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  1. she needs to let people know that if something was to happen to her that she wants her pets put to sleep rather than going to a pound. At least she will have her pets with her until that time. Tell her to tell her neighbours, her family and to write clearly her instructions and leave it in a very findable place in her house.
  2. I got to meet Nanna Pom today :D such a cutie She was taken to Coonabarabran Dog Show (held at Gunnedah) and spent her day sitting on people's laps :laugh: dressed in her little coat and when it got hotter dressed in her t-shirt. She is such a little cutie, and settling very well into her new home :)
  3. Ons


    I am so sorry for your loss Lhok Run Free Raiden at Rainbow Bridge
  4. thanks everyone! I did find out from facebook that she was bred from Hunterslea. My friend swears that they said on the infomercial (I think they call them) that she was a pound dog. and then her resemblance to my Flash is just so uncanny, he was a pound dog. Fancy if my Flash was actually related to a Hunterslea dog! I hanker after a Hunterslea coolie :laugh:
  5. thanks Dandybrush! I did find out who she belonged to. It seems that she is not a pound dog but bred but a very reputable coolie breeder. I have asked her owner to be a friend on facebook.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0lEaLtjR4U the coolie in this dog looks identical to my coolie, he came from the pound like the coolie did. Even strangely I named my dog FlashBazil and the dog's name is Dash! If anyone knows the dog I would love to get in touch with the owner and see what her history is. thank you!
  7. I thought there was a thread on them http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/240543-has-anyone-heard-of-mini-paws-puppy-rescue/page__p__5928164__hl__%2Bmini+%2Bpaws+%2Brescue__fromsearch__1#entry5928164 hope you get some answers
  8. When I worked in Moree my colleague and myself used to take it in turns to bring our dogs in on a Friday afternoon until someone dobbed us in and the bosses said no more dogs allowed we enjoyed their company and they did no harm. I took Flashy once to my current office when he had to go the vet, I kept him in my office except one of the blokes gave him a piece of sausage so Flash kept sneaking off to his office to get some more :laugh: Mocha came too once but he was in a cat cage and no one knew he was there except for one bloke because he was a good boy and just slept the whole time :)
  9. I'm proud of my Tilly who allows my housemate's six week old puppies crawl all over her and she just lies there I'm proud of my Latte who has awesome recall even if the exciting garbage truck is on her property again she still stops and comes back to me I'm proud of my Mocha and Rosie who are so obedient and so good about their routines, morning routine they run into their pen without me even saying anything, evening routines out for their wees and then into their crates I'm proud of my Onslow, how far he and I Have come together from him being a dominant dog to one that listens and respects me I'm proud of my TanninBazil for making it past his first birthday and growing into such a big handsome boy, his first few months was such a struggle and touch and go whether he would live, he had parvo which killed all his litter mates then seemed to survive every disaster possible I'm still thinking about Flashy at the moment due to him blotting his copy book and growling and snapping at one of the puppies - at least he went straight into a crate which is his "naughty corner' without me even telling him after he did it :laugh: Normally I'm very proud of him, he is such a good boy
  10. Ok thanks I just assumed she had a Newfoundland when it was posted on our web site, good outcome anyway I'm presuming that she is taking it rather than the newfoundland, posted on Facebook that she can't wait until tomorrow. surely the RSPCA wouldn't have accepted two homes for her and my facebook friend has a wasted five plus hours drive? I hope not. If she does go to my facebook friend, lots of other poms to play with and will be very much adored if her other poms are anything to go by :)
  11. one of my facebook friends who has show poms said she was going down to adopt her and had arranged to go down and collect her directly as requested by RSPCA. In any event it seems that the girl is safe. From reading facebook posts I understand that she came from a puppy farm raid
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss GG Gorgeous photo of Tess RIP Tess, Run Free at Rainbow Bridge and hugs to you GG
  13. I haven't heard of him but he just sounds absolutely wonderful. off to google some :)
  14. I just saw on Facebook that there are supposed to be 55 dogs in Gunnedah that have been baited. As I live in Gunnedah I rang my vet, she is one of 3 practices here. She has not had one single case of a dog being baited nor has she heard of any. It's wise though to be extra cautious about things though but at least this news may appease some people's mind. Happy Showing!
  15. I had an old maltese and got a golden retriever puppy. Sadly My maltese only lasted a year longer because of cancer and heart failure did they get on well - brilliantly. Onslow really brought out a new life with Daisy and she adapted her games to play with him, he would tear around and around the backyard and she would just spring out at him. I never left them unsupervised though, accidents can happen in a fraction. My griffon's best friend is a large coolie, Tannin was bred by myself so he has always been around and Mocha and he just love each other. :) As long as you separate them when you are not around things should be fine :)
  16. we tried some of them on and they do cover the base of the tail - most of them do anyways. they're not all going to be like that though (even though it is desired) as they're done by volunteers. the really tiny ones we figure can be used on pups, made from donated kids' trakkies. we tested our templates out and tried them on dogs before using those. I love that your post has rippled into this :) (btw, we are not claiming it as our own idea, if it is an original idea of yours and you want your name attached to it pls let me know!) It is an original idea of mine as I designed the first one with just a pair of scissors, some years ago, but I don't need any official credit. I am just delighted that my idea has snowballed and is helping rescue dogs to keep warm at no cost to anyone. You were the one who had the thought to do the trackie drive and organise a workshop so well done. awww how nice are you dancinbcs. I'll have a hunt around here for some trackies and see what I can come up with :)
  17. I am so sorry for your loss. What a Gorgeous photo of your girl RIP Piper Run Free at Rainbow Bridge
  18. I'm so sorry for your loss Miss Squish RIP Ruger
  19. thanks SG! Uncle FlashBazil is not normally impressed with puppies :laugh: Mum is a modern mum, she doesn't believe in demand feeding but feeds them when she thinks they need to be, imagine the size of them if she was demand feeding :laugh: solid colour coolie pups are the best and so necessary, breeding merle to merle will often result in deaf pups so something that good breeders don't do
  20. solid coolie pup - Esmeralda URL=http://s47.photobucket.com/user/onslowanddaisy/media/Facebook/Untitled%20Album/603827_10151568989646591_527966204_n.jpg.html][/url]
  21. Dad is the black coolie, Mum is the light blue merle coolie in the backgound is the uncle
  22. fingers crossed this works huge puppies only born two Fridays ago
  23. I could post pictures if photobucket would work off to go do some investigating :-)
  24. Minnie (the black one) and Mousie (and my housemate)
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