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In my face

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All my dogs get a bed based morning cuddle.  The logistics get complicated with four dogs and two hands. I have an Springer pup, 8 months now.  Her idea of closeness involving lying on my chest and  putting her muzzle into my face.  Not sure what she gets from it.  Seems like she likes to inhale my breath.  Irritates me no end, so I push her away with the no command.  She comes right back.

Curious to know if anyone else has had this problem.  Is it a Springer thing?  Will it eventually go away if I persist?

(I'd love to include a picture, but the dog on my chest precludes selfies).

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I find Thyme (springer) is not a super cuddly dog. He much prefers to be laying on my feet to cuddling up. 


Thistle (not springer) on the other hand. I think she is secretly trying to suffocate me the way she shoves her head under my chin and attempts to smother me. 


I encourage and guide into laying by my side under my arms/crammed into my armpit rather than let her get into the position in the first place. Sometimes she will still try but I will just coax and nag her until she’s back in the desired position. Then give her a good pat and tummy rub for doing so. 

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20 hours ago, PANDI-GIRL said:

Wow your computer sure had a major hissy fit this morning  :laugh:  


Sounds like a full bed 

Damn zombies!

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