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Mr Cluney, The Big Brother Dog

snake catcher

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*crawls back under rock*

:o I thought this was about a dog who was 'big brother ' to wayward puppies or somesuch :p have never seen the TV show .


I think if he can put up being confined with those idiots, he would be a perfect therapy dog.

I hope BB gives him a brilliant home after it's all over.

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I think he's a wonderful dog, absolutely bomb proof. His worst crime is being badly trained but that's easily fixed! His temperament looks superb and he looks happy, IMO.

That's exactly what I think wuffles. I've mentioned in the Big Brother thread in OT, he reminds me so much of my Quinn :o

Juice and I have briefly discussed him before in the BB thread, we have differing views on him, I suppose it comes down to what different people enjoy in a dog, which is totally reasonable.

Btw Quinn does get off the furniture when I tell her, after she's jumped up uninvited...it's not something that bothers me though so I haven't trained her to wait to be invited.

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He's to ba an AWL queensland education dog :)

Quite frankly he seems happy as larry in the house, the housemates were apparently given instructions on how to continue his training, etc

Thanks Kelpiecuddles, he certainly seems happy enough and of course,

I only would never watch show like this, :cool:


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