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  2. New breed in Australia

    Very few pure ones left sad when there crossed with anything like they where when already a good working animal
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  4. Designer dogs

    Some points regarding your post - I think there are better ways of promoting Pedigree Dogs than placing all the value of a dog in its documentation. This seems to re-enforce the idea that Pedigree breeders are elitist snobs and I don't think that does the the reputation of Pedigree breeders any favours. Breeding dogs 'for fun' or money with no thought to their health or future is irresponsible, no matter who does it , but 'documentation' is no guarantee of a better motive and posts like this imply otherwise. Then we have buyers running into problems with their new pups being dismissed for 'not doing their home work'- Assuming that a breed profile and registered breeder is all thats needed. You can not understand the motive of any breeder with out researching the individual, their animals, goals and methods of achieving them. A pedigree is far from a guarantee of health or behaviour. 2nd, breeding dogs can be done for for more immediate purposes than a future breed. ie: Breed standards place no importance on an individual dogs abilities to respond to its individual living environment- unless that is the show ring. So certain traits and abilities may be lacking for for the dogs intended purpose, or not in the best combinations to achieve the dogs purpose as effectively as possible. Today, not in 20 years when those trait combinations are no longer required by the breeder. And if those trait combinations can most reliably be found in Pedigree dogs, that shouldn't make a mockery of their use. Better for Pedigree dogs to recognise the strength and value of those traits to goals other than a 'standardised' design for its own sake. Otherwise, we risk limiting domestic dogs to increasingly fewer environments of Humanity.
  5. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    He still looks so happy on his walk and that coat looks gorgeous on him. This might be stupid suggestion but I figure I'll put it out there anyway just in case it's of any help. I put Justice on to Antinol Rapid recently and he's noticeably bouncier and back to springing on to the couch with all four legs at once, instead of jumping up with his front legs first, as well as not really showing stiffness any more when he gets up, unless he's been curled up asleep for a long time. I realise his physical condition was nowhere near what your boy is dealing with but the reason I'm sharing is because I suggested it to my aunty for her senior dog, who is 15 and has a combination of pretty severe arthritis and degenerative myelopathy. She struggles to get up and slips badly if she's on hard floors, is very wonky on her legs and can't manage much in the way of walks. She's on anti inflammatories and pain relief from the vet (I can't remember what exactly) and after I showed my aunty a video of a dog whose vet added in Antinol Rapid on top of other meds for stiffness/lameness, she decided it couldn't hurt to try it. She's noticed an improvement in her dear old girl since adding it in. It hasn't miraculously fixed her and we never thought it would but it does seem to be providing a bit of extra relief. Here's the FB link to the Antinol video that I showed her if you're interested in having a look. https://www.facebook.com/2087838344767573/posts/2646233138928088/?sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e
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  7. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    I have scripts for both (for osteo arthritis). They are different and can be complementary. I tend to avoid the Tramadol because it gives a nasty blow to the head when combined with alcohol... probably not a problem for dogs. They help a bit, but the pain doesn't stop.
  8. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Just a quick update and another little video, not much change in the paces but he's still pretty happy in himself so that's good, he actually pings off at a fair pace at the start that's why his rug goes a bit wonky lol. Checked in at the vets the other day, he's lost a little more weight, still in a safe range for a husky but not a good trend when he's eating well so we decided to send some blood away as the in house panel from December was normal so a full panel might show more. Unfortunately his veins were very uncooperative and we could only squeeze a few drops so going to have another try next week. Will update if anything interesting comes of it.
  9. New breed in Australia

    Stella is a mix of mixes.
  10. Worming with drontal syrup

    Drontal syrup I have bred for 50 years and had litter that u worm every two weeks used the Troy syrup never a problem then decided go to drontal to my horror I used used the tablets on my 6 weeks pups and I nearly lost a pup blocking the air ways on her with a live worm Chocking her she survive only through quick thinking on my. Part I will use drontal syrup again. Breeders take note.
  11. Bowel obstruction

    That's awesome. I'm glad you both had a great and uneventful weekend.
  12. Bowel obstruction

    I don’t want to say it because our luck so far has been absolute garbage BUT we have had a nice weekend. Kane has enjoyed trick training and has added rollover to his limited repertoire. We had a few people over for a bbq today and Kane enjoyed the socialisation and was very well behaved when put in his crate while we ate and cleaned up. all the stimulation had him sound asleep in his crate right now and I feel relaxed and contented for the first time in weeks, knowing my little guy is well and not worrying too much about managing his Pica
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  14. Labrador pup prices

    Thank you, appreciate the suggestions.
  15. Labrador pup prices

    Price sounds very reasonable . Ask questions about the dogs. Whether show or performance breed or even a breed er who uses the word Boutique breeder to make them sound "special " ask questions. Asking about the above will give you a better understanding of what they breed for & potentially the drive of the dogs they bred. Not all breeding dogs will have shown or competed ,doesn't mean there any lesser .A lovely plain bitch for example(show folk use it in a good term) may not be a show winner but tick all the boxes to still be a great animal in a breeding programmer.The same will apply to a working dog by asking questions like this you get more dialogue from the breeder & a feel for there dogs & there reason for breeding . First off health testing ,before finally committing ask to see them. Are they registered & with which organization.
  16. Labrador pup prices

    Research the parents & the pedigrees of the parents on Google & see what you find
  17. Labrador pup prices

