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  1. Very sad case ... but it is nice to see balanced reporting ;)
  2. Discuss what happens if they puppy is injured (or dies) while in your care ... are you responsible for costs etc even if it is an unfortunate accident ... ie all care, no responsibility. Discuss what happens if puppy requires urgent medical treatment and you can't get in touch with them - are they happy for you to make welfare decisions etc. Find out what the household rules are - is puppy allowed on the furniture, on the bed, do they have have to sit before eating, are they crate training. Is puppy scared of anything ... do they have issues with other animals / storms / vaccum cleaners etc.
  3. Tilly is this produce store the pet store like pet barn ( I can't remember the name) across the road a bit from the shopping centre.. No ... actually I am an idiot ... Browns Plains / Park Ridge is the same thing to me. They are actually called Park Ridge Produce and they are located at 3688 Mt Lindsay Highway. Coming from Calamvale, I come off Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindsay Highway and turn into Green Road and then take the next right which takes you along a small road that runs parallel to the Mt Lindsay Highway. It is located between Green Road and Kantenna St (closer to Kanteena St).
  4. Is there a neighbour or someone who can keep an eye on him to see what he gets up too? It would be good to know exactly what his behaviour is like when someone isn't home. Or maybe on a weekend ... leave him home and go out but sneak home to watch him. I have a high drive dog ... he can be completely exhausted but leave him home for an hour and he will rearrange the yard. Not because he is stressed or suffering Seperation Anxiety but because he is having fun. Thankfully he is past that stage as he is maturing (touch wood). Hope you can find the answers ... or at least make the decision which is right for you. Best of luck
  5. Many years ago our lost dog was reunited with us after 3 weeks missing ... because of a phone number scatched on the back of a rather faded council tag ... so I do prefer a tag with just a current number on it. It sounds like a good idea but how many people would even known what the tag was and that there is a phone app to read it.
  6. Even a dog with a long life expectancy can die young ... or one with a short life expectancy could keep living on. It was never a consideration when we brought our boys ... and I don't think it ever will be. ... though it would be nice if they all lived a lot longer ... but while they are here I want them happy and healthy for as long as possible. Once that changes then I am ok with letting them go when they feel it is their time.
  7. Try rubbing in some Papaw Ointment (red tube or tub from chemist). My boys initially got paw sore when they started working on concrete or bituman for the first time. They gots cracks and while there didn't appear to be anything majorly wrong their feet ... they were definately tender. My boys love the foot rubs and will lay on their backs with their feet up when they see the tube :laugh:
  8. Maybe add a probiotic to get the tummy back in balance.
  9. Maybe something like "spray plaster" by Elastoplast. It is waterproof and transparent ... I have used it on a paw wound while it was healing.
  10. Until you can find the cause ... try also adding some pumpkin to the diet. I usually cook a chicken breast and some pumpkin together ... my guys love it. My youngest gets the runs when he has been running around a lot or is over excited ... he is also sensitive to beef and grains.
  11. :laugh: they wear you out don't they ;) My boy was only home for about a week when he learnt to open the latches on the crate ... I had to put clips on them so he didn't open the crate at night ... When he was still little we used to keep both dogs separated on either side of the yard during the day when we were not home to supervise but every afternoon when we got home both dogs were on one side of the yard. Couldn't find any holes so we thought the older boy was jumping the fence - so we extended the fence. It was only after I was home sick one day that we worked out the younger dog was opening the latch on his side of the yard and letting the older dog in so they could play. Now if they need to be separated for any reason ... I use a padlock on the gate as he hasn't worked out how to remove them yet :laugh: He can turn on the garden taps ... so they have to be turned off and the handles removed.
  12. I decided to wash the dog this morning ... I washed the older boy no problems. Went to wash the younger one but he decides to play hard to get. Normally he is reluctant to get in the hydrobath but is no problems once he is in. Every time I walked towards him he would take off ... so I thought I wasn't going to play his game. I let the older boy over into the other side of the yard to roll on the grass ... and told the younger one he could only go in if he had a bath too. He looks at me seriously ... ran up and down the fence line crying and then took off. I followed him and found him sitting in the hydrobath waiting for his bath!!!! He was bathed and once he was let out ... sat at the side gate until I opened it and let him into the other side of the yard to play ... I am negotiating with a dog ...
  13. Oh dear ... dog ownership should be classed as a contact sport ... :laugh: ... do we get photo's ... ;)
  14. Keep feeding the same as the breeder for a week or so ... and then gradually change to what you want to feed. I am also of the view that you get what you pay for. We feed raw and Canidae Grain Free - we were feeding raw but the youngest started turning his nose up at it and because he was too thin I was desperate to keep weight on him that I decided to tried dry food. He is sensitive to beef and grains so when I tried the Canidae PureSea (grain free and fish based) and both boys loved it ... it became part of their diet and they still love it. The better quality that goes in one end means smaller deposits out the other end :D
  15. GSD puppy are just sooo cute when they are babies ... so you fall in love with them and don't kill them when they go through to chewy, destructive, delinquent stage (ie from 6 months to 7yrs) :laugh:
  16. Ooops ... not sure how this posted in photos. It was supposed to go in off topic.
  17. We use Vet Basix antiseptic fly repellent cream ... it lasts all day and helps clear up any existing wounds. I normally bathe the tips of the ears in a little warm water to get off the crusty blood, pat dry and then rub on the cream.
  18. Lucy is trying to get Marty in trouble ... so he gets evicted
  19. That is a great name ... but we spell it Kaine ;)
  20. We haven't used frontline for a while as it seemed to stop working on our boys. We changed to Advantix (for the ticks) but have now changed to Permoxin. For fleas - we use Comfortis ...
  21. My boys get natural yoghurt mixed up with sardines (which they love) ... and then frozen. Yummy hot weather treat. Sometimes I freeze a smacko in them as a handle. Maybe try natural yoghurt with some fresh fruit mashed/grated/cut up in it ... if they like fruit ;)
  22. My youngest absolutely love Aussiedog turbo chook and home alone ... we are on our 5th heavy duty Turbo chook and our 3rd home alone and we really need a new clothes line ... and the boy is almost 3yrs old.
  23. Well ... this place didn't last long. They have now closed due to "a change in family circumstances" ... Have spoken to the guys are Park Ridge Produce (3688 Mt Lindsay Highway, Park Ridge - 3297 1155) - they do have Canine Country but currently they have limit supplies (small freezer) - they are looking at getting more freezer space in the future. They are happy to order it in and if you call them by Tuesday morning (when they order) ... it will be in the store on the Wednesday morning (I think around 10ish). I find these guys are wonderful - nothing is too much trouble for them.
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