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Merry Christmas!

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Hi All, like many people we personally have had a terrible and sad year. We lost our beautiful 7 year old Cavalier (Miah) suddenly in April (ruptured spleen tumour) that we had no idea about until she was literally dying :( She was my dream girl dog, born on one of our wedding Anniversaries. Such a short but beautiful life she had with us.
Then we had to give our old Karma cat her wings recently. She was 18 and had been our first pet together. She's seen all our previous pets come and go.
Ive also had a  very painful frozen shoulder all year with very limited movement..
We had been looking at adopting a small dog as Toby our older Cav was missing Miah a lot (he often just stands on her memorial burial area) However we had no luck finding a rescue dog being the covid period. Had almost decided it wasn't meant to be to have another dog then Stephie entered our lives out of the blue, another Cavalier. She's 3 and from a breeder we had known of in SA. Shes just so beautiful and gentle and just loves life. Gets on very well with Toby. Loves people and other animals. I am sure Miah sent her our way to try to heal our broken hearts. :heart:
Shes the black and tan Cav in the pic. Shes very easy to train too.
Merry Christmas to Everyone and I hope 2021 is a better year for us all :)



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