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  1. Poor kid CC, I can imagine how he'll be when he has to stay tomorrow but good news that only weekly bloods will need taking! Hope youre home snuggling with him now :D
  2. Oh CC....so sorry to hear about your poor Louis!!! I hope the poor kid makes a full recovery!! Are transfusions going to be a regular thing??? I hope everyone elses kids are ok!!! Weve been having our own little dramas with the BRD.....What should have been a simple lump (MCT) removal has turned into a crappy three weeks so far.....Silly stitches decided they werent going to play the game and so weve ended up with a lovely open wound to be dealing with....A vet check yesterday went really well though - he is pleased that the stitches at each end are healing nicely, and the hole in the middle is starting to heal.....I certainly have been catching up with reading and watching stuff Ive recorded over the last couple of weeks. But poor Zola is jumping out of her skin .....I know all she wants to do is R...U...N....poor kid... :(
  3. I trawled through 5 pages the other day RS, trying to find the WA thread......to see nothing had happened! I just dont seem to get on here much, and most of the peoples I chat with Im friends with on FB.....seems too weird doubling up! And apart from our WA thread, I get a bit over the rest of the stuff....does my head in!!! I do like to read about peoples wins & woes though....the ones I dont see of FB, so I check in every now & then :) If theres anyone Im not friends with on FB that wants to be PM me :) Rally - I cant believe little Zora is old enough for babies already!! Im sure she was only a puppy yesterday How old is she??
  4. Thanks Ness :) I wonder how normal old garden variety Rosehip granules are processed! I thought maybe the RHV may have been processed alot differently....maybe not! Ive been trying to decide whether to try RHV myself, so may well do and see how it goes.
  5. Does anyone know how this product differs from crushed rosehips that can be bought at a stockfeed place?? Other than being further processed obviously Has anyone been supplementing with rosehips for a while with good results??
  6. All our beasts end up with quite unique names.....but subsequently end up with silly rhymey nick names!! We had a black cat Remo - nickname Blackie Brown Burmese, Paddy - Browny.....I had a brown leghorn hen, Brownie along time ago as well! Zola our current ridgeback, Red dog.... I like unique names, but not so unique they are impossible to spell or pronounce! And if they suit the animal, they are fine :) One of our sheep, Shauna (was named when we got her) is currently being called Smoothy after her latest shearing! And the other poor sheep continually gets called our previous sheeps name - Moses instead of Jackson!! I love the naming of pets, and the morphing of those names into nicknames and other terms of endearment. Our dogs have so many different names to their official names, and they respond to them all as well!!
  7. God Caz, Im so, so sorry for what happened to your Beautiful Buddy.....RIP you gorgeous golden boy
  8. Cannot believe how many fires have been deliberately lit in the Perth area already!!! Summer just freaks me out these days......too scary!! What the hell goes on in these peoples head to make them light fires????? I do not get it at all..... Sorry Mum dog isnt doing so well in the heat Ptolomy.....Icecream???
  9. Geez, I hope everyone is coping okay in this disgusting weather!!! Seems the only reasonable place to be at the moment is Albany :cool: I hope you all had a fantastic ....ours was nice and quiet....just enough food & drink....and have been lazing about ever since! Feel for anyone attending shows this weekend - heres hoping it cools down quickly at K9 in the evenings, so no-one is heatstressed!!! Looking forward to winter!!
  10. Oh, geez Rally....I am so, so sorry about poor Toby....Hes such a beautiful boy, and has left you far too early :cry: I havent been on DOL for so long and came in to check something else and find such sad news.....The biggest of hugs for you & yours ............I really need to check in more often on my sandgroper buddies I hope everyone else (that I dont see on FB) is a-ok!!!
  11. Great pics of a dog doing his job!! We have a few down the road that have told me off too....Last year there was a guy & his dog cycling round Australia (Carrot & Coffee Dog)....anyhoo I stopped to say hi & give him a donation and within 30 seconds there were about 3 dogs down at the fence barking at us!! Up until then, I had no idea there where LG dogs on the property...Now when we drive by I always try and spot them....never do though, they are masters of disguise!!
