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  1. This is excellent - now we need the same here.
  2. If all other general remedies have been attempted I can highly recommend the relatively new (in Australia) drug Apoquel. Much less negative side effects than Cortisone and works an absolute charm within 24 hours. My girl has a dust mite allergy and gets very itchy in summer. I used to be able to control it environmentally but it's getting worse every year. This year we got Apoquel, because it's finally available, and it's incredible. Not one scratch (she used to scratch her chest until it bled and became infected). Only downside is it's expensive - about $100 per month for a 27kg dog. I'
  3. Yeah but it's a bigger deal to fire a weapon in suburbia vs rural. That said, she would have been well within her rights to shoot the dogs.
  4. If the dogs haven't been declared dangerous/menacing/restricted previously the council does not have the power to destroy them if the owners don't surrender them. I'd imagine they'd be working on that or preparing to prosecute if the owners were adamant, in order to request destruction from the Magistrate. The dogs should be destroyed, obviously, but it can take some work to get there if the owners don't surrender. Other articles described both owners being arrested, with the female abusing the neighbours and other pretty unsavoury stuff. Clearly not responsible and community minded dog ow
  5. Good on you for looking in to pet insurance! It's honestly the best thing I've ever done. When my dog really seriously injured herself earlier in the year we racked up a $3.5k bill in a couple of days that could have easily been $5-6k if she ended up needing a blood transfusion and further surgery at the emergency vet. I was so unbelievably stressed out of my mind and I can't tell you what a relief it is to say 'do anything she needs - I've got pet insurance and cost is not a barrier'. I can't imagine how sick I would have been if I had to start worrying about cost amongst everything else.
  6. My dog is a real softie and a sook.... until you get her near small prey animals. Guinea pigs wouldn't stand a chance, and she's unfortunately killed a possum that was in the yard too. Prey drive is an instinct that only kicks in when the prey is around. That said, she wouldn't give up on the Guinea Pigs after 5 mins, so maybe your dog's drive isn't as strong as others :)
  7. Does she have numerous staff working daily? If not, those 82 dogs were not being cared for.
  8. The council area I work within is an extremely high socio economic area. Dogs being walked off leash is one of the biggest problems I have to deal with.
  9. Really depends on the level of prey drive and what you're expecting. You may be able to get a highly prey driven dog to behave around prey in your presence and on lead, but take them off or leave them alone and it is unlikely. That's only the high end dogs though. There's lots that might be super interested but come good with careful socialisation and training. Still wouldn't risk leaving them alone together though. Chasing cars and scooters is a modified prey drive... often more like herding... so they're quite different and not as raw and instinctual.
  10. Sounds very unlikely that this dog will ever happily coexist with this guinea pig. Really your two options are to either rehome the guinea pigs, or create a fool-proof enclosure and work on separation to ensure they're safe from the dog.
  11. For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing. I really feel for you though, what a tough situation. Hoping you find your perfect dog very soon.
  12. FYI I had a titre test done at my vet (Carter Rd Companion Animal Practice in Menai) for somewhere between $60-$80 (can't remember how much). Had the results back in a week. It didn't test for Hepatitis though, only Distemper and Parvo.
  13. Are Bull Terriers included in this 'Pit Bull' umbrella term and do they then also get caught up in some of this terrible BSL? I haven't seen them included in the BSL definitions in various states etc over there (usually says SBT, AmStaff, Pit Bull and a dog that appears to be part or all of those breeds) but that wouldn't necessarily stop an overzealous ACO I wouldn't think for targeting it. Don't think it happens with huge regularity though.
  14. Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers are different breeds, but cousins. Amstaffs and American Pit Bull Terriers are also different breeds, but more like siblings. And yes, some are dual registered with a specific registry called the United Kennel Club as both breeds, like Mrs Rusty Bucket said. In the US and most other countries they (and their crosses) are all included under the catch all term 'Pit Bull'... which is used as an umbrella term, like saying 'retriever' or 'hound'.
  15. Adorable! Love things like this.
  16. Same in Vic, and has been the case for many years. It pre-dates OHS concerns. Call-outs were refused because dogs would usually be long-gone when Ranger arrived so considered a waste of time and money (making endless trips for no dogs still there, or uncatchable). Honestly, is a fair point. In over five years of going out to calls of uncontained dogs running loose I've been able to find the dog once. They travel such a long distance in a short amount of time.
  17. Yep nuisance dog is different to menacing & dangerous dogs. They aren't mutually exclusive though, a dog can be declared both a nuisance dog after lots of escaping and then subsequently declared menacing after an attack. Those specific signs can only be bought through online retailers that market them exclusively as compliant signs to be used for dogs declared to be dangerous, menacing or restricted in NSW. Anyone can buy them, and maybe that's the case in this situation, but it certainly raises my eyebrows that this is a dog that regularly escapes and has the prescribed signage on the p
  18. How do we know she's not a particularly dangerous dog? If she has a declaration it means she has attacked. Now, some councils are overzealous and declare dogs menacing when it really isn't necessary (over something quite minor), but we have no way to know if that's the case or if she's seriously hurt another dog or a person while out roaming. I also hope she finds her place and is able to kept safe and secure, but a declaration is going to make it impossible to rehome her, unfortunately.
  19. That sign in the background is the legislated sign for dogs declared dangerous or menacing in NSW... methinks she is not just roaming while out. If she has been declared she also can't legally be rehomed.
  20. Your dogs needs to be declared a nuisance by the council before you can legally have them debarked.
  21. Awful, I've had it happen myself and I always end up shaky and furious as well. Report it to your council. They'll go out and speak to them and if it happens again in the future or your dog is hurt by this dog you've got the previous incident on record already.
  22. Re your bold. No. Just no. SBT, Amstaffs and yes, even 'Pit Bulls' and their mixes are some of the most popular dogs in the country. SBT are usually #1 or 2, Amstaffs are always in the top ten. Of course you won't get stats on 'Pit Bulls' because of the legislation but there's plenty of those out there as family pets too. It would be odd for the dogs to not be more highly represented in the shelter population, as they are more highly represented in the general dog population. The vast majority of dogs of all breeds in shelters are not there because there is something wrong with the dog. Th
  23. Horrific attack and the owner certainly showed her character didn't she. I'm glad she was found and the dogs destroyed. As far as the breed discussion, I agree that identification for the purposes of finding the dogs is different to just arbitrary identification of every bloody dog that attacks as a 'pit bull cross' or 'staffy cross', regardless of what we actually know about the dog. That said, I suspect it may actually be more effective in situations like this where the dogs are clearly mutts to just describe the dogs themselves - 'medium sized, solid dogs, with a brindle coat colouring
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