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The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil


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1 hour ago, tdierikx said:

Hailey is exquisite! Love love love lean fit Rotti bods!



Thanks T. The last photo was from today.  Hailey loves to jump on things and climb and run, so I am keeping her lean to prevent injury.


We started with a new training group and decided to walk around the wetlands on the way home. 

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With all the fires that have occurred over the last few weeks, I wanted to do something for those effected by fire, and the resultant PTSD and depression. 


Considering many people enjoy Hailey's crazy smile, I jumped into the modern world and set up an Instagram account for Her, so that she can make lots of people smile. 


I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but here it is. Please enjoy her crazy smile.



Hailey sits, so you don't quit.

Stop, if you must, and rest awhile.
Meanwhile, please enjoy Hailey's smiles.

Sometimes all it takes is a cheeky grin,
To keep you going, and not give in.

 #PTSD #depression #bushfiresurvivors

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