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  2. Urinary tract infection

    Ok thanks we have a good local health food shop. Is it used straight or do you mix it with water.
  3. Urinary tract infection

    Health food shops do a bit of research first ...there are some which are better value than others..and some which are more 'potent' ....
  4. Urinary tract infection

    An old friend that was a dog trainer swore by colloidal silver, she used to use it for all sorts of things especially for her dogs. Where would I buy it?
  5. Urinary tract infection

    I use it for cat abscesses, mouthwashes, wound cleaning,fungal infections, skin infections, gum /throat infections in humans and animals .Have used it for mastitis in a goat,burns on humans..... Silver, like a lot of things, can cause problems if taken internally to excess. Some people drink litres of it !!
  6. There are certainly classes run in NSW but it would depend on where your based. If your own facebook join the Australian show groups & you will get the right answers & days .Very few show people use this forum
  7. Anyone want a swimming pool?

    If ever
  8. :-) No, I had toyed with the idea of getting them to dig my vege garden but it would be several years before the plants made it to the surface.
  9. Anyone want a swimming pool?

    Oh my goodness, so I guess you don't waste time planting pretty flowers
  10. Urinary tract infection

    @persephone I have never heard of liquid silver being a health wash, isn't silver toxic? what else do you use this for, I will have to investigate
  11. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    @Loving my Oldies Maybe if Sooty slept in a small travel carrier, placed on a chair or side table right next to your bed, this might help her sleep longer being so close I have done this with Pandi & she sleeps until I get up
  12. Hi I have decided to hire out my two dogs as excavators. No charge for them as your swimming pool will be placed at their discretion. They can be a little lazy at times and will lie down on the job but don't worry your pool will most likely be finished by Christmas. They have had many years of experience but they haven't watched the ads for dial before you dig as when I enquired if they had contacted them Buster cocked his head sideways which my OH interpreted as huh????, so you may need to. Cheers
  13. I'm perplexed

    Add to this the new affordability of spey and neuter at a time when 'Back yard breeding' came into focus and attack from ANKC . More people opting for the ease and peace of mind afforded, while those who didn't were discredited as irresponsible, regardless of weather there was a plan or purpose behind a mating. Irresponsibility of breeders in the headlines, be they pedigree (P.D.E) Puppy farms, Backyard breeders. Poor breeding practices were the focus, but No longer based on individual practices and results, but on the environment producing them. BYB , puppy farm or ANKC. Because ANKC drew the distiction. Based on environment, not value delivered .The environment is seen to be the value. It was no longer about what a person does to ensure value to the dogs and their market, or how effective or ineffective that was proving. Rather than discussion of responsible breeding practices and the purpose of producing dogs that should add value to their species and the people who own them, It became about which environments met the most stringent conditions. Not individuals who respond well, but what environments ensure they do so. ANKC hamstrung their membership, adding that a breeders goal should not be profit to avoid being tarred with the puppy farm brush, though it was already in their mission statement that the purpose of breeding was improvement. Keep the environments distinct and separate so ANKC is untainted. Again, not by practices of irresponsible individuals. But by environments seen to support irresponsible practices . All of them will. As long as people breed dogs, and people buy dogs without understanding the practices that maximise the potential value of ownership in any environment. That misunderstanding will increase, while environments are held to account. And the responsibility of breeders operating to provide recognisable value to broad and diverse environments of domestic dogs are discredited and diminished.Based on environment. All we are left to work with is which environment best enforces conditions and limitations that disallow other possibility. Disallow response. The longer this continues, the more support it gains because that is the expectation we are promoting- That environments have responsibility. An individual is only responsible for choosing the right one. A Commercial environment will win out, because as we keep defining the conditions of 'responsible breeder' environment, it a) becomes more costly to meet or provide those conditions. b) Doing so carries an expectation of regulation. Because response-ability requires familiarity, recognition and acceptance of those conditions. Only those meeting them could find 'value' in doing so. Its no longer an open and transparent environment influenced by demand, or open to evolutionary influence. because of those we have c) 'Domestic Dogs' are removed from their environment of humanity Its no longer shaped by humanity and their needs, demands or responses to it.. Its shaped by an alternate environment designed to suppress recognition of a dogs value, in favour of the environment/conditions that must be in place before any can can be recognised. It demands the environment respond and support a species, instead of environment accepting based on what responds to and supports it. Wrong way around. Bass akward thinking that will have the opposite effect to the desired outcome. It won't improve dogs or their environment, it will reduce both. You can't blame the buyers, the breeders or even the legislators while claiming the environment a dog comes from decides its value potential.There is no response-ability in that . If laws are being broken, there are grounds to remove this puppy farm. If not, people now unfamiliar with the realities of canine husbandry will will trust the regulation of an industry removed from familiarity and recognition. Public society has been deemed too irresponsible to breed dogs. So that ability of response is being removed to corporate bodies. Their regulation will be decided by the demands of a society unfamiliar with the practicalities of meeting them, but with expectations dependent on whats demonstrably available.
  14. Urinary tract infection

