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Genie 9/2/2008-14/11/2021


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Genie, our almost 14 year old Golden Retriever, passed away last month.


Genie was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma in January 2020. The vets recommended palliative care since she was already 12 years old at that time. But that would have given her just two months. The tumour was already 7cm and had breached the cranial wall. 


But I wasn’t ready to let her go. She was otherwise very healthy and active. We did loads of research and decided to work with an oncologist. She did one round of stereotactic radiation therapy in February last year, then two rounds of chemotherapy and another stereotactic radiation therapy in January this year and then more chemotherapy. She breezed through most treatments with minimal side effects except nose bleeds that didn’t bother her too much. However, in the last two months she started to slow down.


On the morning of 13 November she didn’t wake up. After a long day of ICU treatments, she remained unconscious and unresponsive, and the doctors said it was most likely a brain bleed caused by the cancer. We decided to say goodbye to her. We brought her body back home. We brushed her, put flowers in her beautiful fur, lit candles. Our whole family came to visit and sit by her side. Then she left home for the last time surrounded by all her family, knowing she was loved, and will always be loved.

Here is a tribute video for her that celebrates her life.



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