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Unusual Behavioir


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Need help. Jindi is whining/crying/howling at what I would explain is 7/10 intensity. and I don't know why. She only ever does this when she is anxious or upset. Not often. An example is when my husband takes our Kelpue cross for a walk because I stay home with Jindi because she can't go on such big walks because she is lame due to a tumor. She is on medication - 4 types, & she has been fine all day. My husband took our Kelpie for a walk this evening, all standard practice - I stayed with Jindi. Jindi got a bit upset and I distracted her. Hubby came back, Jindi was normal, I had a shower, we went to bed. Jindi normally settles on a dog bed on the floor or on our bed with us. She came up on to our bed and started the whining/crying howling.

I've given her water, taken her outside, taken her for a walk, tried everything. At times she will stop for 3-4 minutes but then starts up again.

For the life of me I can't work out what is wrong.

When in pain she just goes quiet. So I don't think it's pain.

Anyone experienced this?

She has gone quiet as I write this, hopefully she is ok now.

Edited: she settled after a while, sleeping now. It went on for about 1.5 hrs.,I lay on the bed and held her, massaged her and it helped - I think she got tired too.

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She is 10 years old. I have considered some kind of brain function issue - the vet said behavioral issues can result from the tumor - but she was fuagnosrd in Jan and we've had no behavioral issues.... until last night.

She's been fine for hours now.

I was at the point of taking her to the emergency vet.

I'll watch her closely tomorrow. Just thought I'd post in case someone knew what it might be, the things people know about on this forum are amazing. I guess she was upset/anxious about something I could not work out or else may have done neurological issue. I guess time will tell.

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