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Three Feet from Devotion


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Kira, our totally devoted 'three feet away girl', so named because if she could be, she was within three feet of us, has passed peacefully away. She was our second dog, a beautiful border Collie. She was the world's laziest dog, we got her because 'border Collies were good at agility'... well, not our 'curly girl'. She could not see the point in exercise (a bit like me, her mum!), Ball games were an exercise into futility, she maybe caught 1 in 10 of the balls thrown, and were, in her opinion, designed to give us both exercise, she would drop it half way between us, forcing me to retrieve it until we taught her the meaning of 'closer'.


Like everyone here who loses a 4 legged family member, we are devastated. 



             Three Feet From Devotion

It was time; I knew my life’s race had finally been run,

I had to do what I believed was the only thing to be done.

I did not want you to have to give me the wings to fly

I did not want my last memory to be seeing you cry.


We were so closely attuned in mind, spirit and heart,

it would have destroyed you if you had to help us part.

No need for heartbreaking words between you and I,

no need for grief filled voices whispering a last goodbye.


I never was a cuddle bud, I just liked to stay near,

watching you, protecting you and allaying every fear.

I know after I’m gone the days will seem full of despair,

your devoted ‘three feet away girl’ simply won’t be there.


The choice was not mine, but I could not let it to be yours,

So I chose my favourite spot, on my bed on the office floor,

I went quietly, gently, peacefully, without the slightest peep,

I did not even wake Jingo, my brother remained fast asleep.


You know that I know the pain and anguish you will feel,

When you see that your  ‘curly girl’ is no longer at your heel.

But as time goes on the choking pain will begin to wane,

you will think of me with love, and you will smile again.


I will wait at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge for you,

I will watch for you with Tippy, until you come too.

When it is your turn to take the final journey home,

I will be just three feet from you so you will not be alone.

Di Hoppe (Tikira) 23 Feb 2020


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