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Old dog suddenly attacking kids when the new puppy is around

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I was hoping for some help for a friend, we just visited her house and she recently got a new puppy who is just lovely. 


Their original dog is a 4 yr old bitch who is undesexed,  suddenly started to growl and bite the kids when they tried to play with the puppy.


We have known the older dog her whole life and never had an issue with aggression before. 


Can anyone advise how to handle this problem ? I am not sure if she is jealous or thinks it is her puppy and is very possessive over it. 


I ended up crating the older dog so she could not attack the kids anymore but she continued to growl at them through the cage. 

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I think you need some specialist help.  Removing the dog from site might be the best option for now but I am definitely not an expert.  Look for dog behaviourists in your area with good reviews.

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It’s pretty hard to give advice off a short description and not knowing how hard she is biting. She might think the play is too rough, she might be worried about someone getting hurt, or jealous, or she might just be overstimulated by it and acting out. Some dogs do act like the ‘fun police’ and break up rough play. 
I think the owner needs a good behaviouralist to make a home visit and observe what is going on. They will probably recommend management to remove the risk in the immediate term and desensitisation to reduce the arousal level and teach alternative behaviours. But with kids involved it needs expert help. 

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I think your freind has 2 options ,

Option 1 ,,, Admit to themselves they have a possible dangerous dog on there hands ,  if a dog growls , bites and  attacks children , NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON , it is a possible dangerous dog and a liability , so they must man up , admit to themselves that  what used to be a nice freindly dog has turned into a biter , say to themselves not on my watch and basicly ban the dog from children ,  DO NOT ever allow it near children unsupervised  ,  be very very wary at all times and   just admit  to themselves , that said dog has to be watched , closely FOR EVER . . and you know what , its not hard i had a rotty , that from a very early age shown ,  has good a dog he was that he would'nt need much  to stir him up , so i just never ever allowed kids to play with him  and ALWAYS kept a close eye on him , i loved that dog   he was my best mate , but my wife and kids all said    he was harmless and i was over the top , that   it was my imagination , but i always said better safe than sorry , so option 1  keep him away from kids and constantly watched .


Option 2  , get rid of him  if they don't want to go to the bother of option 1.


If it was my freind i would be reminding them , just how many  babys , kids  and even adults have been mauled by the familly pet  , who NEVER shown signs of agression  i would be reminding them a dog is an ANIMAL  not a human , , its shown the signs it attacked there is NO EXCUSE if it mauls ,


Sorry to be blunt , but  i  love my dogs but  do relize there not fur babys , there not children there dogs

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