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  1. Is it me or does this bill actually require compulsory desexing of all cats and dog by 4 months? The way I read it if they aren't you must be a registered animal breeding business with the mandatory kennels or you are breaking the law and the RSPCA can come in and sieze your pets. Is this right? So what happens to show people, agility people or people who have giant breeds or with vets who won't desex until dogs are 6 months old? If this is the case then everyone needs to get on to the DPI website and say this is not okay. The bill is totally over the top anyway but that bit is really worrying for everyone.
  2. Yep pockets here too but I have to admit that I made myself a couple of pocket liners to get around the whole slimy pocket problem. Which also means I do what Tassie does.
  3. My collies have done that for the last two years, don't worry her winter coat will come back in. After a lot of thought I think it's due in part to the strange weather patterns we've been having, and being inside probably doesn't help either because of course we have artifical lighting on at night.
  4. LOL! Oh dear, frustrating isn't it. I had people saying that about the breeder of my young one as it was quite a big litter. So I just smiled sweetly and said oh well I guess so I mean the stud fee cost xyz, flying him out from Perth must have cost xyz, hip and elbow scoring mum oh about xyz, and so forth she must be making a mint even after all that at xyz a pup. It was amzing how quickly they would say s**t why does she bother! LOL! Most people, and yep even people who should know better don't have the faintest idea of how much it all really costs. Once they have had it fairly innocently laid out before them they get quite a shock. :laugh: Just keep looking at those beautiful Kinta babies and remind yourself why you're doing it.
  5. Erny it could be connected to his white blood cell count being elevated, I know in people that happens. Mine always drops when my white cell count is up. Granted though dogs may be different, be interested to hear what the vet thinks.
  6. There are double merles who are perfectly normal, I've seen a couple of studies that say the rate of defective MM dogs runs at about 12.5%. I've seen a couple of double merles who are perfectly normal and we have had one who was blind in one eye but was not a double merle.
  7. This is the lady I use, http://tigrada.com.au/ . She's very good, does home visits and is excellent with the girls. My big girl is just completely besotted with her. She does trips out this side of town every 6 to 8 weeks and does home visits. Alternatively she does sessions at the Devon Meadows dog pool when she's down this way.
  8. Is he doing this when ever you stack him or when the judge goes to go over him? I am finding if I want to do multiple sports with mine I need to stick to one sort of lead for showing (and show training) and another for other things as they get older it doesn't matter so much as they pick up on other cues but as babies it helps. My little girl will self stack in her show lead now but will do auto sits in her usual training leash/check chain set. I think Smisch is proabbly right and that you probably have to stack him manually for awhile. If it's the judge going over him that's the problem get him out and about and start by crouching next to him and letting people you trust to handle him and when he will stand calmly and still start increasing the difficulty by standing next to him. This does work but it won't work in a week. Good luck though he's a lovely boy, I do like the blues they're so pretty! Edited to add~ How old is he? It could be that he's going through his second fear period and that is causing him to want to shrink back out of uncertainty.
  9. RS having seen a few heart stopping incidences in trials over the years I think something needs to be on the dog. It not just stays either I have seen dogs flying through multiple rings, causing chaos in their wake, dogs getting out of crates or off tethers and doing the same. There needs to be something to grab in those circumstances particularly at venues that are not fully fenced. You can't just grab them by the tail, assuming they have one. I have seen one steely nerved steward rugby tackle a dog in fairly desperate circumstances (the dog was doing heel free on an extremely wet day, the handler slipped and fell very heavily and almost squashed said dog who took off in a panic directly towards a very busy road). That's why the rule is there and for fairness it has to be the same for everyone. Most judges I have trialled under will not dock a handler for touching the collar unless they are obviously using it to correct the dog or drag it around. I have at least once needed to grab my own dog during ring work as a loose dog was charging through creating chaos, granted with mine it's not essential since there's plenty of hair to grab but still.
  10. It sounds like everyones dogs are coming along really well. RS you should be so chuffed with you and your girls you've come a massive way in a very short time really. I'm so pleased with my little girl today. She's going to be a show dog too so we've been focusing on that to start with but this morning I decided to see how my baby obedience dog was going from all our very short condensced training sessions, she's much further along than I realised. She gave me the most lovely focus and heel work admittedly in a fairly low destraction enviroment but I was so pleased. She tries so hard to please and I'm stunned at how much she's learnt from our little dribbles of obedience that has been done mixed in with lots of other things. She's 6 months old tomorrow.
  11. Chris I've read that a few times it's a good one. Childrens novel really but a nice read for adults too. I love Lassie come home (well I would!) and the books that Albert Payson Terhune wrote are wonderful too. The scholastic books did quite a few lovely short children's dog stories. Elyne Mitchell who wrote the Silver Brumby books also wrote one about a Dingo. These are quite good for a light read too. http://www.amazon.com/Bloodlines-Lovers-Mysteries-Susan-Conant/dp/0553298860/ref=sr_1_72?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318290412&sr=1-72 And this one is really good too if you can find it. http://www.amazon.com/DOG-VERSUS-CRIME-Story-Police/dp/B0000CKFMR/ref=sr_1_76?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318290892&sr=1-76 Nop's trials is another one that's good. It's about a border collie and 3 sheep herding trials in the UK.
