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Goodbye Odin: 27/10/2007 - 23/10/2022


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In the early hours of last Sunday morning we had to say goodbye to Odin, just a week short of his 15th birthday. 

A year ago Odin’s back legs started to get weak. He did hydrotherapy and acupuncture which helped a lot. But recently he lost the use of his front legs as well. He was still bright, alert and interested in everything. So we carried him everywhere, tried to give him the best life. I took a sabbatical from work so that he was never left alone.

Two weeks ago he started to lose his energy. Last Saturday his condition deteriorated rapidly, so we had to rush him to emergency where we had to say goodbye. 

Odin was the true alpha: extremely gentle with older and smaller dogs, and assertive and confident with all others. The first day he came to our house as a fluff ball, he walked in like he owned the place, which he did.

Odin, you filled our life with so much love. Now run with the stars, free of all pain, free of limitations. 

Goodbye beautiful Odin.

Here is a tribute video for him: 


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