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  1. The rules state that it's the date the first puppy is born.
  2. Have fun everyone, the annual 'Photo A Day' thread is back. Simply shoot one image a day and post it here for all to see. Have fun
  3. Aperture of around 22 (or greater), set it on something solid (or a tripod), use either a trigger or the timer to set it off. You may need to do a few before you get your settings spot on.
  4. May seem like a silly question but I do this all the time, have you accidentally knocked it from 'AF' to 'MF' on the lens?
  5. Thanks Serena, secret location but I'll share with you because you'll love it (and it's probably closer to you than me anyway. ) You know I love a good Ralph photo too.
  6. Lots of lenses don't work as well at their extremes and this is particularly so of the 50mm (1.4 and 1.8) Personally, I try and avoid shooting my 1.4 lens at less than 2.2 if I can help it. It just isn't as sharp as I like when I'm shooting wide open. I've seen many people say the things on various forums so it isn't just my own observations.
  7. Yep, take it off AI servo and shoot at about 5.6. It will make a big difference.
  8. There are a few that I love but I'll just post this one (as it's the most recent and the easiest to find on flickr ) Mel maternity by Alicia @ Savvy Studios [Australia], on Flickr There are some amazing photos in this thread. Well done everybody
  9. You did well. I've seen waaaaaaaay worse from people who charge for it (and should be shot for charging for it). You haven't tried to do anything over the top, they are good honest photos. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  10. There's more compression with a 105 than a 50mm. Eg, if you have someone far off in the background and someone in the foreground and you want them to appear closer to each other, the longer the lens is, the more compressed the foreground/background will appear. I don't know if that makes sense, but I know what I mean. Lol.
  11. Look out weddings! You're gonna rock it
  12. Only if you can test it out first, get the serial numbers, get them checked by the police then actually pay when you pick it up. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.
  13. they're not common, but they certainly aren't rare. Visit my sisters house and you can see a kennel full of setters if you like :D (and my mum and sister used to live in WA and had them over there too... but that was about 10 year ago now.) Still, totally gorgeous dogs. ;)
  14. I think you misread what I was saying. The bit you posted has said that if you go to a legit Sigma dealer (places like Ted's, Camera House etc) they should be matching the Camera's Direct prices. There's no point asking CRK for a quote because they'll just tell you to go to one of their legitimate dealers. Sorry, it's late at night. Didn't mean to confuse you.
  15. Speaking as someone who used to work for CR Kennedy and still talks to the staff there, they will tell you to go to a retailer such as Ted's, Camera House, Photo Continental etc. CRK is the wholesaler, if they give a quote direct to public, I can tell you right now that it is higher than retail (as they NEED people to support the camera stores).
  16. Will they price match the likes of B&H or Adorama do you know? Bec - how are you getting on? I'm going round in circles trying to decided where to get mine from Doesn't help that the Tamron zoom I'm after doesn't seem to be available in some of the Aus stores :D They will pricematch other Australian retailers. Lots of stores won't carry the specialised lenses/gear. They can get you a price and they will order it in if you choose to purchase. When it comes to lenses etc, this is a case of calling up and speaking to people to get good prices. also the US prices are about to jump dramatically due to their crappy dollar so if anyone is planning on buying something from the US, don't hang off too long.
  17. You start getting in to tax issues when you buy stuff for more than $1000 from overseas. kja will be able to answer this better than me. I've tried the sigma and the canon and went with the canon. It performs better in low light. If you're not shooting in low light all that often, then it won't be an issue. Both are nice sharp lenses (but still not as sharp at the 135mm 2.0 ) Ted's will pricematch and they will beat if they can. They won't price match shoddy internet or grey import prices though.
  18. Unless you have a monopod or a tripod, you will WANT the IS. Yes, there are people who have the non-IS versions and they do fine, but you can also bet they throw away a whole lot more images than those who have IS lenses. Essentially, when you're shooting on such a long lens, there is lots of movement. Having the IS does make a difference, and it is very noticeable if you test them both out side by side. Shorter lenses, I would say don't bother, but longer lenses, the IS is an asset. Not essentialy but they definitely make the job easier. As for where we buy, we shop around for a good price then use either Ted's or Photo Continental. I refuse to purchase grey imports and also buying from B&H can be more difficult when the purchase is over $1000.
  19. Damn right. The D300 images are waaaaaaaaay better. I guess you could describe them as 'smoother'.
  20. As a canon house with lots of canon gear (including 5D II), we just tested out a Nikon kit for the last 10 days (thanks to Nikon for setting that up :rolleyes: ) ... we now have in our hands a quote for a Nikon D3s kit. still trying to decide if we change over or not - if money was out of the equation, the answer would be yes with 100% certainty. That being said, we know that the next generation Canon will probably address the issues that people are experincing with the 5D II. Don't know if that helps or hinders the argument at all but this is where we are at with the whole brand thing.
  21. Oh look at this.... next best thing comes along and I am cast away like a piece of rubbish! Its has been a good/weird year. For me was my awards and making a healthy $$$ selling my images to a few large International corporations. Also making some good friends with Huga and Alicia. I must admit though, I have lost a bit of interest in photography or maybe burnt out..... 2011 might be the year to learn pottery. I reckon I could make a mean salad bowl. You're not cast away. I still want your body Just take your time finding your groove thing. In the meantime, we should all buy roller skates and form our own roller derby team.
  22. Ummm... what have I achieved? More than I dreamed of If I was given this list in January I would have died from laughter. I had the equal highest scoring album at the WPPI awards in Las Vegas and missed out by one vote on winning the 'Grand Album Award" - I still won first place in my category (Non-wedding, informal) - First time I had entered and the photos from the album are now used/stolen/found all over the internet. I judged for the first time at the Qld professional photography awards and was invited to judge at the national awards in Melbourne (which I did) - usually only Masters of Photography judge... it's a pretty big thing for a member of only two years to be allowed to judge, most are still trying to just understand the competition. I am the current Qld Australian Institute of Photography Illustrative Photographer of the Year. I won my first Gold award at State competition and followed it up with my first Gold award at the nationals. I attained my Associate of Photography title :D I launched my new brands as sub-divisions of www.savvystudios.com.au - www.bettyboudoir.com.au , www.thepetproject.com.au (with Rocco) and www.b-nurtured.com (only launched a few days ago). I was voted onto the Qld committee of the AIPP and I'm currently an education officer. I get to travel to tertiary institutions and high schools and talk about what I love. We moved from working at home to a proper studio space and it's awesome. Tomorrow morning I'm helping with the judging of the Qld Student Awards and I came up with the idea for their biggest prize ever and managed to snag a very big industry name as a part of it (when everyone told me it couldn't be done.) I'm officially having my first public speaking engagement as a photographer talking to other photographers as a part of a conference in February (and I'm slightly terrified). And as an achievement, I'm really happy that I keep harassing Rocco and Huga to shoot, shoot, shoot! I started harassing Rocco last year, so I can safely say that Huga has been the most awesome discovery of the year and she's makes a brilliant shooter at weddings. :D so yeah... it's been a quiet year here in photography. (I don't get gloat much about what I do on DOL so it actually feels nice to share this with the people who have seen me hanging around these forums for a few years. )
  23. Potential income from stud duties/puppies.
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