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Hip Denervation

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One of my park friends has an Airedale with hip issues.  He is 6 yrs old.  If he runs around with the other dogs he gets sore and often cries in pain.  Their vet has recommended Ibuprofen for the pain and it works very well.  He seems to get over the pain and soreness quite quickly with the Ibuprofen.



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Well I don't really know how to say this but Opal died this morning. It was instant. I did CRP for around 20/30 minutes while trying to get a vet. Had to ring a friend to ring one for me. Couldn't take the time to find a pen to write down a number. I've never had a dog die like this. I've always been able to help them. I'm in shock, I can't believe she fine one minute and dead the next. Vet has done an autopsy, will get the report tomorrow. Main possibility is some bleeding thing, her lungs were full of blood. Photos were taken of Opals heart and the vet's colleagues will discuss tomorrow, but Amy thinks more the bleeding thing. I'll post the correct name when I get the report.

Opal was 5 3/4 years young. My only consultation is she had no idea what happened.

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Oh my gosh. I’m so surprised to hear of Opals passing. How devastating for you Rebanne. Of course you’d be in shock. Such a young dog too. I do hope the vet report gives you some closure and can explain why it happened so suddenly. I truly feel for you. Take care. Sending hugs xx


R.I.P Little Opal

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this is all the vet said. I will get my regular vet have a chat and see if she can find out more.


I have discussed the case and reviewed the images with my colleagues this morning and we are in agreeance that the degree of haemorrhage in the lungs is likely more significant than from just CPR alone and most likely to be the cause of death.   

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