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  1. Dog ear hair

    Shihtzu have ear hair that you can pull out. (As opposed to spaniel type earhair that doesn’t really pull out the same way, better to use little clippers and shave around the ear canal) When I started grooming in the mid 80s we were pretty much instructed to pull every hair out of every ear any way we could, usually with artery forceps! Fast forward over the years and thinking has changed. I was never that happy doing it, but owners often pressured us saying the vet said we needed to do it. More recently about three or four years ago, people were coming in saying the vet says don’t pluck the ears. Yay! So I sent an email to the new veterinarian school here in SA and yes, they concurred that ear plucking is not something that should be done as rountine grooming. These days I rarely pluck ears. If I do, I use ear powder, which is super grippy and soaks up wax, and pull gently with my fingers. If your dogs ears are healthy, and not particularly thickly haired, then leave them well enough alone. If you feel your dogs ears are unhealthy, thinking now is to get them better before going and pulling the hairs causing more irritation, if at all. I groomed a lagotto today today whose ears were absolutely plugged with thick hair. Just as they should be for a water retriever!!
  2. If you choose to use a room instead of a crate, perhaps think about putting a high baby gate in the doorway, or even installing an internal screen door on that room. The dog is more likely to be happy and quiet if it isn’t just locked behind a solid door.
  3. Skin & coat issues are very much a problem with the blue colour. Others here with more experience will hopefully expand on this. I love the blue look but would not choose it in several breeds due to the coat & skin issues so often associated with it. Also id be wary of breeders who are breeding specifically for popular in demand colours as they may be doing so with colour taking priority above other frankly more important things.
  4. Dog on dog aggression

    These are two very stressed dogs. Imagine for a minute being forced to live in such a tense environment with some one who is constantly alert to an opportunity to bully you, or the one being bullied. These aggressive episodes are underlined by a constant state of tension. Personally id split these dogs up ( as in re home one), because I don’t think it’s fair to make dogs endure unhealthy friendships to suit ourselves. But if you insist on trying to keep them together, then get professional advice immediately. Ill ixpand on tjis by trying to to explain it in more human terms. Think about how a lot of human relationships split up and divorce. Think about the stories you hear of about how trying to sustain bad relationships, for whatever sake, messes up peoples emotional well-being, and sometimes physical well-being.....ie, domestic violence. People choose bad partners for all sorts of reasons, and relationships go bad for all sorts of reasons. I have to say, I think you probably made a less than wise choice picking another male Staffy to partner your existing dog. Getting professional help for your dogs is basically the dog version of relationship counselling. It might work out great, it might work for a while, there may well be bumps in the road, or it very well may come down to irreconcilable differences. That is where most humans will draw the line and realise it’s healthier to walk away from the relationship. If you choose to force dogs that really don’t get alon, to live in the same space and proximity, it’s basically the dog version of domestic violence.....
  5. Alternative to a "groodle"

    If they have their heart set on the ‘groodle’ Then make sure they find a quality breeder. There are breeders of these dogs out there that do a terrific job raising lovely companion animals. Just because they can’t be judged against a written standard doesn’t mean they can’t be judged as good dogs of sound mind and body. Of course there are exceptions, as with any type of breed, but over all, the ones I’ve met have been good companion animals. High energy silly happy dogs. As a dog groomer I’ve learned to look at the dog in front of me and not judge it against where it came from. We see standard large size groodle, many of which for some reason are like ponies, bigger than either of their origin breeds, and we see increasing numbers of ‘miniature’ groodle which are usually around Springer size. I don’t think any of the Standard Poodles I’ve met have been like the groodle I’ve handled day in day out for years. Maybe it’s because we see a lot more of the designer mutts than pure breeds these days on our grooming table, but I rarely meet one I don’t like. I guess other breeds they might look at in medium ish size range would be Springers, PBGV, Tibetan Terrier, Miniature Poodle. All the other breeds I can think of in the shaggy happy family dog are large dogs
  6. Dog barking in the morning.

