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  2. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Good to hear. Just to add on to what the others have said, If you know he is going to be on it for a while, get larger quantities. This will avoid having to pay a script cost every single time. Vet meds are awfully expensive, I know! I’ve experienced this myself, got charged like $70 for 10 when it only cost $10 for 100 wholesale.
  3. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    My understanding is that he has to remain on the Atopica while ever he is on steroids, so not sure how long that will be. I will tell her about offering the vet a script fee. Thanks everyone for thinking of him
  4. RSPCA in the news

    I took the meaning to be that rescues piggyback seizures or raids undertaken by the big orgs and swoop in as immune 3rd parties simply because they are 'rescue' (as she put it). If she means rspca/aspca/peta then she should say so instead of sounding paranoid about anyone rescuing pets. I clearly get butt-hurt about being lumped in with anti-everything nutters and AR.
  5. Great to hear he's doing so well. As Papillon Kisses said, a lot of vets will write a script if you pay a script fee. I'm not sure what regular vets charge for it but Justice's vet behaviourist charges a $25 script fee.
  6. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    If she makes sure it’s the same product, purchased from an Australian veterinary pharmacy, and offers to pay a script writing fee, that may allay any concerns (and cover their costs).
  7. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Good to read this update @sheena. I've been thinking of your daughter's lad too. Definitely a good sign that his count is still going up. It's a shame about the Atopica though. Could she not have a heart to heart with the vet about possible cheaper sources? Very disappointing if the vet would give her a script. How long does the lad have to be on the meds?
  8. Many Frenchies, lagottos, bulldogs, and other pricey breeds are bred for $$ as well. But every breeder is different. Some of them take health seriously, some put higher value on showing, some are sentimental and lack clear priorities. I'd guess some x-breeders put health and temperament first, particularly in x-breeds like puggles (not the baby echidna kind) intended to keep the temperament of a brachy breed but move away from the flat face.
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  10. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    Hi Teddybeans, cooper is going well. His last blood count was around 40. The ongoing cost for his treatment is a bit of a drain on my daughters finances, but she is hanging in there, now that she has come this far. He is on a few drugs, but the one she would like to find an alternate supplier for, is the Atopica 50mg which the vet is charging $125 for 15 tablets, which last for just 15 days. A bit of a Google shows she can get it cheaper, but the problem lies in trying to get the prescription off the vet
  11. RSPCA in the news

    The Animal Welfare League have exactly the same powers as the RSPCA when it comes to enforcing POCTAA... but they don't seem to seize as many animals or take people to court with the same veracity. Maybe they are more focused on educating to help people comply with the regulation, rather than prosecuting for profit? When you consider that someone pleading guilty to 1 count of aggravated cruelty can score the RSPCA up to $20k in fines, and the fact that attempting to fight a number of charges will cost someone in excess of $100-200k in legal fees alone... can you see the efficacy of laying multiple charges, whether they can be proved or not, then offering to drop a number of those charges if a plea is made to at least 1? Easy money IMHO... T.
  12. they appear to eat with no trouble, the problem as my vet explained it was the teeth alignment in toy breeds and brachy breeds is different to for example cattle dogs. tarter buildup is a given for them, so it needs to be watched for and removed. as Rob Zammit pointed out, crossbreeds are only as sound as the breeds used and many carry the same defective genes so the problems arent going to magically dissappear and not show in the puppies in fact as he showed with one he used as an example that crossbreeding does not give a puppy with none of the two breeds faults, instead it can combine them all, no amount of "hybrid vigor" is going to help when that happens, cute as she was, had slipping patellas, hernia's, undershot jaw and sorry forget the other two she had. The biggest problem is the assumption that "ethical" breeders dont breed puppies with health problems. Mother nature doesnt care how "ethical" you are, every puppy is a completly new genetic mix even full bothers and sisters are remarkably diverse... As my vet says, instead of asking why did this happen, when a puppy has a defect, we should be blown away by how many are fine when you realise how many things can go wrong. Not all problems are genetic. there is a reason some conditions are called "congenitial " aka "born with it" defect occurred as the fetus was forming. mum running a temperature in early pregnancy can seriously mess with with the cells busy forming the fast growing baby, that happens with people too. stop and think .. what parent can " life guarantee" their own child? When I first heard fellow breeders saying that if you are an "Ethical" breeder you "life guarantee your puppies. I thought, your kidding surely, that is not a sign you are ethical, it is a sign you have absolutely no idea how impossible that is. AS the old time breeders of every species said, you put the best to the best AND HOPE FOR THE BEST! that is reality.... Yet everyone expects the breeder of a puppy to achieve what you cannot do for your own child. That is reality few seem to live in reality these days. As the buyer of the puppy I bred that developed syringamyelia asked me when she began running in circles at 5 months and it was diagnosed. "How could you be so cruel, you have broken my heart, I love her so much." She had to be put down there was no way to save her. But to blame me for a condition I had no idea my dogs could produce and was only just beginning to be understood was a bridge too far in the blame game for me and many others. life IS A LOTTERY, for all of us, you and me included, not just our dogs. to criminalise anyone for trying to breed healthy puppies, when the dice fall the wrong way. Is going to achieve what Peta want. Less and less people are going to take the risk of being demonised. Yes, some dont care a jot.... Sadly they are the breeders who will be the only ones left in the long run at this rate Her breeder may be one of them, not treating the ears and not telling you rather makes me suspect she may be one of the ones that will be churning out puppies without a twinge. So it would not matter if she was in the next street. The result would be the same, delivery of a puppy already needing vet attention.
  13. Many crossbreeds are bred nowadays for the money factor... give the cross a "breed" name like Cavachon or Cavapoo or similar, and charge exhorbitant sums for them... *sigh* Unless all breeding animals used are fully tested for issues they could pass on to their offspring, it's really a lottery in what will happen with the offspring... and sometimes, like asal pointed out, some issues are not that easy to weed out of a particular pure breed, let alone when crossing them with other breeds that may or may not help or hinder that process. T.
  14. There is no 'they'. All breeders, including cross breeders, are individuals.
  15. Another lesson to be learned is that a few months of feeding trials, probably using beagles, isn't adequate to determine a food is 'nutritionally complete' for long term feeding or for all breeds and mixed breeds. Unfortunately, long term, multi-breed trials would be extremely expensive.
  16. @asal is that the reason why they cross breed them nowadays to weed out these problems?
  17. That’s really interesting, and you raise some really good points that I wasn’t aware of so thank you! I’ll definitely keep an eye on her teeth and ears, and her heart will be checked regularly by her vet. I don’t know how breeders do it - I have a lot of respect for the ethical breeders because it must be a tough job! Is there a way to tell if she’s got any issues chewing or with her teeth? She seems to have no issues chewing but if there’s a symptom I’ll keep an eye out for her.
  18. She is beautiful, frankly it would not have mattered if you bought interstate or around the corner. puppies are not whitegoods, they are utterly individual..although cavaliers come with quite a few endemic to the breed problems. heart problems are endemic in many cavaliers, the first cavalier book I read, gave 8 years as the average life span, which is pathetic for a toy breed. I wondered why when I read the book, soon learned why. I used to breed them, ear problems are also endemic, as is poor chewing action so tarter buldup is a given, their teeth do not shear their food properly... I adore cavaliers, but sadly gave up breeding them because you simply could not guarantee sound puppies and I had dogs that were hernia free, 90% patella free, mitral valve free for 5 to 7 generations and they could still develop a heart murmur any time from 4 to 5 years on, the majority i had and bred were fine at 10 even to 14, but you simply could not guarantee it, as for syringomyleia, that was finally the deal breaker for me.. only had two develop it, but a friends had to have a mri due to a tooth infection that was suspected to be cancer.... although she has no symptoms, and is now 14 and still symptom free the mri says she has syringomyelia .... a friend had all her breeding stock mri'd only used the clears and only used clear when using other lines and still could get affected pups, its still a work in progress. your darling looks very cavalier style, so keep a good eye on her teeth, and their floppy ears keep them a sitting duck for yeast infections..... I always clipped the insides of their ears to keep good airflow, and plucked the hairs from the ear canal (standard practice in poodles or they get the same problems, all floppy hairy eared dogs need this seen too)
  19. RSPCA in the news

