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  1. Hi all After having my 2yr old GSD back at the vets yesterday with ear & skin issues (same problem in March/April), she has suggested either Zyrtec or a trial on z/d. I am happy to do the food trial over the Zyrtec but was just after anyone's experiences with this. Thanks
  2. We were back to the vets for a check up yesterday. After 8 days on the z/d he has lost 1.2kgs. He has been on 5 cups a day plus 1/3 of a tin. Vet has said give him an extra cup of bics a day & 1/8 cup of oil with each meal. I am increasing the bics but I don't think I will give the oil. I will do this for a week then take him back to be weighed & see how we go. I am worried about the weight loss. Also after 2wks of tabs & ear drops his ears are not 100% apparently so another week of drops. Thanks Dave-o, I will look into Canidae.
  3. Thank you for the comments. As far as I can figure to see a dermatologist I need to go to Sydney or Brisbane & at this point in time that is not happening. The vet I am currently seeing did study dermatology as an elective and at this point in time that is the best I can do. She has suggested evening primrose over fish oil so I am going to change over. I started the z/d yesterday for 12 weeks to see how we go.
  4. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Did I miss the announcement? Akayla please fill me in.
  5. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    I am intrigued Akayla.
  6. Some of these I had never heard of!
  7. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Great photos of Falco
  8. Tick Prevention Question

    Pro an is no longer in production. There are no tablets for ticks anymore.
  9. Coffs Harbour Jetty

    That is where I work out every Friday morning & the occasional Saturday morn. Great spot.
  10. I have goosebumps. I think "Yes".
  11. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Look at it as an adventure Akayla.
  12. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    How do you get all the sand out of his coat???
  13. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Hi all, we were the dunce of the class today. Started Class 1 today, finished Canine College a fortnight ago (no classes last week). Some of the things confused me! I was twisting up like a pretzel with one thing! All Hudson wanted to do was run & play. Oh well better luck next time.
  14. I saw a sign in a front yard today which basically read 'Mastiff puppy free' I overheard the owner say 'I start studying in 2wks & the kids will be in daycare.' I am assuming this is why the pup is being given away. This morning at 6am I saw the pup in the unfenced front yard. It was barking at me as I went by. This afternoon I saw an older mastiff in the yard. I feel so bad for this pup. I hope it gets a nice home.
  15. Sandra777 if I could take the pup I would. I have put it on my FB asking if anyone knows of someone looking for a pup & that is why I also put it on here. The only place I know to take it in my area is the RSPCA. I have no idea what exactly the pup is, it is little & light brown. I am just relaying what the sign says on the letterbox.
  16. The sign is still up it reads "Mastiff pup GIVEAWAY" & it now has balloons on it.
  17. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Deemar congrats on the new addition. I always find uploading photos on here a pain.
  18. German Shepherd Dog Owners!

    Fantastic news, congratulations Rajko & you TS. xo