  7. Help!

    Besides what everyone else has said, please consider what it’s done, and will continue to do, to the mental stability and general happiness of the lives of animals forced to coexist, who may not particularly like each other. How would we feel forced to live in a confined space with someone giving off bad emotional vibes towards us, and physically harming us. Please consider the emotional needs of the dogs, at arms length from your own emotions.
  8. 52/2018

    Lovely pictures everyone.. sorry i I haven’t been feeling much like taking pictures. Well, I take lots of doggy pics at work to load onto our business FB page, but I can’t really post them here. You’ll have to pop in to Fablab to see those. And the few personal ones I take all seem too big to put here. Kinda blah atm but everyone else’s pics make me smile.
  9. VIC Greyhounds unmuzzled

    I just saw this story http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/greyhounds-to-shake-muzzles-in-victoria/news-story/8478d6200cebfe8e2db8ab26d181169c Greyhounds to shake muzzles in Victoria The Victorian government has announced reforms that will allow non-racing greyhounds to be in public without muzzles. Caitlin Guilfoyle Australian Associated PressAPRIL 23, 20181:15PM Greyhounds are more likely to find furr-ever homes in Victoria after reforms allowing them to go without muzzles. Non-racing dogs can ditch the muzzle in public from January 1, the state government has announced. The change is part of a new code of practice developed after the 2015 live-baiting scandal. "We're striking the right balance between welfare for racing greyhounds, a strong industry and dogs that are well suited to become much-loved pets in their retirement," Agricultural Minister Jaala Pulford said in a statement on Monday. The removal of muzzles will improve the breed's image and increase adoption rates, RSPCA Victoria says. Currently, a non-muzzled greyhound will find a home in under a fortnight, while those forced to wear the device may not be adopted for more than 40 days. Greyhounds are usually friendly and gentle, chief executive Liz Walker says. "Many people mistakenly conclude that greyhounds are muzzled due to an aggressive and dangerous temperament, however this is far from the truth," she said. The reforms follow similar moves in the Northern Territory, ACT and parts of Queensland. Other states, such as NSW, require greyhounds to complete an assessment program before they are allowed to go without a muzzle. BEHIND THE MUZZLE * Compulsory muzzling of greyhounds in public only happens in Australia and Northern Ireland * Victoria's non-racing dogs will not require a muzzle in public from January 1, but will still need to be leashed * More than 1300 public submissions were considered in developing Victoria's new code of practice * The reform was a key recommendation from Victoria's chief veterinary officer following the 2015 live-baiting scandal * The code will be enforced by Greyhound Racing Victoria * It includes procedures to prepare retiring greyhounds for rehoming. (Source: RSPCA Victoria, Victorian government)
  10. VIC Greyhounds unmuzzled

    I don’t know. In SA as far as I’m aware it’s still leashed & muzzled, except Green collared dogs, which must be on a lead? I don’t know about NSW The changes in Vic state the dog still needs to be on a leash, just not muzzled. I was going to say, which makes it the same for Greys as any other dog (except dogs under restriction orders) but I’m not so sure having thought about it. I’d assume the phrase ‘or under effective control’ wouldn’t apply to an unmuzzled Grey, and they must remain on lead at all times?
  11. Oh I’d love it if humans could get over themselves and manage these dogs as they are. But if they were brought to the front and became popular, you’d have the true enthusiasts trying to maintain them as they are for what they are, And over the other side pedigree folks slamming their efforts because the dogs are not being forced into a closed gene pool to their inevitable detriment. As highlighted by another thread recently, it doesn’t matter anyway now, because lawmakers in this country have made it next to impossible to work with anything outside of a traditional ANKC breed, or a PIAA accredited puppy factory.
  12. Makes sense to me until people want to draw up a standard, close the stud book and make them into cookie cut outs with a limited gene pool.
  13. 52/2018

