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Ruger Has Lymphoma :(

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DR, no cancer cells found. It got a little smaller over the weekend so the plan is to monitor, if it gets bigger or does not go over the next one to two weeks she goes in for a surgical biopsy.

Did the vet give her anything to try and reduce the size of the swelling?

That's good news indeed, probably just an infection or something. Monitor closely either way!

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No DR, I asked him if there was evidence of an infection that maybe antibiotics could help and he said no. For sure I will be keeping a very close eye on her. It was lucky I found it quickly. She has a squished vertabrae in her neck and I was doing the regular ear/neck massage which she loves when I found it. Now she gets a tummy and leg one so I can check her armpits and groin. She doesn't mind that either :rofl:

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After being diagnosed with Lymphoma, having chemo and doing so well, Ruger has now been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma :(

He's still very happy, and appears healthy for now.

There is not much we can do for him now, but have him on painkillers and keep him comfortable, but he is really on limited time now :( Not fair that's he's copped it again with a different type of cancer :(

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RIP Ruger :(

Ruger was given his wings on Friday night. He had fought so hard, such a tough boy but after a few days of just sleeping & his leg swelling up, I had to let him go, he had had enough and was tired :(:rainbowbridge:

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I am so sorry Miss Squish. :( I paid my condolences on FB, but wanted to pay them here aswell. My thoughts are with you at this sad time. :hug:

Run free now Ruger. xxx :rainbowbridge:

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