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  1. the only place i recommend is Bark royal boutique pet resort. they are amazing! def look them up
  2. Bark royal boutique pet resort. Best kennel ive ever used
  3. Have to say I just knew with razzle. When I first saw him I had to have him. He can be a pain in the butt, as a pup and even now he is destructive. Yet he is a joy to train, he can also just read me and is there if I need someone to cuddle, my clown if I'm sad. He's my buddy and I love him to bits
  4. my dogs notice my stress and that makes them stress. or it could be as simple as a plane going by overhead making her uncomfortable. listen/look at your surroundings also when she is showing these behaviours, it might have nothing to do with you sorry thats the best advice i have it is hard to understand what our pets are trying to tell us all the time :)
  5. i'd say catahoula x personally good luck with her training sounds like you are very invested
  6. oh that smile just makes me want to cry...just beautiful
  7. they must socialise their dogs like crazy in sweden!! you cant guarantee your pup will never show some form of aggression....
  8. scary for all breeds please everyone keep your eyes open and keep our pets safe
  9. if the kid is climbing the fence into my yard and my dogs scare him then its his own fault!! realistically isnt it called tresspassing??!!?? glad my dogs are locked inside but golly the stupidity of the laws this country has!!
  10. golly that really friggen sux
  11. i have no sound....was the dog taken just cause of its looks? or has it hurt someone? i hate stupid BSL laws!! and im not even a fan of the bully breeds and i still think its wrong! grrrr
  12. yeah my local supermarket only had the 3kg i think they where bags, i'll have to find the bigger bags too
  13. ok so i can see there has been some discussion on this thread. I would like to know pples opinions on the VIP natures goodness grain free dog food and also what pple think of the Earthborn and the Holistic Select for those who have tried them? cheers
  14. from my limited experience i recommend a boy/girl combo just makes life so much easier! i dont worry about my 2. my parents have 2 boys raised together from pups and they have/will fight over food or sometimes other things not often but still i'd rather minimise the risk of a fight myself
  15. awww sounds like she was a beautiful girl/friend/competitor good on Jazz for getting that title for her :)
  16. what cute puppy eyes! you big meanie :laugh: if i walk into the bathroom or run the tub my girl will run and hide or slink away somewhere :laugh: dogs are funny creatures
  17. my dogs are inside and i still worry about a B&E its scary to think this is happening so close to home
  18. wow how do you not get them mixed up!!
  19. thats Dash alright, he's gorgeous love him..are you on facebook Ons? i think maybe if you post your question in some of the koolie/coolie groups that someone there might know where to find them :)
  20. prob why they are banned here.....
  21. i also suggest kongs etc and the DAP diffuser i believe the DAP diffuser helps to settle my pair while im at work
  22. get some doggy deoderant! im not a fan of the wet dog smell but we will walk in the rain or go out in the wet, when i get home i towel dry them and spray them with some doggy deoderant and there is no smell!! :D
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