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  1. My bullies love their food so I feed twice a day to double their enjoyment.
  2. @mingaling Thank you. Never considered Boston Terriers and I will do the research... If they have the love-ability, the stubbornness and the awesomeness of a BB - this may be a go for me.
  3. I love bully breeds. I love their personalities and the challenge of obedience. My guys are getting very old so it's time to think about the next baby. I am happy with BBs but OH wants a small lap dog... a very small BB LOL would be ideal Frenchie (or 2) is a definite possibility but I have seen so many poorly bred FBs Any suggestions please
  4. As promised... Food quality = Awesome. Ethically sourced pork (important), free-range eggs, organic fruit & veg (apple, carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato), organic flax-seed, almond meal, turmeric, kelp. Enjoyment = 100%. HonBun, my resident fuss-pot, considered stealing Pipin's food. This has never happened before. Pipin is glutton extraordinaire so difficult to judge. He had a fantastic grin after dinner so I presume it was special. Well-being = not known Every dog is different so my experience is not important. My dogs may do well or do poorly. Your dog may be different. Price = OK for me I do not shy away from paying top $ for dog food so the price is not important to me. Your circumstances/preferences may be different. Customer Service = 5 stars (max allocated) Personalised, friendly, great. Got a letter + a large, free bag of pig-skin chews. My guys don't do skin chews but it's a good pressie for a friend whose dogs will love it. Overall verdict = If my doglets do well on their new food, Frontier Pets will be my supplier of choice. Happy mum
  5. I have ordered pork (hmmm our vet suggests that pork is not the best but my guys don't do beef very well) and treats. May thanks for the suggestion. Pity they don't stock green tripe. I will provide feedback when the babes had their fill of new food.
  6. We are on grain free holistic select salmon, anchovy + raw + once a week chicken necks for teeth clean + eggs. The two get green tripe and barf in various forms, mostly Canine Country stuff. My elderly sophisticated lady will not eat junk food ie cans. The grey bully gent is sooo into the unhealthy things - give me cans ie McDonals, give me cheesethings, give me bread.... anything in the 'rare' food category! They seem to be happy and do well as long as I don't overdo the naughty treats.
  7. Not a breeder, but here is another perspective for you to consider.... Cruciate ligament problems are commonly the result of accidents during exercise. As far as I know this is not breeding/hereditary issue. Had those in my dogs and got them fixed without any problems. Expensive? Very. You can take pet insurance to help out. Elbow displasia can be hereditary but it can also be caused by inappropriate exercise. Difficult to prove one way or another unless you have access to parental tests.
  8. Thank you @denali. Shopping done (My Pet warehouse) and the shipping is free. Awesome.
  9. @Papillon Kisses Yep. The Chatswood one is. I bought from them before and there were no pets. I think the ownership has changed and now they have cats and dogs and birds all locked up in cages in the shop. It certainly did not look like an adoption day :-(.
  10. Can anyone recommend a reliable supplier (online preferred) of the above product? Background: I've been buying HS from petdeli for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately they do not stock HS grain free and my team seems to do well on the new food (they get raw as well). I bought the last lot from PetBarn in Chatswood and discovered that their new line of business is selling pets. Not acceptable, so I won't shop there.
  11. DR LYN STEVENS CMD 22 Broughton Street Camden NSW 2570 Ph: (02 ) 46 55 1688 She is great (for people and dogs alike).
  12. Poultry is not the best here. I feed holistic select grain free salmon and anchovies. Great product for my dogs.
  13. Thank you Rural Pug and Scottsmum. The PJs are going to RescueResourceNSW. I've also found a decent stash of nearly new designer (**rolly eyes**) leads and collars that hopefully will find home with them. Clean-out continues (hehe) Many thanks again.
  14. Thank you for the information - very helpful. I have a few other items that may be of interest to them.
  15. Thanks for the edit hint. Yes huge difference - this is what happens when I copy the label information without engaging grey cells **blush**. I think they could be easily shortened. BTW, I have now found the third coat (same size). I must have bought them when I had 3 dogs.
  16. I don't know where the edit function is so I will cross post :-( I actually measured the PJs rather than quoting the label which says that the length is 40cm The length is 85 cm, chest is 55 cm.
  17. .... and they make great PJs. Here are some details. The black spot on the pocket is a photo bomb fly
  18. I have 2 new dog coats. Wanting to re-home them as they are too big for the bullies. Size L, length 85 cm, chest 54. The fabric is gorgeous - light terrycloth in light blue. Please let me know if you want them (at no cost :-))
  19. OK I'll post them on Monday. Please pm me your address.
  20. I have two large dog beds (100x75x12) from Pet One http://www.petone.com.au/2015-04-16-23-37-16/2014-11-27-23-27-08/dog-bedding/item/2037-47680. I am happy to send them to you at my cost. The packages have been opened and tested (i.e. sat on) by my elderly bullies. They didin't like the beds so I bough other beds for them (they are used to the memory foam type). Please let me know if you are interested.
  21. Tried it for a while then gave it up. My 3 dogs got tummy upsets, runny poos and all that smelly jazz that goes with the upset tummy. I gave it to my sis to try on her 2 dogs. The same outcome. I will not buy another bag of ToW But as with all food.... it depends on the dog
  22. I am so sorry T It is so very, very hard to let them fly away. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Safe journey. Sleep well beautiful girl
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