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  1. You're rockin' it huga! I felt the same way when I got my 5D. Can't wait to see what you can produce with it!
  2. This :D Whatever is in him, he's cute!
  3. Danika, Dobermann, lost at 5 years old after she had a stroke. She was given her wings.
  4. Zero and I will be there doing a flyball talk and demo :D Very excited!
  5. Maybe instead of going straight to photoshop, go for photoshop lightroom instead :) I do most of my editing in lightroom and then any little touchups etc I want to do, I export from lightroom into photoshop.
  6. Zero has spondylosis - he goes out to see the muscle manipulator to make sure he has no knots in his muscles around the area (his main source of pain), has cartrophen as needed and if he pulls up sore, he has a flucort domoso roll on. He is pretty normal - he's actually gotten better since starting flyball (i think because it stretches the muscles around the area out). He's kept lean though and i often get comments about him being thin (he's not - just at a normal performance dog weight). All in all, he's pretty good. If he starts to get worse, i'll pull him from sports all together and do what i can to manage the pain.
  7. Is it easy to get hold of black hawk in sydney? I don't think I know anyone who sells it. I asked a couple of the smaller stores around here that sell some brands I don't see very often but none of them had heard of it.
  8. Zero Amadeus Apollo (dog) - is Zero the ghost dog from the nightmare before christmas, amadeus as in Amadeus Mozart and apollo after the greek god. Mystery Mow Mow (cat) - Emily the strange's cat is Mystery. Mow Mow is the sound he makes when he wants something lol. Lucius Salazar (bird) - Lucius after Lucius Malfoy and Salazar after Salazar Slytherin from Harry Potter. Makes sense if you know him. He's a little bit evil :D Rembrandt LeBeau (bird) - Gambit from X-men's real name is Rembrandt Lebeau. His colour is a mutation of the normal cockatiel colouring, and we think he's handsome so LeBeau fits (it means "the handsome" in french) In the past I've also had: Danika (dog) - named after her grandmother who was a dog from Danika kennels Shadow Fluffy (bird) - named after the dog in far from home that I watched the night before i got her and fluffy because she was always fluffed up and very cute. Chino (bird) - named after the colour we thought she was (turns out she was actually a silver fallow, not a lutino!) and a cappuchino
  9. It is :D The dogs absolutely love it! We had lots of people come up and say hi on saturday, unfortunately Zero didn't go today because he's not well but he had a blast yesterday!
  10. Zero's was $1400 with everything but he got tests done at the same time. I think the cost of the MRI + anaesthetic was about $1100.
  11. I have Zero, Lucius, Rembrandt and Mystery. 2 of those are human names... the other two could be human names too in hollywood.
  12. Zero and I will be there both days - he's doing flyball demos. Come and say hi if you see us! He's the only sibe doing flyball so you can't miss us. Failing that, I'll be getting my "sibes who aren't mine" fix at the sibe club stand.
  13. Sibes aren't the easiest dogs to live with. I love mine to death but they're a breed I very very rarely recommend to anyone. Zero is gorgeous but he certainly knows how to flip me the bird when he wants to!
  14. No, they really are. Here are a few more of Hamish: He certainly thinks so!
  15. Just gorgeous :D Rescue dogs are the best!
  16. Yet another vote for Steve here. He saved my life (and Zero's!).
  17. Is that an entire room covered with sticky dots?
  18. Zero is outside during the day with access to the garage in case it's hot. In my house the garage is the coolest place to be if it's hot - it's well insulated.
  19. Zero - Z, Z-man, Woofy, Woofy, Pup, Horrible Dog, Monster Mystery - Mow Mow, Mow, Mowie, Kitty Little, Baby, Mowsie Lucius - Loosh, Looshy Rembrandt - Rem, Remy
  20. Yep :) Zero is a flyball dog. He's well on his way to his FDX title too (flyball dog excellent). Thanks all. He's my special boy and will be getting spoiled tonight. Cake for me and our flyball team, sardines for him :D
  21. So cute Kirislin! Z loves when the kids come over. I have nieces and nephews and he's always been fascinated. He's really gentle and so sweet. Cribs and prams have a no-go-zone around them but he loves to look from a distance and sniff. When they're old enough he loves playing with them but always under supervision.
  22. Just wanted to say a very big happy 5th gotcha day to my gorgeous heart dog, Zero. We've done a lot in the 5 years since I picked him up from Renbury pound. We went through hell and back with his fear and dog aggression issues, dealt with his health problems and met some amazing people along the way, including some of my very best friends. Though the first couple of years weren't particularly fun, the last 3 have had many more good days than bad - he's the reason I won the master responsible pet owner award last year, he's a delta qualified therapy dog and just last weekend, got the last points he needed for his FD title and is now well on the way to his FDX. So my gorgeous boy, even though you're an absolute pain in the patootie sometimes, you've helped me through some of the worst times in my life - you make me laugh every day and inspire me to be better. I love you and I can't imagine what life would have been like without you. This video gets trotted out quite a lot and explains us better than anything I could ever say - thank you Terranik for making it for us :D The man himself: And my favourite shot of us together. Of course, he will be getting a rock star treatment today. He's very happily munching on a bone right now :D Breakfast is a novelty to him!
  23. Here's one I took on the weekend of katiep's Tempe: And one of CW EW's Charlie: Rysup's Hamish: Yuki And last but not least, the cutest of all, Mr Zero:
  24. Zero was diagnosed with spondylosis about 9 months ago. He is still doing everything he used to but I am very careful to watch his weight and make sure he gets enough exercise to keep the muscles around the area loose. He does flyball without a problem, though he isn't fast and swims and walks quite a lot. The poor boy is only really in pain when the muscles around the area tighten up (he gets knots around the area) so we go to see the muscle manipulator every few months. He's doing great and the only meds he's on for it is cartrophen once every 6 months and an anti-inflammatory roll on if he's showing signs of pain which i've only used twice.
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