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  1. Thank you. I'll pass on both. They'll be appreciated.
  2. Saturday Senior

    That's great news! They looked like a pair of sweeties.
  3. Saturday Senior

    Puppy, the son, looks like a tiny touch of Tibbie.
  4. Any recommendations for a boarding kennels in Melbourne? Asking for a Tibbie's owners who'll be going away for a couple of weeks. PM if you'd prefer or post. Thanks.
  5. How do they know?

    It's available on the Animal Planet site itself. I wonder if that would download for you ... not going thro' You Tube as above.
  6. How do they know?

    It starts young. This is a favourite among Tibbie people. Band of 10 week old puppies on first trip outside their property...& watch the little guy go into the alert-warning mode. Who'll you put your money on, Ringo or George?
  7. The owners of the tibbie want you to know, Spots & PK, that they've immediately used information from both your suggestions to get on top of the problem. And are delighted with the paths forward they've opened up. A genuine case of 'light at the end of the tunnel' now. Thank you!
  8. Thank you. I'll pass these on. Owners are caring, committed people who'll make use of good information. Very useful to consider a vet behaviourist.... in case medication can help.
  9. Devoted owners of a Tibetan Spaniel have asked for recommendations of a good dog behaviourist in Melbourne. Doggie has a high anxiety/aggression problem. Owners would like someone who'd understand the Tibbie nature. If you prefer PM. Thanks.
  10. Dogs NSW rego V'S Master breeders ?

    I'm not talking about 'advertising', I'm talking about publicly available information on the Tibetan Spaniel breed. The Dogzonline site, which is maintained for the ANKC purebred community, enables pointing to information about which Tibetan Spaniels are regarded as currently leading the way in what has been objectively assessed via the breed standard. I can show this to people interested in the breed. Also a significant number of registered breeders elect to have information (pics & pedigree) on the Breed Profiles section. Another source of objective & documented information. I can also use the international search, set up by the US central TS site, whereby I & anyone else can search by an individual Tibbie's pedigree name. Where can I, & other members of the public, see examples of Tibetan Spaniels bred under the MDBA umbrella? You will note that I said conformation is one of the 3 key factors for the Tibetan Spaniel breed, because it's linked to its historical/cultural source in Tibet. Which is an important reason why the modern Tibetan Spaniel looks very much the same as the original centuries old breed...where no feature was extreme, all in moderation. Photographic evidence available... recently posted in another thread. You said you have 'your own ideas on preferable methods of estimating breeding values'... & it soon 'will be launched'. What are the logistics you will follow & how will it be publicly accessible & documented? You also say that it's 'well evidenced that you're not alone' in wanting other methods. Yes, Kennel Clubs, particularly those in the Scandinavian countries (where Tibbies are in the top 10 dog breeds) have been underlining the critical importance of health & welfare factors....and, like the Norwegian Kennel Club, have issued excellent statements in cooperation with their University's Vet School. But they've seen no reason to set up another registry. Presently health & welfare tend to be covered via ethical guidelines ... with practical links to actual national & an international committee, in the case of Tibetan Spaniels. Information about key breed issues & any lines are also available via that central TS site. How can I say anything about MDBA registered breeders re socialisation or health or conformation...when there is scant information provided for public access? So you can hold your comment of 'ridiculous'.... given the only objective, documented information I have relates to ANKC breeders. Only documented information I have, is that the MDBA does not mention socialisation on its statement re values on their website. I do not make projections of any practices or outcomes for MDBA breeders of Tibbies... when I have no actual data at all. None publicly available on the website. My own experience re the bulk of ANKC & allied breeders of Tibetan Spaniels that I've come across & can present some evidence about, is that they meet the 3 key factors in breeding well. A model example is the Swedish breeder (P'Zazz Tibetan Spaniels) whose statement of breeding values appears on her website. She says conformation is important, but more important are health and well socialised natures in her Tibbies. And important they go to a good pet home for life. Yet this breeder won Best Tibetan Spaniel at Crufts. How do I know she spoke truthfully? I own an imported (by an Australian breeder) P'zazz tibbie . Later, retired to me as a pet, after showing here. At 13 yrs this tibbie has not one health problem and has the sunniest nature with all people. I got an email from the Swedish breeder asking me how she was going living in a pet home in Qld. Across enormous distance, that breeder had not forgotten the best interests of a dog she bred. So my preference for Tibbies bred under the ANKC is based on my opinion formed from documented evidence that's accessible to me.
  11. Dogs NSW rego V'S Master breeders ?

    Your website says None under the Tibetan Spaniel heading. You appear to be saying you do have Tibetan Spaniels being recorded in your registry? Where are they? I endorse Tibetan Spaniels bred under the ANKC & international standards because those standards are high for this breed, in my opinion. Firstly, conformation has a cultural/historical significance for the breed... & is under the general principle of nothing extreme, all in moderation. Hence the ANKC system of public showing is extremely important. And is not in the MDBA process as stated on its website. Secondly, the national & international committees on Health & Welfare for the Tibetan Spaniel breed focus on practical issues & is alert to rigorous research findings. Thirdly, UQ research found a statistically significant cohort of registered breeders provided well for the neural development that results in sound socialisation in puppies (& parent dogs). So not surprising that Dogs Qld deserves praise for mentioning the need for this socialisation in its guidelines. I can't see any mention of socialisation, its importance and its neural base in the MDBA'S statement on its website.
  12. Dogs NSW rego V'S Master breeders ?

    I hope that no Tibetan Spaniels ever get into the MDBA system. Where it's full of aspirational statements but not the public scrutiny process of organised public showing. Just my opinion, but it aways puzzled me how the growth of this 'other' registry evolved on forums dedicated to purebreds under the ANKC process. Especially as there was a time when the MDBA had a list of breeds on their website where it was said they intended to review & rewrite the standards (appears to have since gone?). And there among them, were Tibetan Spaniels. I didn't have the heart to tell the registered breeders, either here or abroad (there's much international cooperation in this breed covering health etc) for whom I have, largely, great respect. So in regards my own breed of interest (can't speak for others) I can point people looking for puppies, to ANKC registered breeders where the proof of what they do (or not do) is in the public domain, where members of the public can go and do some direct research face-to-face & seeing a range of dogs in real time. I also counsel them on what background factors have been needed for the socialisation so critical for neural development as a well socialised dog. They are my conclusions and my course of action....only. Others are free to look at & research the situation and come to their own conclusions. And assess each individual situation.
  13. I agree, Mel. What most relinquishing owners value is information that will help them.
  14. I agree with that generally. But in the case of Tibetan Spaniels, we try to steer owners to the tibbie community because they'll reach people who are familiar with the breed & rehome with someone there (with full responsibility for who they choose). There's often tibbie owners looking out for a companion for their present pet. In fact, several have responded to that latest ad. The relinquishing owner was delighted when tibbie community mods contacted her & said they'd spread the word among members. A tibbie personality is not for everyone so it can help to go to someone experienced. There's also a red flag if the tibbie is not yet desexed. Small attractive breeds can attract people with 'commercial' interests. Another area where people can be helped to rehome their own dog, is providing tips for how to do that best and most safely. Even if experienced rescue doesn't take the dog, their advice about that can be valuable.