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  1. It is common knowledge, page 2 (In the schedule part of the magazine) of the January Gazette!! I'm surprised that some don't read the gazette, as talking to a few at the last weekend show, some didn't even know the venue has changed nor even read about it in last months gazette....
  2. I know both bob and RUBOB were James Camac's for Silky Min Pins DCC and BOB Prior's Aust Ch Batpin Antz Pants BCC and RUBOB Prior's Aust Ch Supacharm The Exorcist Reserve Dog was Little's Aust Ch Khanrae Man After Midnight Reserve Bitch was White's Aust Ch Supacharm Over The Reinbow handled by me Baby in Breed was Lisa Prior's Puppy in Breed was Jamie Pendle's Breeder Team and Breeder Team for Gloria Geringer's group was Supacharm Min Pins Both names for Baby and Puppy are not off my head. Min Pins was done around 3:30, and had to go straight through, so concluded at 4, so probably explains why the results are not up yet
  3. I agree with Dellcara on those points above! I must add too, I believe the club need to make it clear in the schedule that if the catalogue is going to cover two shows, to make this clear to save the headache for the exhibitors and the person handing it out of having to organise refund for the second catalogue that was ordered without realising it was for 2 shows. That's the only thing I wanted to also add!
  4. Please tell the committee I really enjoy the show as it was my first time there and will be back again!! I'm happy for 4 shows over 3 days! Also love the 11am start on Friday as it gives many of us who has to travel the distance a chance to get there!!
  5. Are they doing 4 shows over 3 days or 4 days do you know please?
  6. There has been really no rain at Maffra. Just a small spray full once or twice, but the day was just overcast! The ground is dry and the sun is out this morning!
  7. Intermediate was Affen and Aust Bred was the Cav
  8. Food reward! So easy to get them to do anything when you have food on you and rewarding for good behaviour! I had someone tell me last week I give out too much food. But dogs respond to good behaviour and reward. I show Min Pins, Cresteds and Lowchens, but also have handled Chihuahuas and Poms recently and after discovering food, how willing some dogs to do anything! When you practice the freestack with your dog, when you see your dog do what you want it to do (ie stand with 4 feets in position), reward it straight away with a praise! Keep consistent, then you'll get a freestack easily!! Early stage training will get you best results in long term!
  9. Just recently traded my Holden Cruze for a Holden Sportswagon! Such a dream and cheap for me to run, and heaps of space for a small wagon! Just all I need, especially when we do our country shows! When you put the seat down in the back, you get an extra 30cm of space along the back, which is great and can easily fit 3 crates in the back on the back seat! Edited: Just realised you have Toy Breeds, we have toy breeds as well.
  10. From what I've read, that was Reg, Mandy and another person picking up Mr Tea after they found him, they have him in their possession. So all ok, just the 4 to be found.
  11. Mr Tea was found yesterday and Waggit was found recently! They're still looking for Munro, Caddy, Cyan and Whoopi. Munro is the older male and the other 3 are 5 1/2 month old pups (Caddy is a male and Cyan and Whoopi are bitches)
  12. Always ask the steward if you are not sure! If I did not see or unsure of what the judges decision was, I usually ask the steward after the placement who got say the class or challenge. One one show last year, I thought the judge based on her signal refused the challenge. After I left the ring and went back with the next breed, I questioned whether the dog I exhibited was refused the challenge, only to find it was a signal that she had no problem with awarding the challenge! I was relieved to hear it was the opposite, and that day, this dog was awarded the Class in Group! :laugh: I agree with showdogs, Victorian has great steward and Group One is usually rotated by a couple, so it's usually a familiar person stewarding which helps a lot!
  13. It was funny, I got there at about 7:45, almost 8. The parking attendant all packed up and finished when we arrived, I just parked at the tennis court cark park! No one came near my car for passes, so I just drove past and got a parking there! .