    My Tits in repose He he got a new stretcher bed from CAC’s today. I popped his soft bed on top and He ran over, climbed up, looked and sniffed, jumped off..... then collected some of his best favourite chattels, arranged it up on the bed and jumped back on.... that was about 6.30pm. He has not moved since. I’ve never seen him in quite such deep relaxation, and believe me, my Tits knows how to relax!
  14. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    Oh that’s a shame.....ps, “Steve” is a she.
  15. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    I think DOL member @Steve is involved with the MDBA? Maybe try sending them a pm through this forum as well. I’ve tagged them in this post too.
  16. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    Yes, sorry,the MDBA! Even if they can’t help in regards to “applicable organisations” they should certainly show more interest in you dog/breed than the traditional ANKC system. Out of interest is the Klee Kai recognised as a breed within the FCI? The other thing that *may help is to get in touch with a few *breeders vets. There are vets around that are well known for servicing primarily the needs of registered breeders. It might be worth feeling them out in regards to desexing exemptions. Others here might be able to recommend some of these vets in Vic.
  17. Importing Breed not recognized by ANKC

    Hi other’s have given sound advice. Dont quote me because although having read through, the new regulations for SA as of July 1st this year, are heavy reading.....however, as I understand it, ANYONE can get a breeders licence which will allow exemptions for entire animals. Dogs SA members with ANKC registered animals will possibly have an easier ride but if you want to keep a breeding animal outside of the recognised pedigree system, I believe it is possible, if you jump through the hoops with your pocket full of money. I doubt moving within SA will help you, as the new laws will be state wide. A good move would be to contact the Dog & Cat Management Board. http://dogandcatboard.com.au/breeder_registrations/new i guess what I’d want to make certain is whether a breeders licence through the dog and cat management board will get you on the right side of the council. Make sure all your correspondence is written and recorded. Eta. Looking through this link an important point for you is under the new deserving regime, it clearly states animals born before July 1st 2018 are exempt. I’m assuming your dog is already born, so that might be a point. http://dogandcatboard.com.au/changes-to-the-act What i I find confusing with the new laws is the crossovers between Dogs SA(ANKC), council, and the Dog And Cat Management Board. Also, while this forum is mostly dedicated to the ANKC pedigree system, there is a world for dogs outside of this system with orgs such as the MBDA. This may not help you in relation to your current dilemma, but may be of general interest to you. Eta.. sorry I am assuming you’re in SA by your profile on the left side of the posts! Well, if you’re in Vic and you can’t get around it, take a hard look at SA if you can get exemptions here, move here!
  18. This poster seems to have zero regard for their own pet, other people’s pets, or laws. For reasonable approaches to work, I thing you need some hint of reasonableness to begin with.
  19. I think we’re being royally wound up here, but just in case you didn’t know, It’s an offence in every juristiction I know to let a dog wander at large. If you lived near me you’d have had your dog impounded and you’re stupid negligent dog owning arse fined every time I saw your dog at large.
  20. Haha no I don’t want to jinx myself. Clues are it’s not a match at all with Tits. A big hairy breed.
  21. I’m currently waiting for my next dog. Hopefully a breeding will take place around the end of this year, so I may have a new pup by this time next year, or I may be waiting longer. I’ll wait.
  22. 52/2018

    Tits had a facial makeover. Crudely blended but I’ll fix it up next bath. Couldn’t be stuffed today.
  23. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180322140958.htm Spotted this today and wondered if it’s new news and of interest to Bull Terrier enthusiasts and generally.
  24. 52/2018

    Bloody big seagull!
  25. The Cavalier is a bit surprising just based on rarity or registration numbers. I would definitely have expected the KING CHARLES SPANIEL to be on the list, not the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Possibly it’s one of those breeds that due to popularity swings has become more numerical outside of the kennel club registration system, which is where the numbers in the article would come from, so although popular and abundant, actual registered pedigree specimens have declined??