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10 week puppy - swollen lymph nodes - Help


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We got a Cavalier puppy from a reputed breeder a couple of weeks back. Our little boy is now 10 weeks old and normally is an energetic, full of life , confident pup. Since this morning he has been very low energy, didn't really want to move and wasn't interested in eating f as much. His poos today were firm but his lack of energy got me worried. So we took him to the emergency vet. They test him for Parvo and that was thankfully negative. The vet did find a lump on the left side under his chin. 


They have now done an ultrasound of the swelling and found that his lymph nodes are enlarged but there is no pus/ fluid there. They are now recommending that I get  bloodwork done and also get a needle sample they have extracted sent to the lab for a culture to understand what is causing the lymph nodes to enlarge. Additionally they have suggested starting him on antibiotics now to see if that works. 

I love our little furbaby but the bills are starting to add up pretty significantly. Not sure if all the tests are excessive or needed??


Oh also the vet has suggested it could be strangles but as of now he is not showing any symptoms such as sores on his face or mouth. So it is a wait and watch on that front.


Any advice on the blood work and sample lab tests? Losing my mind here worrying about him. Appreciate any help.




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I'd do bloods and start on the antibiotics but would hold off anything else. Bloods will show if there is anything "off" and the AB's could fix it.  But go to your regular vet for these things. ER vets can be very expensive.

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Phone the  breeder first & foremost ,if they where a good one they may be able to suggest vets with more knowledge although Covid can make this trick .
""""""""Obviously no one can tell you what to do as where not vets nor seeing the dog & whats presented """"""""

Swollen glands doesnt mean the worse.
Pup could have been bitten by a bee ,could eaten a stick or something that has grazed inside mouth & caused an infection ,plenty of simple options .
Anti biotics is very obvious & yes we would be giving them ,depending on what else is being presented & all factors weighed up would depend on how we would personally go ahead.
The course of tablets if there is an infection brewing can be hit on the head asap & if the lump goes away whilst on the course could pin point a basic infection ,this normally would be how a vet would suggest starting  unless something more concerning is being presented .

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A standard blood test will tell the vet whether they have an infection going on or not. It will also tell the vet if there are any issues happening with organs like the liver and kidneys. I would definitely recommend getting bloods done.


Lymph nodes usually swell when there is an infection happening somewhere - it's a normal response to same. Treating with a broad spectrum antibiotic may be all he needs to help him sort the infection out.


If he is no better after 4-5 days on a broad spectrum antibiotic, then I'd go for the pathology and/or the ultrasound.


I agree with Rebanne... get the bloods done at your regular vet clinic... start the wee man on antibiotics... and go from there...



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Thanks you so much everyone.

As you recommended, we got blood work done and it showed  high White blood Cell count indicating an infection. He was given an injection of antibiotic on Friday and we continued with morn/night AB medicine since Saturday night. The good news is he was back to his normal bouncy self on Saturday and he has been active, pooping and eating normally through the weekend. The lump is still there but I think it has gone down slightly (or just me imagining things). We will see how we go for another two days.


If not we have an appointment with the vet for Wednesday.



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