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  1. These ones are available in Aust http://www.bonofido.com/products/Country_Road_Range/66060
  2. I wouldn't be giving calcium supplements as that would be accelerating the bone growth, the soft tissue can't keep up so you get knuckling over as the skin and muscle etc pulls against the bone growth. Go to a good quality adult food.
  3. Shame it is on the Easter weekend and up against the Bunyip show which people have already entered.
  4. Maybe get in touch with the GSP Club or Gundog Club, they maybe able to head you in right direction for field work.
  5. I sell Nootie shampoos and use them in our grooming room (they are good quality)so hopefully we may see this new food.
  6. Cnr of Beaconsfield - emerald Rd and Holm Park Rd. From old grounds continue along Beac/Emerald Rd it is on the right. It's about half way between Old Princes Hwy and Payne Rd.
  7. We charge $50 - $55 for a toy poodle, $60 - $70 for a miniature, $90 upwards for standard, depending on what owner wants, size of dog (they do vary a fair bit esp miniatures, behaviour of dog, etc. We are in a salon.
  8. Mountain Gate Vets on Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully. Husband and wife practice, extremely caring and very reasonable pricing. Used to go to Boronia vets but got sick of the upselling, I found they became very expensive (teeth clean there was over $350 but at Mt Gate only $160)and got sick of being treated like I knew nothing (I was probably handling animals personally and professionally long before most of them were born.) I will admit they have all the facilities for more complicated problems.
  9. I'm going, what suburb are you? I live in Ferntree Gully.
  10. Have to wonder if they will eventually look at RSPCA and their kill rate (won't hold my breath). I have heaps of customers who comment how hard it is to adopt through most rescue places so they give up, so many are refusing people for stupid petty reasons (one lady couldn't take her other dog to a meet & greet because it gets terrible car sickness, so turned down, her other dog is absolutely loved and doted on), so then these people look to pet shops that sell animals as they don't know any better as to where else to go.
  11. It has been the gossip in the industry for a few weeks, such a shame. It has been my biggest selling dog food, be interesting to see if sales drop.
  12. There is a new dog food being released, Australian owned and made by Ivory Coat - Australian Natural Health. http://ivorycoat.com.au/ What are your thoughts??
  13. Been in store over last couple of weeks in Victoria. Already sold a few bags, waiting on feed back from customers. Canine only in 3kg at moment. Feline in 1.5 & 3kg.
  14. Few of the terriers may suit: Australian, Border, Cairn, Lakeland
  15. Absolutely. Some people are very good at saying yes and no to all the right things and sometimes, sadly, you can do everything right and screen prospective owners til the cows come homw and still be taken in by a liar. I'm sorry that she had to hear what he's been through because I know that would have been difficult. Happy now that she knows he is in a loving, caring home. And may I just add, she seems a delightful person lol :) Yep Michelle is awesome, lovely person, really cares about her dogs.
  16. Michelle would be so pleased to know that one of her breeding is now in good hands, no matter how well you screen your new puppy homes circumstances can change or things just go wrong.
  17. Try the butcher in Beaconsfield next to pet shop, remember the brown rice with the meat as mentioned.
  18. How about taking her along to one of the all breeds dog shows in Melb this weekend and have a look at all the lovely breeds. Saturday at KCC Park and Sunday at Bulla - see Dogzonline event calendar.
  19. Ooooo I like the look of those! Yes that's the one I have! I have one of these too. Am pleased with it. Where did you get it Jules? Locally? Pet 'N' The Dog @ Beaconsfield has them. They are fantastic!
  20. Agree with Beaconsfield Vet (ask to see Steve) also hear good things about Avonsleigh or if you want to come down Burwood Hwy - Jamie at Mountain Gate vets is great.
  21. Also this: 20.1.22 A member shall register all puppies bred by that member that are living at the date of registration. Such (15/11/11) registration must include all puppies from the litter on the one litter registration application form and, subject to regulations, must be applied for within eighteen (18) months of the date of whelping. 20.1.23 A member shall provide to all recipients of dogs sold or otherwise disposed of by that member, written details of: The breed characteristics; Vaccination record and / or requirements; Responsible dog ownership information; and All documentation required by the Victorian Canine Association Inc.
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