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I think it was Frodo's mum who mentioned recently we should maybe start a 'Bird' photo thread as there are a few of us taking bird shots, so here it is :D I look forward to seeing everyone's additions to the thread :)

I'll kick it off with some shots of the Short-billed, or Carnaby's Black Cockatoo, which we have been privileged to have hanging around where I live a lot recently. I just love these birds, their call makes my heart sing :)


The endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) is one of just two species of white-tailed black cockatoo on Earth. The other is the Baudin’s black cockatoo, and they are both found only in the Southwest Australia Ecoregion.







Full set here http://flic.kr/s/aHsjH6PkVD :)

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Nice shots FM, let's see some more :D

A colourful one from me - I suspect an escaped pet as I think it's a King Parrot which are from the east coast and not WA? It was in a tree in our garden this evening and just got a few shots before it flew off :)



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Very nice FM :thumbsup: Love the first Galah and the last two ducks in particular :D

I was just thinking yesterday I need to go to a lake near me to go bird 'hunting' as haven't been for a while.

LOL I was just saying the same thing, need to find somewhere to go where there are heaps of birds

( other than ducks :laugh: )

Absolutely loving your work FM... what camera/lens are you using there?


thanks T 7D and the 70-200 lens is a bit short and have to crop to much

I need your new one :D

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I may need to come visit your place with "the beast" (lens) - I reckon you'd have a blast with it.... and I'd just sit happily playing with your gorgeous doggies... lol!

Sound like a fair trade?


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Here's what my new lens gave me on it's very first outing the day I got it and had no clue how to use it...




Must go somewhere there are seagulls and stuff - like Manly - for a really good workout...


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Love everyone's pics! :thumbsup:

Here are a couple I took today. I put my new red rumps into the avairy yesterday and awoke to find some wild one's hanging around the avairy this morning. :) The other's took off but this male hung around all day. :)





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