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As he title suggests, we are looking at adopting a puppy if available.


Anything under 6 months is ideal however we will take under 12 months.


Looking for a labrador or golden retriever.


please private message if you have any available for adoption.

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Do you mean you want to buy a purebred Lab or Goldie? There are breeders listed on the breed pages selling pups.

If you want a rescue dog, look at breed rescue. You won't get a purebred in either breed as a pup in rescue , they will be older dogs looking for homes.

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Been a long time and I just realised I never replied to this post! Sorry @PANDI-GIRL


Hazel is doing really well! We haven't seen any issues so far. We took some great advice and decided not to get another pup. We are looking for a dog from 12 months to 4 years. Hazel has really calmed down and feel now is the right time. Trouble is, we are really struggling to find one.


One of the big problems we have is that Hazel is not de-sexed which means we can really only adopt girls.


Anyways we'll wait and see!

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