    no idea what she meant either, the only one who can take/rescue/seize your animals here far as I can remember with complete immunity is rspca. From what ive seen of the Animal Welfare league here in nsw is that they are excellent, everything and more than the rspca once were....
  20. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    @sheena it’s been a while we heard from you about your grandson. I assume no news is good news. How’s he doing?
  21. Awwwwww... very cute indeed. All the best with Lola
  22. I think so too, we count it as a win that we got something from the breeder. Now to never have to deal with her again! I’m not really sure how to post a photo, but here goes... hopefully it works
  23. I’m glad your pup is doing well! I won’t be buying interstate again either, too much of a risk!
  24. @anon2345 I think you've been very successful to get that much from this person. Unfortunately, you still have a puppy with a severe health complication. Now though, maybe concentrate on what you DO have ... a waggy tail puppy , and a mission - to tell your story . Oh ..and an obligation ;) to post at least a photo of little Lola ... so we can all go awwww...
  25. Anon the dog is doing really well now thanks to the SASH Specialist & our diligence with his diet. The breeder washed her hands of us when we informed her. No replies to emails etc. We could see there was no point in pursuing the matter. The dog is not a frenchie or blue staffy. It is not one of the trendy breeds/mixes. We were annoyed that we paid full price for breed standard and didn't get breed standard. I would not be surprised if other pups in the same litter had this condition. I won't be buying interstate again.
  26. Two years ago I purchased a pedigree dog from a registered breeder interstate. This is the 1st time I have purchased a dog interstate. The pup was always listless and crying in pain. We thought he had hip dysplasia so we took him (9mths old) to Vet to be x-rayed. The Vet took blood (at my insistence) and found he had high creatine levels. We were then referred to SASH. SASH did an ultra sound & MRI & confirmed the dog had Renal Dysplasia both kidneys. Including the cost of the dog and followups we were up to over $6ooo. The dog is supposed to be "Breed Standard". As kidney dysplasia is considered a congenital defect we would never be able to breed with the dog . The dog can't be shown as he is supposed to be 60-70kgs. He weighs 38kg. and is on a special diet for life. When I approached the breeder I was told he was breed standard. This dog was half the size of the other dogs in his litter. Under no terms would I get a refund I was told. This dog is on the Main Register.
  27. Another update - breeder has refunded us the cost of the ear infection, provided we don’t pursue her for any other medical bills thank you to everyone who provided advice and well wishes. This has been a very important lesson for us to learn the hard way, but maybe this will prevent someone else from making the same mistakes we have
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