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  1. Force quit it and restart. Sounds like it's brought up another board in front of the one you're trying to click on but it's put it behind the others. Does it to me on occasion too on both my Mac and PC :) Lightroom is awesome - you'll love it!
  2. Really easy at my house. It's Zero, helped out by the cat. Veikko is too young for shenanigans at the moment!
  3. Suits that outshine the dog - Nothing worse than when a suit detracts from the dog!
  4. I'm a tall, loud, creative 25y/o who loves punk rock. What part of that says siberian husky and finnish lapphund? Most people assume I own a bull breed. :laugh:
  5. Am I sometimes snobbish? The Z-man is a rescue (yes he's purebred but I didn't know that when I got him and I don't often tell people that) and Veikko is from an awesome breeder. I plan on having both again in the future. There are a lot of sibes in rescue so for me, that's a bit of a no-brainer. I'm friends with plenty of sibe owners who have never rescued. I don't think that makes them any better or worse than me - they don't rescue for different reasons and that's fair enough. I know terranik had 2 purebred dogs before she rescued. I'm sure she'll have more of both in the future too. A rescue was what suited her at the time.
  6. I'm excited that you're making the trek over for the champ show :D One day I'll take Veikko to Perth for the royal - it would seem a shame not to since we have so much family over there (I grew up in Perth and dad still lives there) and so many accomodation options :D Yay!!!
  7. I'm still waiting for mine to come though Squinter and my baby is 12 weeks old today. She is registered and I have entered her in several shows under her breeder's number. When the registration is changed over, I'll enter her in shows after that under the new number :)
  8. Pffft - Zero is what all the cool dogs are called :D
  9. I understand if you hadn't asked and were patting a dog while someone was trying to groom it for the ring - a few years ago at sydney royal, snofyre was trying to get magnus ready and I ended up having to stand between the fence and magnus on the grooming table because people kept patting him without asking. It was very annoying. But you asked, the owner said it was okay, what business is it of another person if you pat a dog that isn't theirs? If she didn't want you to pat the dog, she would have said no.
  10. My problem with this is this question: Would you breed from a dog with a major structural fault? or a dog that had tested positive (carrier, or affected) to a genetic fault in a DNA test? I answered Yes, if I could breed the dog to a 'Clear' dog and remove the fault from the lines. I would not breed with a dog with a major structural fault - however, my puppy is the result of a prcd-pra carrier to clear mating. I have absolutely no problems with this. I was aware of this when I approached the breeder. My puppy is clear, though had she been a carrier, I would have taken her anyway. Many of the clear dogs in the gene pool in australia are the result of carrier to clear matings, or have a carrier to clear mating somewhere in their lines. Again, I have no problems with this. I disagree with those who believe that only clear to clear matings should take place because I am yet to hear a logical, well structured argument against carrier/clear matings.
  11. My new rising star - hitting the ring next month :) Armahani Diamond Dansut "Veikko" (pronounced Vay-Co) I've been waiting more than 2 years for her litter to be born and though showing isn't our first interest, hopefully she'll do well :)
  12. Well I was going to do this with Z this year but life well and truely got in the way so now that Veikko has arrived, I'll finish out the year with her :D Veikko at 7.5 weeks (I think it's week 14?) At 8.5 weeks (week 15?) - a very tired little girl in a stack And at 9.5 weeks (week 16?)
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a gorgeous man. xx
  14. Oh I didn't hear that you'd lost Danny! My condolences My cat and sibe get along no problems but it took 5 years before i tested the theory!
  15. For the sibe - sled dog from siberia. Have you seen eight below/snow dogs? That's what they do. For the lapphund - think like a finnish version of a border collie, but with reindeer instead of sheep.
  16. Zero prefers to sleep after his bath. He gets worn out from the torture. Veikko has only had the one bath but she rumbled with her brothers after it. They weren't allowed to zoomie after it - they had to be pretty for photos :D
  17. I have 2 (a sibe and a lappie) and my house mate has 2 (a lab and a GSD). Zero (the sibe) and Riddick (the lab) run together pretty much all the time, Roscoe runs with them occasionally too now he's getting older. Veikko (the lappie) sees the other dogs but doesn't run with them. She's only 8.5 weeks old though so it'll be a long time before she's allowed out with the others.
  18. Tip number 1 - forget the breed of dog you have and don't make your excuse be his breed :) I have a siberian husky, widely considered to be one of the most difficult breeds to train. He's very easy to train because I never think he can't do something. If you have an obedience club near you, join it :) It's usually the cheapest form of obedience training. Where in QLD are you?
  19. Thanks Leslie! I just know how bad I am - knowing me, i won't even realise I'm about to run out until I fill her bowl up with the last of it!
  20. Does anyone know if Hawkesbury Wholesale Pet Foods is open on Sundays and if they are, what time? I have enough BH to last me through this week but I'll need some more next week and since we're at the royal on saturday, I'm trying to find somewhere I can get it from quickly. I've emailed a distributor in Sydney too but I kind of want a backup plan, especially if I'm running low at any point.
  21. I have Zero Amadeus Apollo. I get a lot of people asking me if I'll be naming my next dog One. My dad and grand-dad had some hilarious names for their working dogs. I'll have to crack out a list but I know they had Pickles, Birdie, Feather, Sheep-sheep and Model T. :laugh:
  22. Be glad you don't have sibes. Came out into the backyard one morning to find Mr Zero with 2 half eaten POSSUMS! All that was left were the heads, back legs and tails. Not the first time he's done it either. He will climb a tree to get a possum.
  23. Yes, please keep us updated! Wish I could be there - last year was fun! Huski for Master Responsible Pet Owner of the Year!!! (though thank you to whoever it was who nominated me!)
  24. Dogs on Show (the dogsnsw open day) is coming up on the 16th june. Deets are here: http://dogsnsw.org.au/activities-a-events/events/237-dogs-on-show.html
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