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  1. Karma had her babies on 8/4 :) 7 pups in total
  2. If she can be Vacc asap, I can probably have her here, I have a litter due early April so cannot risk my girl and her pups. I will have a chat to the OH tonight and try and set up a seperate area for her away from my guys, which wont be an issue but will need help from the OH to do it :)
  3. Can you get me more info ? Is she social with other dogs/cats/kids etc , Is she up to date with Vacc ? ... I may be able to work something out....
  4. Ill hopefully have Koolie pups around 4th april :)
  5. I had a bad run in with Rachelle a few months back when she was advertising 2 dogs I had bred, I sent her an email explaining who I was and got abused even after supplying microchip numbers,pix of pups since birth,names of dogs and who had brought them from me etc. I finally managed to get in contact with owners of the dogs and Rachelle did not have them but was advertising them for sale through her rescue, she was abusive as I said I would take the dogs back and she would miss out on the $$$ from adoption fees I did take the dogs back and have since found them loving homes. I hope other rescues are able to help those in need.
  6. Have to Agree pix should be posted, All pups are solid colour no one will be picking based on that, besides which any adopter would have to be checked out before getting the dog given to them for free. Maybe Koolie rescue should start putting a adoption fee on their pups/dogs to pay for some of the costs?? I have had this discussion many times. I now do private Koolie Rescue and I have never needed a donation, Vet does cheaper work for rescue and I only charge to cover costs, sometimes this means a dog will be sold for only the cost of Vaccination if all other vet work is complete, however if more work is needed the cost reflects this. ETA - I have 2 seperate accounts at the vet , my rescue account and my own pets account.
  7. TICKS ARE OUT IN FORCE ALREADY !! Please make sure your pets are treated with a tick product and checked daily FRONTLINE SPRAY - Every 3 weeks FRONTLINE TOP SPOT - Every 2 weeks ADVANTIX TOP SPOT - Every 2 weeks SCALIBOR COLLAR - Every 3 mths (can be used from 8weeks old)works the same way as a top spot - NO SMELL - takes 2 weeks to build up on coat when first applied. KILTIX COLLAR - Every 6 weeks PREVENTIC COLLAR - Every 2 months
  8. Does anyone know who Mini Paws rescue is ? and have a contact number ? They have 2 dogs I bred and I would like to speak to them. They are very rude when it comes to emails. Thanx in advance.
  9. Best available FLEA treatment is Comfortis. I am in a bad tick area,I use Comfortis monthly for fleas and Frontline SPRAY every 3 weeks for ticks.I also frontline spray my cats. I found the top spots not very effective with fleas . There is a new tick collar now available called Scalibor - it lasts 3 mths and can be used from 8 weeks of age, but only for use on dogs.
  10. Sorry this dog should be PTS not palmed off to someone else. This dog will end up crazy within a year. If you are going to breed merle to merle you need to be responsible and PTS pups this bad. If he had either sight or hearing fair enough find him a pet home but this is a disaster waiting to happen. Also there is nothing in the code of ethics in regards to breeding merle to merle- the club recommends breeding solid to merle but any matings can still be registered. There is no penalty at all.
  11. Why not get all the cats a program injection? This last 6mths but only affects adult fleas once they bite making them sterile so stops the cycle by not allowing adults to produce eggs. I personally use frontline spray on all my pets (dogs and cats).
  12. My girl Dreamy was totally normal... would not have known something was wrong other than her blood test results. She started having full on symptoms around 13mths old. ETA - remember shunts are Hereditary .Please test your other pup.
  13. I have had a dog with a portosystemic shunt and I decided to PTS at 14mths of age, It was very sad to see her going downhill ,she was not diagnosed until 12mths old when she had a major blood test before desexing.She had been a picky eater from about 6mths of age.She was put onto Hills L/D but she continued to deteriate. The option of surgery was given to me but after reading and talking with my vet I decided it was not fair to put her through any more. Have you had the litter sister bile acid tested? If not I advise you get this done as while she may seem fine now there is a chance she could still have one and just not showing signs yet.
  14. Karma had 6 pups born today :D 4 males and 2 females.
  15. Personally Id be weaning the 4 week olds and letting mum into them 3 times a day. I would keep mum with the 2 week olds overnight.
  16. Cheap site for flea/tick / wormers My link
  17. NOT a paralysis tick It is a bush tick .
  18. TICKS ARE ACTIVE NOW!!! please ensure your pets have protection on and check them daily :) ETA please note that PROBAN is no longer available.
  19. Hopefully will have a Koolie litter due 1st Oct :) fingers crossed
  20. Can I suggest putting him onto Hills Science diet J/D HERE Being a vet nurse I have seen many fantastic outcomes just with changing diets. I know of a Rottie who at 12mths found it hard to get up and could not walk without pain she had the worst HD I have ever seen in a young dog .... since being on the J/D she has improved remarkably. Yes it is expensive but it does work and Hills do give you a cheque back for every $500 spent on food. Another thing to try would be cartrophen injections, weekly for the first month then once a month usually but it depends on the dog.
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