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The adventures of Hailey, the Tassie Devil


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Zeph absolutely adores her, but she loves him even more. Yet she annoys the crap out of him. She is always attached to his neck. There is a constant game of keeping off going on, where the one that has the chosen toy will push it into the other's face to start the game, and then they end up giving the toy up to keep the game going.


Hailey is constantly on the go and always into everything. Shoe laces and tags have no place in shoes or on toys at the moment.


DDD, Hailey has definitely perked him up since Dee's passing. He has a new interest in everything and is playing with toys again.


AH, she is a true Tassie Devil, always flat out. OH and her have a battle going on over a large excavation project in the back yard. She digs and he fills it in. She digs the hole bigger and eats the grass that he puts on top, and he fills it in again. Rinse and repeat. My money is on Hailey winning the war. She has more persistence lol


tdierikx, Zeph can be quite protective of his girl. There is a never ending peeing competition with the entire male Collie over the back. Hailey play bows to Tyson, and Zeph goes over and pees on him. Thank goodness she has slowed down a little. At one stage she was putting on 2 kg a week. But her growth plates are still huge, so there is still a lot of growing to do yet.


pers, so very true. Hailey is a fast learner. And fast mover. She can push the back door open and bolt inside, but the door closes and leaves Zeph standing on the other side, looking in rather forlornly. 


So glad that you love the update. Hailey is a gorgeous whirlwind, who is the cutest nut case we have ever had in this household.

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On 9/29/2018 at 9:46 PM, grumpette said:

DDD, Hailey has definitely perked him up since Dee's passing. He has a new interest in everything and is playing with toys again.

This just about made me cry! I'm soooo pleased to hear that she has perked him up so much!

You wanted intelligence and outgoing... :P

Hope it's ok to pop a couple of 6 month old photos of Nada in here so that people can see Hailey's sister - Nada is known as Naughty Nada, but I think she's the tame one in comparison to her sister! :) 



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:) Hi Grumpette

Hailey is very sweet and I can see the ‘devil’ too

 I love the ‘pat my belly’ shot and the goofy sibling pic ‘I’m getting bigger like my brother’ 

Zeph has a great head and smile

How awesome that a boisterous ‘whirlwind’ pup has done wonders for Zeph 


I’ve always had a soft spot for Rottie puppies and Allerzeit Rotts  

:) Hi Allerzeit 

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