  12. Thanks Steve. I have a phone number no problems there but the person in question comes to me so I know roughly where they live but don't have an address as such.
  13. Steve what happens if you don't have an address for the person you want to nominate just a phone number/email address?
  14. Cavy there's a really lovely lady in Ballarat that does Bowen. If you want her details send me a pm. Would certainly looking into bloods and xray but Bowen really helps with soreness. My girl has a back injury and the bowen really helps her.
  15. That's normal, some breeders will let puppy buyers choose the puppy's registered name too which slows the process up a bit as well. Also I think the litters are all processed together at the end of the month so if the breeder sends the paper work in on the first it may sit there for a few weeks before the VCA processes them, and prints the papers out. Then they have to go to the breeder who has to pass them on to you. Don't panic 5 weeks is nothing! I've had the VCA muck up one of my dogs papers so badly that they spent around 5 months of her first year in their office! Not all at once mind you but still.
  16. Oso Swift I get those sort of comments from people when I walk the big girl in her cool coat. I've had so many people march up to me bubbling with outrage at the cruelty of having a coat on a dog in the heat. Usually the hand under the coat stops that and Koo is a lot happier in hot weather with her coat.
  17. Minxy I have collies and the cool champions coats are a god send they love them. My blue girl throws herself at me when she sees hers in warm weather! The sheltie people I know say the same thing. They do work really well though if you're showing a coated breed you'll find they do flatten the coat a bit. I have a mat too which my princess will not use but I find laying it over the top of the crate works too, espcially if there's a fan on as well.
  18. Thanks guys, she's a bright spark and very cuddly. She's from a smooth breeding so she's a bit naked and more like a smooth in temperament too. She has a lot of dogs with obedience, tracking and herding titles behind her so I have hopes. The potential is there I just have a lot of work to do! :D Wuffles not many collies do obedience anymore, back in the 80's when I started there were still quite a few around and a lot of our older judges started out with collies. I'm talking roughs here as the smooths really only came out in the late 70's and are still quite rare. The numbers in general have taken a massive dive in the last 15 years or so. The royal (Melbourne especially) use to get a 100 plus entries in the early 90's just for roughs now we're lucky to see 20 to 30 of both coat types.
  19. She's 16 weeks now Tassie (I've been keeping her under my hat for awhile now but she's getting to big for that now) . Her name is Miko which is Japanese for priestess, her registered name is Hallelujah so that sort of fits. Thanks for the lovely comments. I still have the big girl but she's retired now.
  20. Well not to interrupt the discussion but I thought I would you all might like to see my new little obedience prospect. Well we hope so anyway! So far we are doing quite well but you all know how that is! She is a collie rough not that you'd know from the lack of hair.
  21. Talk about chalk and cheese. You'll be fine, they can be prima donna's but don't let it faze you. Lovely dogs they are but nothing like a staffie!
  22. Rastus Collie's are known to be noise sensitive. So most of us try to do a fair bit of desensitising when they are puppies. If there's any tension in the house they do pick up on it and they can be a bit sensitive anyway. I wouldn't worry about it, don't make a fuss, if you're calm and unruffled he should settle. Mind doesn't like me being away either she tolerates it but she's not impressed at all.
  23. Rubystar have you tried somewhere like Clark rubber? They sell non commercial lengths of that sort of thing.
  24. Ness if you can find someone who's good at bowen it's worth a try given what you've said. Mind you the physio sounds like it's doing the same thing. It needs to be regular and it won't cure the problem itself but it gives the body a chance to heal without constantly dealing with further issues. Koori had swelling and fluid around the tears for around 6-7 months too . It's been 9 months now and we are finally seeing significant improvement and it wasn't a slow thing either. The last three months she was holding her soundness slightly longer each time but only marginally then the last treatment we had about 10 days ago has capped it and suddenly she's almost normal, just a tiny bit off after excessively boisterous exercise. I guess what I'm saying is hang in there, it's very difficult. I had people pressuring me for months, but she's so much better now that the criticismim has stopped. The other thing we tried was red light acupuncture which helped with the fluid and swelling which seems to be why they get so sore. Hang in there it takes time and a lot of patience.
  25. Ness have you tried bowen? Koori did something similar and as she had other issues crate rest wasn't an option but now she's really coming along well. We had a whole series of stretches to do and that with the bowen has really helped. I couldn't train her at all as the heeling was making her very sore. Has she damaged the actual joint? Koori bruised and tore the muscles around the point of the shoulder. Poor girl. Crating a border for that long isn't really practical. I really hope things improve.
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