass now...




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interesting post on ANKC Registered (Dog) Breeders Australia.


if you want to look up all of it. on facebook





Like This Page · 17 May · 
In case you missed it...Animal Rights Groups – Who They Really Are

National Animal Rights Conference

The 2018 Animal Rights Conference was held the weekend of June 28th – July 1st in Los Angeles, California. The event brought together animal rights extremists, vegans, and vegetarians from all walks of life to “expose animal abuses for food, research, amusement, fashion and more.” The event washosted by the lesser known animal rights group Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). 

The True Agenda of Animal Rights Organizations Exposed – It is Not About Animal Welfare

The groups attending the conference confessed that their movement is not about animal welfare, like they have led people to believe. It was made clear to attendees, that the true agenda is about ending animal industries and ownership. This was exemplified by a quote from the Animal Agriculture Alliance report  from The Save Movement says: 

"Animal rights is different from animal welfare. It's not about better cages; it's about empty cages”.

Hypocrisy on the Agenda

In addition to exposing their true goals of ending animal ownership and human-animal interaction, hypocrisy was also on their agenda. These groups claim to be fighting for the respect of animals, yet they do not treat other humans with respect. The animal rights industry is fraught with claims of sexual harassment. This is well evidenced by the recent resignation of past HSUS CEO , under the cloud of sexual harassment., former HSUS Vice President also resigned under similar accusations. Even the host organization of the National Animal Rights conference is marred, , of FARM has been accused of turning a cold shoulder to sexual harassment claims within his own organization. 

Conference Attendees

We outline “people to watch” in the paragraphs below because it is important to become familiar with who is representing each organization that attended the conference. We also make sure to note which people have been previously associated with other animal rights groups. As people move between the different organizations it allows their message to solidify and become more and more extreme. We have previously shared the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s “Activist Web” which can be found on our website or theirs, it shows just how closely tied all of the animal rights and environmental groups truly are

Other Groups in Attendance

Besides the more “notable” groups that we highlighted above, there were 100 other animal rights groups in attendance at the conference. Some include: The Humane League, The Good Food Institute, The Save Movement, and Vegan Outreach. These groups are working toward similar goals, but each may have a specific cause that it is more closely tied – for example animals used in research, ending animal agriculture or working on animal rights internationally.

Conference Theme – Animal Liberation

The Animal Agriculture Alliance report states that the main theme of the conference was “Animal Liberation” rather than animal welfare. Simone Reyes of Social Compassion praised the Direct Action Everywhere raid on farmers in Northern California saying, "Our movement must adopt all avenues, the methodical and radical." This quote exemplifies the thought process that overlooks the animal’s actual well-being over the action of “freeing” them.

1. Animal Agriculture Alliance report on 2018 National Animal Rights Conference

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Interesting radio interview






Please share this interview with the #animalwelfarecommunity 
Here the written account of everything with evidence & exhibitions added.

If you have any questions about all presented feel free to ask as we've nothing to hide but have plenty to state that addressing & fixing. Hopefully this should open some ears & eye's to help this along.


Remarkable, usually the media dont want to know...............
in any way or form.... yet this lady interviewer seems to know of many more instances and said she she going to air more?



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Not sure if any here have seen the headlines... 


interesting letter now doing the rounds of facebook


Coalition For the Protection of Racehorses - ExposedLike Page

18 hrs · 


Dear PETA Australia,

Congratulations on hitting the headlines again with your most recent social media beat up about a "half-brother" of Winx being slaughtered for meat in South Korea. It must have been exciting to see so many media outlets running the story without question, despite your organisations long history of false claims, media manipulation and tacky stunts.

Writing a letter to the author of the Winx biography was pure marketing genius, and a fantastic example of your organisations dedicated and determined focus on seeking attention, not for the animals, but for yourselves. We were particularly impressed with the deception of the claim "the slaughter of 3,000 Australian horses and their offspring in South Korea", despite only 158 horses being exported from Australia in the last 5 years, and only 12 of these confirmed to have been killed. Counting breeding horses from Australia since 1970 and their offspring, and their offspring's offspring all born in South Korea down the line was a great way to produce a massively misleading statistic.

We are also impressed with the claim on your website that "few racehorses are retired to pastures", despite several independent studies showing there are well over 100,000 ex-racehorses in Australia and they are the most common domestic breed.

We have to admire your dedicated team of publicity seeking attention activists. There is no doubt that you have managed to make PETA the leading professional trolling organisation in the world. Those fake news, election manipulating Russians must be very, very jealous indeed.

There are just so many examples of your magnificent work it is hard to pick a favourite. The bloodied fake rubber lambs in videos, campaigning to ban petting zoos, suggesting that the band Hunters and Collectors change their name, or that we change animal sayings, or attacking the deceased Steve Irwin, there is truly nothing PETA won't say or do to get a reaction or publicity for themselves. It is great that you don't allow credibility to get in the way of self promotion, and you are truly world leaders in how to turn social media trolling into a lucrative and profitable business model.

So thank you PETA. Without you, where would we turn to for gimmicks and internet stunts. Lazy journalists the world over thank you for raising "awareness" of yourselves.

Just one thing though. Remember us animals? There is a drought on and we can't eat social media likes. Awareness doesn't keep us warm. So, just wondering, any chance we could see some of the $1.8 million in donation revenue you received last year? Maybe you could spare part of that $1 million spent on mail outs for a bale of hay? Or the $350,000 spent on consultancy? The term "animal welfare" seems to be strangely missing from your expenditure list and us animals are getting very confused.

Kind regards
The Animals

CC Animals Australia



Image may contain: text






No photo description available.


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