  14. Is there any breed numbers for the Sapphire Coast shows please? (Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun)
  15. Baby was the griffon I think inter or junior was the pap Puppy was the cav Junior was Min Pin (Lisa Prior's) Intermediate was the Pap (Robyn Ackland) Aust Bred was the Pug (Sue Langford) Open was the BIG
  16. Over the 3 years of showing, dogs I have shown have been refused challenges! One that had me very baffled was under a Russian judge, she told me in a terse attitude, "Full detention", the dog I shown had missing teeth, however on research after the show, I realised she was judging based on FCI standard as their standard for this breed asked for Full Detention just like Dobermanns. However our standard ask for correct scissor bite, meaning top overlapping the bottom teeth. This same dog has shown under many FCI judges and this dog was awarded as per usual. Another dog I shown was refused reasoning was it was not typical of it's breed! This dog regardless went on to win many Best of Breed and Classes in Group after that show. Another show I've been refused, the judge gave no reason. I never bothered to ask after the show as I felt that she did not like any of the dogs I exhibited under her! But yes they don't need to give a reason, but sometimes the reason they give may not neccessarily be something you agree, but you have to take it because even if you discuss it, they cannot withdraw the refusal once they told the steward they are refusing! :-/
  17. I always understand things like "Group 1st"! But sometimes when I see results from say the US, they say such and such points Major, Best of Winners. I get so confused! Can someone please point to maybe a simple guide on how the US and Canadian System work in terms of showing? I tend to follow the US results mainly for Min Pins and Lowchens, but don't see it often for Cresteds.
  18. This, agreed! I think a good amount still turned up for Group 1! Bit of scratching here and there, but not as many as I'd would've expected! But have to say many of the Group 1 dogs, despite the heat climbing, looked so good and handled the heat very well! Was particularly impressed! The ring steward and judge for today was on the ball, and ensured all dogs were in shade and kept cool while waiting their turn! Had no problems today with both my dogs and would do it again, but in saying that, it was outdoors, and the gazebo provided great shade for the dogs and they were cool the whole morning! However.... if the show was indoors..... it would be a whole different story! I'd hope the next 2 shows at KCC with Toy Group indoors, it doesn't get hot!
  19. I agree, loved the oval too, was amazed how easy it was to push a heavy trolley across the ground! It reminded me a lot like the old ground, still need to put things over the fence and transport across, but for me, it's not a big deal, gives a great workout without the need of gym membership! lol
  20. I think the last two years for Belgrave was indoors, wasn't it two years ago where they said it was outdoors, and then it was pouring wet that they shifted it indoors at the last minute with gazebo being drench all day? I'm pretty sure it was the Belgrave show? Would love to be outdoors!
  21. I haven't got any notes with mine, so I'm assuming Group 1 is still in the back area! There was still plenty of room for Group 1 last year when it came to space, but I think the entries are less this year, not as many as I was expecting to be entered! But looking forward to it!
  22. When I did it last year, one group was told to bring their gazebo as they were not in the stables area. Last year if I was right was Group 5. Dunno about this year, I have my numbers back for Saturday so I can check tonight :)
  23. Thank you Swayd, you will make a young lady ( not me!!lolol) very happy if Xolos can get there! Hopefully the Xolo's can make it, don't forget to get in contact with Jo and work on some info to help promote the breed. I called her the other day and mentioned that we would like to come, she was going to email me some recc stay areas that took the dogs. Hoping to get some info next week, luckily I only have to go the Friday and Sat, as we are on close to the group. never got an email back so never entered, poor form for Adelaide, thats Victoria and Adelaide that have really bad comms and I hate bad communication, looks like back to NSW and QLD!! Good luck to all entered That's sad regarding Melbourne Royal! Esther who used to do it apparently for a long time was absolutely fantastic! I had so much issue with last year Royal regarding to postal and never got anything until the last minute (and even the original mail came a few days after the Royal ended), but she was polite, helpful and just fantastic to deal with, even when I saw her on the Saturday, she had a smile on her face and that to me is excellent service! Shame she is no longer the Melbourne Royal secretary! I think if she had still been doing the job, you would've had efficient communication from her!
  24. I show Min Pins which used to be a docked breed before the law passed, and I own a long tail Min Pin and have shown others too with long tails and they have beaten dogs with docked tails. Recently was under Japanese judges which is traditionally a crop (Ears) and dock (tail) country which saw two long tail Min Pins won both Challenges and BOB over docked Min Pins entered. But I find most judges nowadays will judge tail docked or not as equal, and it just comes down to their opinion of the dog. I have not had experienced any judges that would only put up docked tails dogs thankfully!
  25. I remember talking to someone up north and they said there is usually no shows over summer and they start again around February or March
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