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  1. Ohhhh Cynthia. I am so very sorry to hear the news. Lots of love and hugs from all of us. Hugs and hugs. Thinking of you Anna
  2. I am sorry for your loss. It hurts and the hurt never really goes away but the joy of pawrenting one of those dogs is beyond description for me. I have no experience with Aussie Bulldogs. I proudly pawrented 3 of Australasian Bosdog beauties. They are all in dog-heaven now - one died at 8.5, one at 11, and the last at 6.5yo. The first 2 were skeletal issues, the third was heart condition. No cancer for us. This is a pure breed forum and Australasian Bosdogs are still pending ANKC registration. Please send me a message if you wish to discuss this further,
  3. Does anyone know the best contact for British Bulldog rescue ? It's not my dog and I have not seen him. Apparently, the is 1.5 yo, with papers, entire, lives outside, is crate trained, is located in NSW (Sydney / Central Coast area). Please let me know who I can contact to get this guy a decent home. Thank you.
  4. Ok this is about my 5th attempt to write something that makes sense :-( I have read all the responses and it tears my heart apart. Regardless of breed: It is NOT OK to breed dogs with slits for nostrils. It is NOT OK to breed dogs that have elongated palates that makes them puke after each meal. It is NOT OK to breed dogs with hereditary heart failure and other health issues. It is NOT OK to breed dogs that cannot work, walk, live because of the breeder's preferences. It is NOT OK! I am leaving DOL - the pure breed forum. No great loss I know - it's only been ten years of minor contributions. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped me become a better dog owner. Special thanks to those who have supported me when I lost my beloved Kajtek. If you need funds for rescue, please contact Troy who will release my email to you. I will be happy to help. Thank you and do good. Anna
  5. It's BB for me Every dog selector. Every time. Even if I change dog size requirements from med to large. Must be hardcoded in my IoT profile
  6. Oh gosh @Scrappi&Monty I looked. I cried. What have we done!!!! Working type Bassett Hounds are beautiful. Maybe someone here knows how to find working type BB breeders Is there somewhere online I should look? Is there a working BB club I should contact? Lost I am
  7. Two things to try. (I assume he has seen the vet, you are worming him regularly and there are no health concerns.) 1) Frontier pets food https://frontierpets.com.au/. Absolute magic for my dogs (poos are A+). It may also work for your dog 2) Charcoal tablets or treats.
  8. Ohhhhh What a glorious athletic BB. Thank you mita for sharing the picture
  9. I am not ready to give up on BBs just yet, If anyone here knows a breeder with "working type" rather than show BBs, please, please let me know. I will be looking for another child (yes, I know) in not too distant future. Thank you.
  10. I could not agree more Anne I proudly parent an old show BB. He was a champion when young and I think he is well bred for what he is. Love him to bits but the price he pays for his "good" looks....oh boy :-(
  11. Oh luvmybulldog hugs just huge hugs to you. I know how you feel.
  12. @Maddy Try these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Memory-Foam-Dog-Bed-Extra-Large-Orthopedic-Dog-Beds-Cushion-Bolster-Big-Paws-/331707908089?hash=item4d3b54fff9:g:nb8AAOSwKytZGzW8 Magnificent and so comfy.
  13. Sounds like my Pipin at first. He would do the right things but then 'shut down'. He frequently just went to bed to be alone - a coping mechanism I suppose. Give him time. You are doing the right things. Judging by my experience there is a wonderful, loving companion at the end of this journey.
  14. Yes.... but every item chewed is making wonderful memories. HonBun chewed my antique chest box as a puppy. She is almost 11 now and I look at the chest corner then I look at her and go awwwww... Beautiful memories of puppy-hood. Enjoy
  15. No he is not. He is making sure that he has access to all the goodies you offer. Think of it his way..."I like new digs. I like food. I like new human. Gotta sort out the competition so I can stay here forever" I think the trick is to convince him that he can have a good life WITH the competition. I adopted Mr Pipin ~2 years ago. He is an old ex breeding bully (my avatar). After a few days here he attacked my other bully HonBun when she was next to the fridge (ie food source). This was not a gentle "I am the boss" situation. Fortunately HonBun is smart and calm and no blood was drawn. This happened 3 times. Each time Pipin and I had "words" about his behaviour. He was told he was a very bad dog, shown total disapproval/ignored and put in a room to calm down. It took time and vigilance but two months after the last incident Pipin and HonBun became BFF :-) IMHO, maybe you need to let him know that it's not ok to lash out at cats when he has a treat. If he obliges, there are more wonderful treats rewarding his good behaviour. In my experience, consistent message and time is all it takes to have a nice, calm household.
  16. @Scrappi&Monty HonBun used to do it on turkey necks. Chicken necks are ok and it seems that duck necks are fine too. My other dog (avatar) cannot have bones. He is a total glutton and the risk of choking is too high.
  17. Thank you for your feedback. HonBun had some this morning and seemed to enjoy them. That's a really good thing as she is the resident fuss pot. It usually takes me a long time to convince her to accept new food.
  18. @Diva Thank you for your feedback. I've never used duck before - no experience feeding duck to dogs
  19. HonBun (my bully) usually gets chicken necks as part of her dental hygiene treatment. I got some frozen duck necks today and I presume it's ok to use duck necks. Please let me know if there is an issue.
  20. Very interesting topic. Thank you @jemappelle. Yes, I believe it can be done. Pipin, my retired stud muffin, is an entire 8+ BB who never lived indoors. It took me about a month to convince him that his marking place and toilet was outside. He is almost perfect with these exceptions: a) Mum's bed just had to be peed on once to claim it and to tell HonBun 'the truth' about ownership (He and I had a few words about this enterprising approach to my bed) b) We are out and he needs to go. He does not seem to have the concept of holding. That's ok... we now have pee pads in the laundry and he uses them when the doors are locked. IMHO, patience, training, praises/treats are the key.
  21. What @Boronia said. Our wonder vet claims that beef and poultry are known allergens to dogs. Perhaps try fish - he calls the fish "noble protein".
  22. Gutsy westie....mmmhmmm... maybe that's the way to go. I love a dog with its own personality, point of view on life, guts, etc. BTW, today, I have discovered what I think is a melanoma growth on my baby HonBun (11 YO bulldog). We've been to see Angus and the biopsy has been taken, Hoping for a good outcome next week.
  23. Update on food... The doglets are doing brilliantly on their new food. They are feeling great and the poos are A+. Totally recommend it.
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