    Cranberry gets a vote from me as well if you can ..buy a large bottle of colloidal silver ..and use that to rinse the area it is anti-microbial ..no sting/no toxicity .. can be done several times a day ..just a wipe Much kinder than malaseb , IMO . I use Colloidal silver for all sorts of things here !Animal and human .
  15. Urinary tract infection

    Thanks I’ll give that a try.
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  17. DNA test curiosity

    considering Amstaff and pitt bull can be dual registered in America. How on earth can a dna test differentiate between the two if she has either in her?
  18. RSPCA South Australia

    Interesting that rspca nsw chose not to answer my questions about what is a safe length of your dogs nails. since too long can be seized and too short can be diagnosed as "chronic mental suffering" and seized as well under the well used reason "formed the opinion" by the seizing inspector. surely we as their owners really do need to know the answer to this question, otherwise how do we know what is necessary to know to keep our dogs safe from seizure. Because this power to "form the opinion" and seized without warning is already law. it has been since 1993, that is the year Marion Alcorn's ten arabians were seized the day the rspca inspector arrived.......in 1999 the day the inspector left the note on my back door and took my little chihuahua Stringy. Then the same power used to remove the border collies in 2019 This POWER has been in existence for over 26 years, so few seem to be aware of this?
  19. I'm perplexed

    Have you forgotten the SA border collies? clean kennels, clean dogs but they still took ten because they would not look the inspector in the eye? then get a court order to seize all the rest on the grounds the dogs could potentially be dangerous if they will not look into the inspectors eyes. When the laws are already in place that all an inspector needs to do is "form the opinion" what more do they need? they dont even have to have any degrees like a vet with BvSc after their name to form these life changing (in the case of these dogs life ending) opinions about the animals. In the case of the border collies they were granted court orders to kill all ten and seize and kill all the others on the grounds they may fear bite in the future.................none of the ten had bitten anyone.......... They have totally unlimited powers already considering this fiasco unfolded without appeal for the doomed dogs. only massive public outcry stopped the deaths of all ten, but 6 are dead and the other four in limbo still, haven't seen any updates... n the only way the owner of the others saved them was quickly giving all the others to rescues before the killers could get there in time to seize them, remember that........and the rspca refused to hand the remained 4 survivors over to the rescues who proved they achieved what rspca did not even attempt. this is the link to the thread if you didn't notice it before Complete with videos of the "potentially" dangerous dogs before they were seized
  20. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    interesting yours are living longer, my experience is few dogs are making it to 17 and over as the dogs our family had normally lived to when I was a kid, Grans kelpie lived to 19, a friends Chihuahua's 18 and 21
  21. watching a movie the other night about I think she was a Greek philosophiser , some Christian fanatic Cyril was quoting the bible about women should never advise men or something along those lines and he declared her a whore and a witch to be killed...........reminded me of the DV killings today.... As others have pointed out, on various forums................one man killed by a shark and its lets kill the sharks.........more than one woman a week dies in Domestic Violence and I have heard men saying she probably caused it. Reminded me of my ex so much, arrived home from shopping with my friend to be told, "you are late!" stupidly I asked, "but you didn't say when we had to be back by?" WHACK! to the head. As I stood fighting to not fall down my head was spinning so bad, I asked why did you hit me. his reply? "You made me do it, you are hysterical, the only way to snap you out of it is a good slap to the head." Next morning when I tried to get up to get his breakfast only made it to the door before i passed out and woke up vomiting uncontrollably.......no matter how hard I tried couldn't get up. He just stepped over me, got his breakfast and went to work while I struggled not to breathe in the vomit, so hard to even move away from it. Lay there wondering if I was going to die. no idea how long I lay there but suddenly my mum arrived. too ashamed to say Owen did it. told her I had tripped and hit my head on the doorway.. .. asked why did she come, apparently my boss had called her asking her to check on me as I had not turned up for work and not answering the phone and I never not turned up without calling. Love my boss. she took me to hospital and learned I had a fractured skull and severe concussion. Prior to that had ear drum ruptured, fractured dislocated jaw and concussion with each. Those times too he said "you made me do it", but never said why. I left him for good after a young copper came to see me and told me his sister was now in a nursing home and literally a vegetable because she didn't run while she had the chance. Now she would never walk let alone talk again. He said run while you can. he did go ballistic and told he he would kill me before he died so I lived with that hanging over my head for the rest of my life.....he stalked me for years and the stress was crippling but finally a few years ago he died.........such relief I am one of the lucky ones.
  22. Urinary tract infection

