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  1. Supplements for hips/bones

    @Snook ah! Thanks
  2. Supplements for hips/bones

    From my limited experience of displaysia, if they're showing any symptoms at all it isn't mild. They assume that pain is normal and only show signs when it is at a high level. Might be worth making an appointment at a city vet/specialist and coming into the city for a day (try and get some other stuff done while your dog is having scans etc, like some early Christmas shopping or whatever else you might need to do in the city) so at least you know if it is displaysia or something like OCD and have a starting point for treatment. Then at least you know. I'd cut to the chase and only book a reccomended vet who has extensive experience with these kinds of joint issues. I don't think supplements will touch the actual cause of the issue though they might help prevent too much arthritic change in the joint (which will also be occurring)
  3. How did the kelpie get its name?

    From a female dog who was called kelpie after the water sprites - well at least that's what I've been led to believe anyway. That bitch was the foundation for the type that would emerge.
  4. Food suggestions for my old girl

    Maybe it is worth trying her on the k9 naturals freeze dried food? It's designed to be rehydrated so it will be a bit softer by it's nature. If you're worried it's a bit meat heavy I'd chuck in some cooked brown rice and some veg, as well as a bit extra green lip mussel powder if you're worried about her joints (though I think it does have some green lip mussel in it anyway). I'd feel like I was getting more bang for my buck with the rehydratable rather than canned food - most canned food is mostly water anyway and at least this was you're not paying for the water?
  5. I think under consumer law you can get your money back, but you will have to return the puppy if that is what the breeder requires for the refund. A seller may choose to give you a refund and allow you to keep the product but they are within their rights to give you the refund and demand the product (puppy) is returned. So then it comes down to whether or not you feel comfortable returning the puppy for the refund. Not being an ankc breeder should not make a difference, though maybe a lesson on doing your homework before buying a puppy can be taken out of this by any public readers. My assumption would be that the pup wouldn't be resold but would be euthanised due to the heart murmur if you returned it; after all, if a breeder has been dragged through small claims because of the congenital defects in the pup I doubt they would be willing to risk it happening again with the exact same pup. Definitely worth taking to small claims if you have the documentation from your vets and the breeder's vet. I'm sorry this happened to you and your puppy.
  6. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    It's known to have a relatively high adverse reaction rate. I was always under the impression vets kept the dog in the clinic for a good half hour after the injection in case of a reaction, but I might be wrong. It's certainly not something I would give my dog, but I don't live in a high heartworm area. Hope your dogs bounce back quickly
  7. My Polly

    She will be feeling pretty cruddy if she has untreated diabetes - think headache, achy all over, grumpy and constantly needing to pee, drink and possibly eat. So in order to make her feel better her last little while I'd chat with the vet about how much insulin versus food and what they want her bsl to be, buy a bsl tester and strips and then just test at home. You can always keep in touch with your vet via phone if the insulin dose needs tweaking. They can charge for a phone consult if it takes up the same amount of time as a physical consult but then at least your girl won't be so stressed by having to head into the vet. I'm sorry she's so unwell but you don't know diabetes is in the mix yet, so try not to panic. I don't think you need to get her bsl perfect, just a little more consistent so she isn't feeling cruddy from it
  8. antinol - how to feed

    Snook I did do the loading dose because the 4cyte wasn't effective enough. Haven't had cause to regret it
  9. antinol - how to feed

    I just put it in with Max's dinner. Atm he is getting some rehydrated k9 naturals and some savour life kibble and he just gobbles it up - which for a non food motivated for is pretty good! Fwiw it has made a huge difference to max. He's been on most of the arthritis supplements, including green lip mussel, and it hadn't made much of a difference due to an old injury site and the arthritis there but antinol has really helped him be a lot more comfortable.
  10. Night regression please help :(

    At 14 weeks old I'd assume he is actually just not yet able to hold for as long as you want. I'd put him in a crate, restrict water of a night and take off his jumper, his bedding should be warm enough. A crate will help teach him how to hold his bladder but you will still need to take him out at least once in the middle of the night I imagine for a few more weeks at least. You've had him only a couple weeks, that's not long enough to say he's toilet trained in my experience.
  11. If I was getting a lagotto I'd get one from heavnsent - Pauleen Bennett in Victoria. She's done a lot of scientific research to find the best family dog and that's why she breeds lagotti. The dogs I've met of hers have had great temperaments.
  12. Importing new breeds

    Yes, it just needs to go through the required vetwork, checks and quarantine etc. Only prohibited breeds are not allowed. I might be wrong but I remember a guy who did a long solo trek/ride through Mongolia ended up going through the rigamorole to get the dog he met and adopted over there brought back to Aus and it was of unknown heritage in an area where wolves and restricted breeds are around.
  13. Happy birthday Thyme!

    I shouldn't have but I laughed when you said he's getting two new balls after his desexing! Happy Birthday Thyme! He's such a gorgeous boy
  14. Snake aversion training

    I think my query with aversion training for snakes is that in a dog which has already established that hunting is fun, one day they'll say, heck, it's even worth the negative stimuli to go for the snake. It can only stop them so long, one day they'll just go, Nup, worth the risk and you may not have a shock collar on or recall would probably not work in such a situation as the draw is just too great. I think in younger dogs who haven't experienced the fun in hunting snakes it may be more long term effective, with regular top ups along the way. Not sure it's something I'd be doing with a young dog unless they were going to be outside entirely - I'd just keep them indoors at much as possible and continue with the snake proofing of the yard you're already doing.
  15. BHT & BHA in petfood - discussion

    In my understanding it's added to keep oils in food stable - especially oils like linseed oil which can be unstable and go rancid easily. But I agree, when there are more natural preservatives I don't know why it's used. I'm not sure I've seen it listed in food recently though, do you have any current examples sags? I imagine a combo of vegetable glycerine and vitamin e would do the same thing? The glycerine is a humectant and will keep the moisture levels fairly stable while vitamin e preserves. Would love to hear other opinions!