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Confirmation of Border Terrier breeder please

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I am considering buying a border terrier puppy.   A licence number has been quoted in the ad .   I have searched on line and cannot find a breeder with this licence number or in the location given in the ad.  Is there any other way to make sure the breeder is legitimate? 


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perhaps google the kennel name/breeders' name ..and see what that brings up? As well as what Rebanne suggested. Here is the TAS DOGS site   CLICK here

Hmm..maybe the site needs updating ..but I had a glance at the list of breeders who are members..and there are NO Border Terrier breeders' names.

I would suggest ..if there is any doubt ..walk away. You do right to question :)

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Hi there.  If it's the ad on Gumtree, the number looks like a Dogs Tasmania registered member number.   But definitely give the office at Dogs Tas a ring (they're only open 10.00 am - 2.00 pm daily.  The office number is 03 62729443.


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