  12. Web addy link thing doesnt seem to exist I keep getting a "problem loading page" message... efs
  13. Thanks RS :) I really just spent way too much time on FB...... Sounds like it was a great Trial this weekend for a few people!!! Well done
  14. Nooooooo! I didn't know they were coming!! Was it awesome?? (Must live vacariously through you now) It was OH SO FREAKING awesome :dancingelephant: Best night out for a while!! The other two acts were great as well....Willie Mason (Bluesey) and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes (JJJ play them)...The only bad thing was my aching knee & tailbone from sitting....but hey, small probs really!! It was very interesting that we got tickets though.....When I first went online to look for thickets, the concert was sold out - DAMN!! Then for some reason I went back online a week or so later and lo and behold, another concert was on...on the Friday, so was their first one....So we were all pretty chuffed that we got tickets, and we got to go to their first concert in Australia :D
  15. Hi everyone ....as usual, I havent been frequenting DOL much.....thought I better come in and see how everyone that im not FB friends with is going :) I was in Sydney a week ago, to watch the RR Nationals.....wow what a show!!! A gazillion Ridgebacks over two days..... .....was wonderful.....We also went and had a look at the Aquarium in Sydney - WOW!! Great place to waste some time! So this weekend we headed to Perth to see Mumford & Sons at the Belvoir Amphitheatre Oh what a fantastic night!! Have done nothing with the dogs for a while, Wandy has been on light duties with a shoulder muscle injury.... No limping now for a good week or so, so she might just be able to get back into getting around without a lead!! Zola has turned into Hunter Extraodinaire (sp)....and now cant go outside without thinking she needs to head off to follow bunny scents!! After a months holiday I head back to work this Thursday so not looking forward to that! But I guess it will be nice to get back into some sort of routine......yeh right!!
  16. But sometimes in order to fix the problems the dog has, you need to take them out! Dogs who havent had alot of socialisation, dogs who dont have confidence, dogs who need to learn how to not react in public....there are more reasons to take you dog out and expose it to the world than to keep it at home and do nothing...Granted there will always be dogs that the world doesnt need to be exposed to, but they would be few and far bewtween. Like others, I think the yellow ribbon could be mistaken for a poo-bag, and a vest would be a more useful tool.....You dont need to advertise the fact your dog is antisocial in any way, just a simple "Dog in Training - Keep Away!" Collars arent always visible on long haired dogs either... Public education would be wonderful wouldnt it???? Like most public education though, most people dont think it applies to them, unfortunately.
  17. Thats what Ive also read Steve.....fair enough I guess :) Im sure there a quite a number of "breeds" that are not recognised as such, but still exist quite happily!
  18. They sure are lovely looking dogs....and yes, seem to have been around for a couple of centuries!! It would be great to see another Aussie breed recognised....
  19. At the risk of getting into trouble Im wondering about this breed???? Why has/was it never been ANKC recognised??? I saw some pups advertised in our local area (SW of WA)and its had me wondering about the breed! I have looked on the MRCCR Website, but theres not much info there....
  20. What a stunning breed :) Absolutely beautiful dogs!! I hope the breed stall goes very well :)
  21. Vacuum Cleaner????? She is a very good looking girl I love your description of her attitude - Pffft, bite me....our ridgy does that look so well!!! Just glad neither of our girls have ever done anything quite so destructive! I would be giving her a canvas tramp bed....no more comfy snugglies for her
  22. Hopefully Ill get in to watch Ptolomy - and meet some of your kids :) Had our end of term doggy exams tonight - did pretty well, considering we really dont do alot of at home training ....Wandy got 107/140 and Zola got 102/140. They both got a big 0 for holding and giving a toy, but thats ok as they just dont get it at training Both are quite willing to do it at home though!! All dogs got 10/10 for their sit and down stays :D No-one moved at all!!!!
  23. Hi everyone.......thought Id pop in, say hi and see whats been going on :) Welcome Mashlee & Indie, wow what a beautiful girl!! Nothing terribly exiting happening in my little world - other than the wonderful rain weve had over the last couple of days!!! Its like winter has finally arrived! Could do without the wind, thunder & lightning though Im looking forward to heading over to Sydney again in a few weeks - for the RR Nationals..... Dont know if Im more excited about the plane trips or the actual dog shows.... :happydance: We went out to Kellerberrin a few weeks ago to watch the finals of the Kelpie Herding Nationals....man there were some beautiful & talented doggies to watch! Difficult sheepies & windy weather, but was a great day!
  24. They sure are good looking crates!! I know where Ill be ordering when I need more crates
  25. Hi Meg, Yep Im referring to the actual crate skin :) I will send you an email! Thankyou so much for your reply :D Suzie
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