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ReHoming wanted request

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Hello! I am megan. I have recently moved to a beautiful property outside byron.  I was about to go down the new puppy route but the more i enjoy the space i realise i need a mature dog. The pace and space would suit some one who needs rehoming and wants a lush life with daily walks and lots of love,  please keep me in mind if anything comes up. My wish list is a standard poodle, but i have loved abd had schnauzer and cattle dog cross before. Cheers megan 

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Hi Megan, welcome to Dogzonline.  Sometimes breeders have adult dogs that they require rehoming.  I assume you have taken into account the need for good fences to keep your new dog contained?  It would surprise you, just how many people who move to the bush think that they don't need a yard to keep their dog in.  They think it is OK to just let the dog free roam, which is not OK

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