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  1. There had been crocodile sighting in the area in the days leading up and signs posted. The owner should have been more sensible about letting her dog run off leash in the water.
  2. In most cases you can move away from an animal if you are allergic. In a plane you are stuck next to one.
  3. I read it was only for selected routes and selected flights, must be small enough to fit carrier under seat, no pets on laps. That could work, if you are allergic, avoid the pet flights :D
  4. Why are they called rough coated and not long haired? just curious?
  5. I'm wary of anyone crossing anything with poodles. Poodles are not some kind of super breed that magically cancels out any other breeds health issues. People breed poodles for the "oodle" name because it's "funny" Actually I'm wary of any cross breed that uses a cute combined breed name...
  6. Don't some zoos bring up cheetah cubs with pups and they go on to do ok? But it's not all bad. Look at Kakapos? Sirocco was hand reared, totally useless for breeding as he didn't see himself as a parrot. But by becoming an ambassador for the species he has raised awareness and funds to help his species. Something a more shy and wild Kakapo would never be able to do? Who is to know one of these pups will be just as important on day?
  7. Another whippet, of a different sex can work :D If they love the breed.
  8. They had him for 8 years? Was there a history or aggression or was there a health issue they hadn't realised?
  9. I read the article. It pushed him away! No biting. Maybe it's claws needed clipping but all the talk about "It's just mauled him" just no.
  10. Not a vet, go see one.. but, how is her eye sight? One sign of my old boy's blindness was starting to freak out at noise.
  11. I'm sort of straddling this now. After nearly 20 years of having British Shorthairs (who are beautiful and perfect) , I now have a Lykoi as well. (called the werewolf cat) Since I got Landis I keep getting comments from people saying "ew!" "gross!" "what's wrong with it?" "I hope it has a nice personality" Landis is a bit different from what you expect in a cat. One characteristic of his breed is less hair around his tummy, paws, ears and "mask" (eyes and muzzle/do cat's have a muzzle?) His breed has a mutation that means he doesn't have an undercoat. So he is patchy. But he is healthy and happy and his genetic background does not result in eye or teeth problems. Landis's breeder also breeds sphynx I always thought sphynx hilarious and ugly. Since getting Landis I joined a "nakey cat" group that has hairless cats and Lykois. I've come round. They are just cats with their own thing :D The baby photo of Landis from his breeder.. and Landis today (with his big brother Linnell the Brit)
  12. "Bulldogs hate cats. That’s deeply ingrained in them" Naturally, that's why we call them Bulldogs, not Catdogs.
  13. Why would they not have pet insurance if they own a Frenchie? (A breed known for health issues)
  14. "Personally I rather like the line ‘breeders don’t fill shelters, buyers do’ I like that. Then add the byb element which is the majority of shelter dogs aren't from legit registered breeders and more from my mate with a "purebread X" that wants to breed with another "purebred X" (or cross with fancy oodly name) " or The kids need to see the wonder of life/my dog is so amazing he/she should breed, or just people dont desex their pets are let them roam. You "adopted" a dog/cat from a shelter? Oh you paid $200 to adopt? you did not adopt, you bought. Cue angry anti breeder rant. Rinse and repeat.
  15. I've been ready to get another dog for a few years now, but considering the last 4 houses I rented have been sold, I refuse to get another dog. I cant, knowing I may have to rehome it in a lot of cases..
  16. " I see many ads on community notice boards, and sales sites i shouldn’t name on here, of haphazardly bred, unvaccinated, not microchipped puppies that no authority ever follows up - despite the many requirements on breeding and advertising." A guy I work with just sold a litter of Jack Russell Terriers. Back yard bred. Before the birth he was worried about the Mum because she was very small. No screening, had no idea how many pups she was having, ect. Just "Oh I hope she is ok" Mum had a C section and had 5 pups. He just sold the last of these pups. They were 9 weeks old. Apparently one pup was a girl and very small.... People get their knickers in a knot about Puppy Farms. This is what is happening in backyards every day.
  17. Hey, my last British shorhair looked the same when she was only 6 months old!
  18. I know it's from America, but the poor old girl is 13 years old! The photo of her curled up in a little ball is heartbreaking https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-17/missing-dog-found-in-cave-after-two-months/101340496
  19. Because I have to, as a long term shiba owner. You can get a pure bred Shiba Inu for that or less the price of a mutt. Yes, a "pomshi" is a mutt/crossbreed in every way, the fancy name does not change that. It's a stupid cross too, sure, both are spitz breeds, but the coat will be all over the place in length and shedding but the barking. The yapping! Why would anyone cross a breed known for barking with a breed known for screaming, yodeling hell? I shudder to think what screaming yapping mess might come out of this mix. Shibas come in long hair, it's a fault, but it will give someone the extra plushy look that SOME "pomshi" might have and at least they will know what thay have bought. Just saying.... Yes, I know the dog in the original post is apparently a German Spitz. This is just a cautionary tale for anyone else who is stupid enough to believe there is such thing as a "pomshi"
  20. Remember, prices go up because life costs rise as well. A dog that cost $1000 ten years ago may cost $3000 now, food, electricity and rent has gone up as well.
  21. Coneye, I got this constantly, all the time. However my boy had several faults and was genuinely sold on Limited Register because of that. (Too tall, girly face in a breed with distinctive sexual characteristics, ect ) I once even had a judge at a local dog show tell me I should show him (I was walking past the showgrounds,) but quite simple, Loki was not up to scratch. I knew the breed, I knew my dog. Thing is, the adverage person doesn't always recognise an actual GOOD example of a breed.
  22. Everything is more expensive now days, and some things have taken a big leap in the last few years (even before covid) In 2002 I paid $800 for a dog on limited register, eg, pet. (and it was a pretty uncommon breed in Australia at the time.) Two years later I bought another of the same breed on mains papers (eg, show potential) for $1000. Now days to get a pet (limited ) of the same breed it will cost me well over $ 2000. Is it greedy breeders? No. (well not always, ) Back in 2002 when I bought my first boy for $800, I was paying $145 a week in rent. Now here in 2021 I still live in the same suburb, renting the same sort of house (rooms, condition, location, ect) and rent in my area for the same sort of houses is now about $400- $500 a week and climbing every year. To be honest, I'm more worried about affording the rent increases than I am of the puppy prices. Edit.. who knows, maybe some of these breeders need to pay an ever increasing rent too? Dunno about some people, but my wage hasn't increased at the same rate as my rent.. ...
  23. You could always scatter their ashes at a favourite park or place? If having an urn sitting there is too distressing.
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