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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2229642/Third-dog-owners-bitten-attacked-pet.html Interesting reading about the state of play in the UK with under-socialised, under-trained dogs.
  2. I'll have to get it and read it quickly! She's doing well, but boy does she resist! Stubborn doesn't quite cut it. My husband is stubborn, melody is on a whole other level lol! Lucky she is cute and we love her to bits. Then please get Jean Donaldson's book The Culture Clash straight away :D :D
  3. Me too! I'll let you know what happens next week when I collect what she's ordered..... :)
  4. I have heard of them before and saw their site but I didn't realise they were in Sydney. I don't know if they are but they have stockists around. I am getting mine from bargo. Hopefully they'll have some closer to you. Hi Clyde - you're talking about Critter Bits in Bargo??? I got excited that they had the Big Dog food and went over there yesterday, but sadly they only keep the greyhound supplements, no (Big Dog) frozen food at all. I chatted to the nice lady there and she is going to order a box (she said - don't know how many is in a box) of the 2kg rolls of beef mix, plus some of the Muesli, for me to try. I only wanted one roll to try, so I presume the rest will go into her freezer...She said they'd consider stocking small amounts of Big Dog frozen if they had the demand..... Don't know if this helps :)
  5. Absolutely. And here was little old me thinking that Luke GSP was talking real common sense Keep it up, man :)
  6. Is it the ingredients or the way it is presented? Would he eat minced up meat (i.e. no effort to eat)? Cooper is our first dog and thanks to DOL I was able to learn about raw feeding. Whoever it was above that said that commercial foods are marketed to make you feel that you "have to have them or your dog will miss out" is totally right. When we swapped from a puppy kibble to adult kibble we tried a few different varieties and none seemed to appeal to him (sniff and walk away) or on the last food he got a very upset tummy and I couldn't think what else it could have been. It was at that point I decided to try chicken wings and he went nuts for them - which was a far cry from his fussy ways on dry foods. I wasn't confident that I would get the right balance to his food so I then started buying the BARF patties and he currently gets 2 chicken necks or a wing for brekky and half a BARF patty for dinner. He will occasionally get table scraps but not very often. I'm happy that it works out cost wise cheaper (or at worst when chicken isn't on special, roughly the same price) as feeding premium kibble. I also like the fact it is closer to a natural diet (less processed) and the main part is he is so happy at meal times. :) If/when I get adventurous enough may try making up my own BARF mix and freezing them. How does your guy go chewing chicken wings and necks? I can't risk them with mine - have never risked a wing, but two chews and a neck is gone (swallowed) which scares me to death and defeats the teeth cleaning purpose. I've tried lots of things, but lamb flap has been the best so far I think (I trim off excess fat). I am wondering what else I can try - roo and beef are a bit too rich for them. Do others have suggestions? THey are only small dogs - 7kg. Some bones are too big for them. Lamb necks??? Woolies near me have them neatly cut in half down the middle which suit my 6-9kg Border Terriers perfectly. They can eat the whole thing bone and all and it gives them great chewing practice too!
  7. Just been on channel ten news here in Sydney - good coverage, I sincerely hope it works...
  8. Hi, Have a look at Savic Crates and also C Crates I'd check out the Savic crates, too - they're the strongest ones I've come across...
  9. I laugh at her a million times a day, but what gets to me most is when my Border Terrier pup tries desperately to catch my eye if she's lying on the bed or the sofa next to me and wants a very up-close cuddle - I can't resist for long, then it's no holds barred with the lickey face! She's got eye-catching down to a fine art!
  10. I've always thought the same thing when I see that quote - author was Edith Wharton. Below is my girl, The Divine Miss Em (Emily to her friends) a Cattledog/Kelpie cross who simply got too tired to go on about 2 months ago - at the age of 16 1/2 years old. Photo taken with my pup just a few days before the old girl went to doggy heaven....
  11. There isn't one :eek: Have you been to the Dog Food Reviews & Ratings website - http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ ? Lots of information there which may help you in your quest.....
  12. Look for the SAVIC brand of crate - they are steel and sturdy, though in the circumstance I would think you will have to add some extra clips to make sure he doesn't get out. Good luck with him, I'm sure once you get this sorted he will be a great member of the family :)
  13. I still have the tab saved for reference. Let's see :) Border terriers Italian greyhounds Portuguese water dogs Standard schnauzers I think the schnauzer is probably the more suitable of the four :) Was wondering if a Border Terrier would pop up in this discussion I think they'd be pretty good in the circumstances....bred to run for miles, sturdy and tough, handy size (5 - 7.5kg), great companions...coat needs some attention a couple of times a year (unless you're showing, when it's more) - great sense of humour, too!
  14. Good work with the Whippets! Love the chook names, too - we had a Blackie once, along with a DB - short for Dirty Bottom :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  15. I really cant think of a Lenards there There is a butcher but it's not a Lenards. It used to be there Clyde, but shut about 4-5 years ago. Was just opposite Coles, next door to the butcher ...
  16. Would you be able to tell me how many Border Terriers, please?
  17. Thanks for your interest, minimax! The Teletubbies (as they have been re-christened :laugh: ) are all fine today....I even took the pup to her scheduled show down at Berry after I checked her waistline this morning (and she won an 8-point BOB for her first championship points - YAY ). I did have to pick up some monumental poos just now, though! Despite the fact that they all would have had very full tummies yesterday afternoon, I still had three BTs standing round in the kitchen at 5 o'clock wondering where their dinner was...opportunistic, aren't they? And we all had a rather restless night 'cos every time I heard a sound from one of them I rushed them all out to the back yard in case they needed to get rid of some of the 'extra burden'. So all is well, and I shall remember to close the spare room door from now on..... :) :)
  18. OK - still watching and waiting And I hadn't planned on feeding them tonight...or tomorrow... :D Thanks for the advice so far, everyone!
  19. Just got home from a brief shopping trip to find that my 3 Border Terriers have seized the moment and dived into a new, unopened and still packed in its cardboard box, bag of Earthborn Holistic grain-free kibble which arrived yesterday and which I had put in the spare room until I could deal with it.....door to spare room is usually closed, but obviously I had left it open when I went out earlier Don't know exactly how much they ate... Anyway, all dogs, including 6-month old puppy who was due to be shown tomorrow, all look like about-to-burst balloons and didn't even come near me when I was cleaning up all the kibble off the floor...they're all rather quiet at the moment and spread out on the back porch keeping a low profile I think I've taken away the water bowl - is that the right thing to do? And will watch them like a hawk for the next few hours; but is there anything else I can do to make their next few hours a little more comfortable... the word bloat keeps springing to mind and I'm a bit worried. I've left a message for my vet to call me when she can, but any advice from all you knowledgeable people out there would be appreciated. I'm now off to hit myself over the head with a rolled-up newspaper...remember to close the door to the spare room, silly woman :eek:
  20. And we had a pair called Lamb Chop and Mint Sauce...
  21. That's funny...I just ordered a show photo and there in the background is a man picking his nose....... :laugh:
  22. What a cutie! I've seen a lady near where I live who walks her whippet with its collar round its loins.....works for her
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