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  1. In really basic terms IS is image stabliser. You're in a bit of a pickle if you're tossing up between these two lenses. Essentially the 2.8 is what is considered a 'fast' lens. It can let in more light than the f4 so you can choose a faster shutter speed if desired. The f4 is a slower lens and therefore the IS is REALLY needed because you don't have the potential to use a really fast shutter speed like on the 2.8. However, that being said, If you're buying a lens that goes to 200, you will really want IS. Even if you have a 2.8, most people (not all) but most people still have too much movement in their arms to shoot at 200 without stablising of some sort (whether it's built in or it's by using a tripod,monopod etc.)
  2. I would love to see this. Sounds amazing. Animals are really incredible (unfortunately I'm too far away.)
  3. One day Canon is the best, the next day Nikon is. It doesn't really matter which one you go for as long as you get to try it out first and hold it and get a feel for it. Choose the one that feels the best for you in your hands.
  4. I think we may end up clashing at both shows too because the order of judging is different at one of the shows. Bummer. I'm always up for beagle cuddles. I'll have to hunt you down during the break.
  5. UPDATE ** I'm entered at shows this Saturday!** It only took a few months to do something about it. Apart from the ekka, this is my first show in 13 months. Should be interesting
  6. I have Kayo who is a solid coloured Pointer (for those who don't know her). She is actually a very sound bitch but she has never beaten another dog. I know that I could enter shows here there and everywhere and leave her mother at home to help Kayo get her title, but why should I? I don't want to make a 6pt champion. If a judge thinks Kayo deserves it, they will put her up over other entries. There is no point pulling dogs from the ring so another can get their points, it would be nothing but an empty win.
  7. I know most people will be working on photo 5 entries this month, so the challenge is inspired by Canon Photo 5 Don't post the images you're actually entering (unless you want to), however you may want to post shots that haven't worked for whatever reason and maybe talk about why you think they haven't worked and what you would like to improve. For those who don't have a photo 5 box, you can check out the briefs here http://www1.canon.com.au/worldofeos/photo5/briefs/ and for those who want to check out some of the work from last year, there is a little video at this link: http://www1.canon.com.au/worldofeos/photo5/home/ (if you pause it at 1.01, you see a flash of our very own BlackLabrador wrapped up in bandages. ) Photo 5 is fun even if you don't enter. So get creative and enjoy the month.
  8. Good thing it wasn't a GSD I know who would likely bite a stranger if they grabbed his collar. Don't worry, friend and I said the same thing. Woman was exceptionally lucky that this GSD just looked at her like she was the biggest moron in the world rather then try and defend himself. The dog looked quite disgusted actually
  9. At the beach today (off leash area) with a friend who brought along her very well behaved GSD. GSD was only venturing about 20-30meters from where we were standing and he would happily trot up to dogs that came near, give them a sniff then walk the opposite direction. A couple of older ladies were walking up the beach with a chihuahua and every dog that came near it got an arm swing from one woman who was shooing all the dogs away from an obviously VERY distressed Chi. They came towards where we were and before my friend could call her dog away (because we had seen these women coming) one of them practically jumped on the GSD and started dragging him away by his collar. Friend called out, "if you let him go, he'll walk away" as the dog was not happy about a stranger latching on to him and the woman retorted with. "I'm not letting him go, my dog HATES bigger dogs and is terrified". Umm... EVERY dog is a bigger dog, it's a chihuahua, and you choose to visit a dog beach during the school holidays, THEN you start swiping at other dogs that come close? Really, is that normal?
  10. I'm late to this, but this link will explain it all really well and the diagrams are useful. http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html
  11. RAW formats change over time and different cameras have different file systems. Already the early versions of RAW files need special converters to even open the files on newer computers with newer programs. DNG is an across platform format that can be read by all programs etc. Think of it a little like jpg - this can be read by everything. DNG is about 20% less file size than raw but has the same editing values. If I remember, I will convert to DNG when importing. If I don't remember, I will convert to JPG and DNG when exporting from lightroom.
  12. A friend said to me recently, "my dog is in season, what do I have to do to breed with her?" Considering she's a very good friend, I gave her the nice lecture about trying to have a maiden litter with a 14 year old dog. She just wanted a puppy to replace her girl, so I asked how she would feel if she lost her in the process. No puppies and she's now looking for a breeder to buy her next dog.
  13. any sort of oil should do it.
  14. Wow! Only one response. I thought this was an easier challenge then last month.
  15. Lol... you'd be surprised how basic we keep it. I'm still hanging out to buy a 45mm TS and a 100mm 2.8 macro. I just missed out on grabbing an awesome deal on both of these a few days ago - I nearly cried
  16. hmmm... considering that many people know where I live, I don't think I'll be putting a list of what I have on the internet. I'll just say, I have 'stuff'.
  17. I don't know what's worse, the act itself, or the lynch mob. Both terrible.
  18. Get your minds out of the gutter people This month's challenge is about shooting the one subject in three different ways. You can approach this in either two ways. 1/ Positioning your subject in three entirely different ways OR 2/ Shooting the subject in one position from three different angles This is another challenge that is more difficult than it sounds, however it's a good one because ANYTHING can be the subject, animals, people, landscape, still life. You name it! Have fun everyone
  19. We were over-packing them. Hopefully now that we have two separate bags, it won't be an issue.
  20. Don't ruin my fun I used it at a wedding yesterday and it was nice to come home without sore shoulders. Our other camera bags (both Lowepro), one lasted 4 years, it wasn an over the shoulder carry bag, and the other lasted 12 months, it was a heavy duty back pack. 18 months would be about average but I hope it lasts longer.
  21. I have photos from Kayo's last surgery and video from when they drained her seratoma. the video is on youtube. The vet asked for the link so he could go watch
  22. I just bought this today http://www.jill-e.com/jack/lrg_jack.html The bank account is feeling bruised but the bag is awesome.
  23. Why on earth not? It's their investment so ofcourse they can do whatever they want with it, even if they're stupid enough to have a 4-5 bedroom house an an investment property and exclude families, however I do feel for people trying to rent in this tough market. Sure it is the investors property but to put restrictions on it so it remains empty is unfair and selfish in my opinion, yes the idea is to negatively gear the property but not to that extent and I have seen a number of rentals empty in the past because of restrictions put on potential tenants. If I ever get an investment property it will be pet friendly provided certain criteria is met by the applicant, that is no more or less than with any application for a rental property. If an owner wants a property empty, that is their choice. Our current house has a two bedroom flat downstairs that we can't touch. The owner doesn't want tenants in there and won't let us use it for storage. It sits there empty teasing us. We don't complain, it's the owners choice. Nothing wrong with that!
  24. Not an option for some people as nice as it sounds.
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