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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Yes I think you would struggle to find anything here. 
I know breeds have their nuances but would a Wirehaired GSP be a suitable dog? They are definitely here. 
I think you can find Wire vizsla here and the Spinone too 

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There’s a breeder recently

in New Zealand of the bohemian wirehaired pointing griffon. I am not sure how this breed links or compares to the ?standard? wirehaired pointing griffin. Unsure if it’s a different name for same breed or cousin similar breed. 


But they are active breeders and post a lot on Facebook. They might be able to guide you to breeders?



They use their dogs for hunting, so thus some pictures of the results throughout the site.

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Have edited to add under the link that it has dead animals here and there
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1 hour ago, Loving my Oldies said:

That should have come with a warning, @Two Best Dogs!  :mad  :mad  :cry:  :cry:    What a horrible site - I just clicked it to see what the dogs looked like and I was confronted by carnage.     All those beautiful birds.  They looked like Peacocks to me.   

They are pest over there so hunting them is normal due to the damage they do .



There very popular in the USA and Europe ,If you want one you will need to import and it won’t be cheap due to the age requirements before leaving .


Plenty of awesome FB groups relating to the breed to do your homework 

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:09 PM, Dogsfevr said:

There very popular in the USA and Europe

They look pretty impressive ..and lovely to see them working on that NZ page . Nice also to read that birds obtained are used as food ..hunting as it should be . 

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