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  1. If I was getting a lagotto I'd get one from heavnsent - Pauleen Bennett in Victoria. She's done a lot of scientific research to find the best family dog and that's why she breeds lagotti. The dogs I've met of hers have had great temperaments.
  2. Importing new breeds

    Yes, it just needs to go through the required vetwork, checks and quarantine etc. Only prohibited breeds are not allowed. I might be wrong but I remember a guy who did a long solo trek/ride through Mongolia ended up going through the rigamorole to get the dog he met and adopted over there brought back to Aus and it was of unknown heritage in an area where wolves and restricted breeds are around.
  3. Happy birthday Thyme!

    I shouldn't have but I laughed when you said he's getting two new balls after his desexing! Happy Birthday Thyme! He's such a gorgeous boy
  4. Snake aversion training

    I think my query with aversion training for snakes is that in a dog which has already established that hunting is fun, one day they'll say, heck, it's even worth the negative stimuli to go for the snake. It can only stop them so long, one day they'll just go, Nup, worth the risk and you may not have a shock collar on or recall would probably not work in such a situation as the draw is just too great. I think in younger dogs who haven't experienced the fun in hunting snakes it may be more long term effective, with regular top ups along the way. Not sure it's something I'd be doing with a young dog unless they were going to be outside entirely - I'd just keep them indoors at much as possible and continue with the snake proofing of the yard you're already doing.
  5. BHT & BHA in petfood - discussion

    In my understanding it's added to keep oils in food stable - especially oils like linseed oil which can be unstable and go rancid easily. But I agree, when there are more natural preservatives I don't know why it's used. I'm not sure I've seen it listed in food recently though, do you have any current examples sags? I imagine a combo of vegetable glycerine and vitamin e would do the same thing? The glycerine is a humectant and will keep the moisture levels fairly stable while vitamin e preserves. Would love to hear other opinions!
  6. Nupentin (gabepentin)

    Gabapentin really is helpful for nerve (neuropathic) pain so I'm not entirely sure why it's being given out for arthritic pain. Though Gretel, it may indicate that the neck pain is inflammatory rather than neuropathic. I've been given it to help with restless legs but I don't find it helpful - amitriptyline is more helpful for me, though not sure if it can be given to dogs. Both drugs are originally designed for other issues in different doses, seizures and depression, so both have side effects of drowsiness ime.

    Just use the organic rather than non organic because they often see the non organic and you may accidentally dye your dog!
  8. I'd give the dog back - whether or not she did it more on a whim than you would isn't really that important. You have no idea what place she was in mentally in order to give up the dog so try not to judge. Did she sign his microchip over to you? Did you sign that form and send it off? That is the document that proves legal ownership really so if that wasn't done then give him back. He's had a great weekend with you, you've proven to yourself how a dog fits into your life and that your dog is out there and you're ready for it. Edit: just saw he's been transferred to you but I'd still return him. The dog would choose his owner I think.
  9. As others have said, there's no real calcium in the current diet. I'd also worry that there might be some small deficiencies in some amino acids without offal too. Check out some raw feeding websites and then add in as much veg at you want. Nothing wrong with feeding a balanced raw diet
  10. Mast Cell Tumor

    Safe or good margins generally means a really good amount was taken from a distance all around the tumour - if it was on the leg it can be pretty hard to get really good margins as its often a couple of extra centimetres in diameter from the end of the obvious tumour. Ask you vet to go through it all with you, it will give you a little peace of mind. Hope the dog pulls up well from the surgery
  11. Super interesting - thanks for posting it I wonder if it is from the absence of grains or the inclusion of the substitutes. Or maybe just higher protein levels generally? (Though I doubt it) Would love to read some more research on this.
  12. Boxers and BSL in Vic

    Yeah, boxers look quite different to pitties etc because they're brachy. They're also pretty common, my brother had an unpapered boxer (pet shop purchase, sigh) who only recently passed and as everyone could identify him as a boxer (they've seen so many they know what they look like) he was fine.
  13. Life Wise kibble

    My thoughts too. Also, some of the writing on the website really puts me off.
  14. Anyone heard of Life Wise kibble? My dad pushed a sample and flyer into my hands and so I looked at the website and I've got questions. Anyhoo just thought I'd ask if anyone here has heard of it or tried it? Might be just Victorian but I've honestly got not idea tbh... For those that are interested: https://www.lifewisepetfood.com/
  15. I've found that when you take them out to toilet to keep wandering/moving. It helps them need to go quicker (movement moves everything along inside, so to speak) and usually if they're meandering along they're not nomming on the lead of playing at much. Other than that she sounds like a normal puppy! Pups play hard and are a bit crazy, if they're not you'd be worried. Just keep replacing the biting with a toy she can nom on and play with her and the toy so she learns how to play with people. You're doing great