    Thanks Persephone, I am not actually sure if the puppies I saw today were from show stock or not. I had not thought of researching like you suggested but now that you have mentioned it I am interested to find out! Will see what I can find out. Appreciate your feedback, thank you.
  18. Labrador pup prices

    With a pup from a reputable breeder, amongst other things, you are usually paying for research, for testing of the puppy's predecessors, for the fact that you KNOW the parentage/bloodline of your new puppy , and for the experience of the breeders in raising their puppies..in improving the breed, in testing and breeding to minimise/cut out genetic health conditions . and providing support to new puppy owners like yourself. Are the puppies from show stock,. or are they from a working line, doing retrieving, or similar ? Have you been able to google older siblings or other relatives, from that kennel, and see how they've done at shows etc ? Doing research like that is always fun
  19. Labrador pup prices

    Thanks T, and definitely agree if that is the going rate for getting a good healthy pup then so be it.
  20. Labrador pup prices

    If the parents have had all the health checks to show they are sound and likely to throw sound offspring, then I'd say the price you have been quoted is reasonable. It costs money to maintain healthy breeding dogs, and even more to raise a litter of pups properly... to mitigate any foreseeable issues later down the line. T.
  21. New breed in Australia

    There are a few in Australia,this is Stella Catahoula x Bandog
  22. Labrador pup prices

    Hi All, My family and I have been researching on getting a dog for a while now and have settled on getting a Labrador. I have searched the forums and saw there was a discussion around prices in a post from 2012 but thought I would ask again as I would imagine things may be different now. A registered breeder I reached out to in Sydney has advised they could offer one later this year for $3,200. I am just trying to understand if this is in fact the going rate? The breeder is quite reputable based on the reviews I have read and having visited their facilities they do seem to be running a well maintained place. Appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you!
  23. That is a great update on his progress
  24. Bowel obstruction

    I have slippery elm, we used it back when puppy diarrhoea was our biggest issue and it worked like magic on my older girl when she had an upset stomach. I haven’t tried charcoal but I am pleased to say that Kane did a perfectly normally poo this morning! Our biggest challenge is trying to keep Kane calm, he so desperately wants to run and play. he is in a state of bliss, we have let him be reunited with Scout but only under close supervision.
  25. @Snook you have been such a beautiful support to Me lately and I never realised you were going through your own set up stresses with your dog. i am glad to hear Justice is doing well and hope he continues to do so. I am now well aware of the way very little incident effects our mood and state of well being, like a roller coaster ride. i hope you are continuing to do well
  26. Bowel obstruction

    It's a good idea to keep charcoal and slippery elm capsules on hand for tummy upsets, you can open the capsules and sprinkle about 1/2 on some food or buy the powder if you choose that option. I usually buy mine from iherb as they have a good range and reasonable prices (click up the top to select Au) links here slippery elm slippery elm powder charcoal Google those herbal treatments to get a little more info about them and... poo discussions happen frequently here
  27. That sounds very promising @Snook... good boy Justice! T.
  28. I thought I'd add an update on the shaking/shivering/moaning issues that Justice saw the vet for at the same time as the incontinence issues. He was put on 5 days of carprofen twice a day, which he had the last of on Wednesday morning. He had his follow up with the vet later that same day and hadn't had any further incidents for 4 days at that time. She wanted to trial him off of carprofen before prescribing it on an ongoing basis, as well as wanting to further investigate the cause if he resumed having issues once he stopped taking it, rather than leave the cause of any pain as unknown. So far, he's been completely fine and the only shivering he's done was because he was cold and it stopped as soon I rugged him up and put the heater on. I'm wondering if he might have hurt himself on the Friday night when he was playing with his bestie, as it first started while she was here. They leap around like idiots and wrestle and race in and out the dog door, so it would be easy enough for him to get injured and he's ended up smacking his head or limping before from minor play accidents. Perhaps he pulled a stomach or neck muscle, which wouldn't show up as a limp or be as easily detectable with a physical exam? Fingers crossed, 5 days of not playing and having an anti-inflammatory was enough to sort out whatever was going on. He's booked in for another follow up with his vet on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll see how he's travelling on Monday afternoon and if there's still no deterioration, might cancel the appointment since it was only to look at this particular issue. With the incontinence, I started a separate thread about belly bands but I've decided at this stage, that I'm not going to make him wear one. He seems to only pee inside when his bladder is full and it's reasonably unlikely that a belly band will hold that much. I also don't want to prevent or discourage him from peeing when he goes outside, which is a possibility with a belly band. At the moment, I'm managing it with taking him for a walk when his bladder is filling up and he's happily emptying it on trees and bushes that we pass. He did have a scare two nights ago when a dog when nuts at him from behind a screen door on the little side street near us, and just wanted to go home. I didn't push it at the time but I took him back down that street last night. He didn't want to walk as far as that house, but was happy to walk elsewhere. After about ten minutes I took him home, got some of his favourite treats and took him back to the side street but on the opposite side of the road. I didn't want to delay getting him to move past his fear in case it built up as a bigger deal in his head. He was happy to focus on me and heeling and regular rewards and completed the street without any stress, so it's at least good to see that of he can work through it now if he does get a fright, even if I need to use reinforcers like treats to get there. Overall, things are good right now and being managed. Hopefully we don't have any repeats of the shivering/moaning incidents, and it was just a short term injury or illness.
  29. Bowel obstruction

    I too have shared my excitement about my dog's poos before, as have many others, so you're not alone there.. lol. Enjoy your wine and weekend and here's hoping it's all onwards and upwards from here!
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