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Board and Train - Sidney Aarons


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Hi all,

Wanted to check and see if anyone has any experience with Sidney Aarons. We've booked in a board and train next month for a few weeks while we're away, wanted to also have our pup get the most out of the boarding time so decided to go with Sidney.


We're in Canberra and based on location and reviews seemed like a good option. Also having a chat with Sidney was positive, so after anyone else's experiexperience :)


Thanks in advance!

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Depends why you are doing it.  If you expect your pup to come back to you fully trained, you are destined to be disappointed for the reasons stated above.  But if you just think that a few weeks of discipline will do puppy good, then go for it!

A long time ago, I sent a spaniel to live with a Game Keeper for a few months, (I was working in Scotland at the time); the experience did her the world of good and she subsequently became an excellent gun dog in spite of me!

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As a professional trainer who no longer offers board and train, when I have clients who would benefit from it I’d only refer them to Homestead for such services. 

Good luck! 

ETA- apologies, didn’t realise Sid had moved to Canberra, thought you were sending the dog to Vic. 

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