    Give her some cranberry powder as well rascal, I put a little powder in Zara's food each time (she is prone to struvite crystals) I buy the capsules and each capsule lasts around 5 days so that's 10 doses per capsule. I just cut the capsule end off and sprinkle. It may help and will not do any harm anyway. Also give her segments of oranges if she'll eat them, otherwise some vit C powder
  23. Urinary tract infection

    The vet has suggested to let her have a season before we desex her and hopefully that will correct the problem if not he can do the surgery at the same time as desexing her. We switched off Earthborn a little while ago we are using Canidae dry, nature’s gift tinned, 4 legs and raw meaty bones. He doesn’t want to put her on a urinary diet at this stage because he’s concerned it could affect her development. I have bought the dipsticks to test her urine at home so I will be doing that weekly (or if I notice any symptoms) and she will be straight on antibiotics. He also suggested washing the area every couple of days with Malaseb to try and keep the bacteria down.
  24. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets

    What a memory! Yes, they are still on the floor and they adapted very quickly, but I still feel mean and nasty. Sooty wakes up anytime between 1am and 4am and I have to let her onto the bed because there is no way of outlasting the crying becoming screaming if I don’t . Poor Mezza is so jealous. I have nearly weakened several times because of Jeune - she would wander around to my side of the bed and look up at me with such an appeal in her eyes, but one of her lapses was the final straw and I have to remember that. They now all settle down straight away. I miss having them on the bed, but I can get a few hours of unbroken sleep now .
  25. I'm perplexed

    So how can you act on what you know? I applaud you for recognising what you see, but how do you act on it? Maybe go into the council office that covers the area where this breeder is located & have a chat about what you know & whether the breeding operation aligns with council policies, whether roadside sales of pets is allowed under local or state laws etc. unfortunately if they meet all the local government criteria, and cannot be seen to be breaking any animal welfare laws, one can you do? You can sort of start to see why many of these operations are busted through covert surveillance! As an aside, I like to look at the reasons why we have what can be perceived as less than desirable commercial dog breeding facilities. A couple of decades ago there was a strange shift in attitudes regarding dog breeding. When the first few of the really horrible cases of puppy farm busts hit the media, there was naturally an outcry, and the cogs began turning in the “war against puppy farms” . In the race to legislate them out of existence, all that happened was pedigree breeders sort of shot themselves in the foot, where it became positively taboo to actually breed dogs! Breeders eyes suspiciously breeders who appeared to breed volume as well as or in favour of showing and ‘hobby’ breeding. The phrase “oh I only breed when I want something for myself” became the cry of the respectable pedigree breeder. At around the same time, breeders of all colours where marginalised to city fringes & rural areas, further from their market and further from scrutiny by the masses. Add to this the law makers busily deciding what constitutes a puppy farm and how & where dog breeding facilities should be run, basically making it legal to run large scale commercial dog breeding facilities. For whatever reason, pedigree breeders thought they’d be exempt or able to side step these laws, but in fact, to law makers, dogs are dogs, no matter their parentage, where they come from or who breeds them. The owners of commercial breeding facilities can quite legally say that they are registered breeders, licensed breeders, breed papered dogs etc, because it’s true. It’s just a different version of all of those things than what the ANKC system offers. Morally & ethically, we all know that large scale facilities with 100’s of breeding dogs is never best practice for dogs but it can all be legal these days Theres a whole new generation of puppy buyers coming through now who are going to find it ever increasingly difficult to decipher what class of registered licensed breeder they are dealing with. These people have grown up online. When I go online around pet sites, all the advertising that pops up is from designer dog puppy farms. Never once have I seen an ad from an ANKC breeder. If ANKC breeders want to claw this back, they have to breed dogs, in volume, and not see it as some sort of offensive thing to have a few quality dogs breeding for the pet market. The current supply & demand has to be met somewhere, and while fewer and fewer pedigree dogs are being bred, it’s not rocket science that the market turns to where there is supply. Easy to access, in their faces, supply.
  26. Urinary tract infection

    Hi @Rascalmyshadow is Abby ok, what has the Vet suggested for treatment, have you changed her diet from earthborn, does diet make any difference with UTIs
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