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Perses' Pups


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  • 2 weeks later...

This is a wonky photo ..but normally they see/hear  me coming & stop playing.here they are running full tilt!!
For about 3 weeks, this jumble of panels/gates & stuff has been a VERY popular play-gym- to be jumpedon at fullspeed ..run along ..jumped off ..etc etc. Toys get taken up onto it to be chewed..or they just lie there !! they are WEIRD  LOL 

it has been excellent training for them though ..it rocks ..it is wire & metal ...& they need to be agile  !!
Funny lads ..they discovered their own balance/keepfit "toy" 

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1 hour ago, grumpette said:

I do believe that Dagwood has already chosen his Master.....................pers


Some things are not up to us :love:

Dagwood ..yes he's chosen the boss . it's Clive & I who are the fatal attraction pair :P 


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22 hours ago, persephone said:

Dagwood ..yes he's chosen the boss . it's Clive & I who are the fatal attraction pair :P 


Oops. Maybe that was subconscious, as I have a soft spot for Dagwood and wanted to see more of him lol 

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Practicing for the centrefold   ;) 

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

Clive & Dags ... 
ratbags ! 
We are at 'that' stage . Heaps of new skills all at once ..and being way too smart about it all !!
Had to giggle last night ... The Boss wheeling them about singly in the wheelbarrow  as he was doing stuff ... 


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Things go slowly . here  ;) 
if pups enjoy fetching (clive does ) they play that .. but commands  are ones used with sheep - "Go Back"  /"Fetch  'em in "
jumping up into/onto things
learning to STOP  when leaning forward to grab something ..when  being pushy , etc ...
slowly learning .."Drink"  "quick-quick" , "bed time" 
learning to get used to being grabbed by any body bit  & hauled away from perceived danger 
and of course ..the normal having ears/mouths/toes/tails etc all handled/poked ....

The Boss has the lads inside individually  as well ... Clive had a WONDERFUL time this morning , he was able to demolish a dried lambs ear  undisturbed by his boofy brother , he found an almond ...showed it to us , & ate that ..
Dags came in ...had cuddles ..half heartedly played with part of a fleece ..wanted to get to whatever was on the kitchen bench ... did some very nice 'sits' , and ate a bone biscuit .

I know, I am totally biased :o 
Clive may not be the most stable kid on the block ... but he can be such a sweetie . he found the lambs ear ..and after showing us ..took it away to chomp. 

I took it out of his mouth 3 times ...admired it, praised him to the heavens and returned it ... the last 2 times there was only about a 50c sized piece ... no probs ...he was just so willing ...  he kept coming & showing me , wagging his tail ... even The Boss said this morning how much like Molly Clive is   

*goes to mop eyes* 
damn dogs .  

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