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  1. I've not had a poodle but I have a mini schnauzer and though he's absolutely perfect for me and I adore him, he's never been what I'd describe as a tolerant dog. Funny, routine oriented, smart, motivated, adaptable, busy, opinionated and suprisingly gentle for a terrier type (though still much sharper, impatient and more independent than previous herding breeds I owned, and not at all interested in people other than his people) but tolerant is not a word I'd use to describe him. He's had the moniker the fun police since he was a youngster - he has to sanction play and there is a time and place for play and it's when he says it is! That goes for people but dogs too. He takes himself off to bed early and will come out and stare you down if you're being too loud after his bed time. Not tolerant at all So I guess going in knowing the hard to live with parts of a dog is most important. I'd probably go with a cavalier if I had young kids, never met one that wasn't tolerant.
  2. What to feed puppies

    I guess my starting point would be something like divetelact - a specific milk replacement powder. I think it would depend on how old the pups are as to how and when I would wean them onto wet, meat and dry foods. But not being a breeder, this is just my assumption of what I would do.
  3. Questions by a potential new Lab puppy owner

    I wouldn't be worried with 4:1 , I'd just make sure the nurture part of the nature and nurture was all up to snuff (diet, exercise, jumping, desexing age etc) And I think $4k is fine for a well reared pup with both parents having had hip and elbow scores, health tests etc. I mean, it's not cheap but it isn't as expensive as the frenchies seem to be or anywhere near as much as some of the cross breeds are
  4. What should I do?

    Don't feel the need to rush into anything. You'll know when you're ready, don't push yourself to be ready sooner When you do add a new little life into your home, you won't be replacing Kane nor will it change your feelings towards him, so do what feels right for you at the time
  5. Toilet training

    It is worth looking up what a shy toileter is as it sounds like she's developing into one with pooping. Make sure you never reprimand her, none of that old school bollocks about rubbing her nose in it and no shouting and grabbing her as she starts to toilet. Go back to putting her on lead when you go out to toilet (so she can't go off and have a party) and walk back and forth for an least 10 minutes - walking encourages toileting so it is giving you a better chance to catch the need to toilet. When she poops in front of you don't interrupt and give her a really big reward at the end, a few small easy to swallow/no need to chew treats (ziwipeak is excellent for this as you can make the treats tiny and the scent and meatiness means they tend to love it) and a low volume but excited vocal reward too. She needs the reward to be pretty amazing to make her want to toilet outside and in front of you. If you want to add a cue, I followed the advice of (I think it was dogmad?) someone on here and used the word/cue when they were doing the action the first few times and then saying it a before and during. Chihuahuas are sensitive, make sure you don't punish or yell at her, no accidentally surprising her either is that can be scary for a little pup.
  6. Vaccination

    Most puppy schools allow unvaccinated puppies (or puppies not finished their schedule) as they clean the area with f10 or similar beforehand anyway - so ask around and see if puppy schools have places available for you and your puppy anyway Just make sure you use a puppy school that is not just a free for all play session it's not great doggy manners to constantly run up to other dogs and get in their faces. PK has given some great tips, so definitely give those a go
  7. My sister has a havanese and he goes everywhere with them. They're young professionals who work and party a lot and he is so easy and fun he goes to wineries etc with them all the time but copes with them working not from home. Probably wouldn't be hard to train as he's smart but they haven't done much training with him, fwiw. The shih tzus I've met have all been great dogs but definitely more stubborn than the havanese ime.
  8. Fish diet for dogs

    I think the croc is from vets only nowadays
  9. Fish diet for dogs

    If you get grossed out by whole fish, maybe give the prime100 salmon and tapioca rolls a go along with the mfm dry? Accessible at most pet supply stores.
  10. That absolutely sucks, but glad that you feel you're getting on top of it. Also excellent that you felt comfortable enough to ask for help - especially given saying I have a scratchy throat and breathing issues right now in public is confronting even when you can pinpoint the cause
  11. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    My Max (13y old mini schnauzer, who has always been a jumper onto and off walls, beds, the backs of cars etc) is on the antinol as well - he has pretty severe arthritis in his wrists (from an injury when he was 18mths) and while he's not a spring chicken now he is noticeably better. He was on the joint guard and an msm product (the paw osteocare) but the antinol definitely helps him a lot more than those.
  12. Bowel obstruction

    You can probably make the Baskerville muzzle work if you gaffa tape the bottom access holes - he can still breathe etc through the side and top holes but then he can't smoosh his mouth down onto the contraband?
  13. I had a cat who, when he had dementia, would walk into his covered litter tray and once his front two feet were in would pee (with his back end still out of the tray), proceed to scratch around the litter as if he were covering his eliminations, then turn around and walk out. It was a genuine disconnect for him. So maybe the pees near the door are similar?
  14. SPD Roll advice for puppy

    I think the prime100 spd range have a couple that are suitable for pup's - turkey and flaxseed I think. Maybe the wild boar as well? I'd check the salmon and tapioca one to see if that says for all life stages as well. I think the frozen barf is a great option though - plus the dogs usually seem to enjoy it. Might be worth looking at some of the brands like ivory coat or savour life that have some lamb puppy options to see if they have chicken in them too. Though the meals for mutts has always agreed with my mini schnauzer who has grass allergy issues.
  15. Puppies required

    Tbh I think getting any kind of dog, be it purebred, crossbred, rescue, puppy or adult, will be pretty hard right now. Everyone has decided now is the time to get a dog. I know there was a litter of Brittany's in Vic that went to their homes in early April because a family member got one - but they had been on the list for about 8 months and developed a very good relationship with the breeder. Sometimes you just have to wait. I've heard field spaniels are excellent dogs too, so it may be worth checking them out? Or the Welsh Springers seem to be hardy dogs of a similar size to the Brittanys, though whether these types of dogs are too drivey for bike work I've no idea.